September 13, 2017

Belly Day // Nineteen Weeks

Nineteen weeks has come and gone! It went a little something like this…

It was an average, acceptably eventful week with downtime and fun time and regular life in between. I’ve felt physically out of shape, but mentally motivated and in tune with life. Earlier in the week I tackled the stored up baby clothes in the basement and managed to take out about 30% of the boy clothes that Finn has outgrown and pass them on to a couple other moms who have or are expecting boys. I successfully organized all the remaining boy clothes and took out any neutral clothes I would put on a baby girl. I began the daunting process of going through the other piles of things that have accumulated in the basement as well. I didn’t finish, but I made a nice dent in things and all within a day, so I felt good about it. I also found a small basket of clothes that I had put down there when Miles outgrew them that are now Finn’s size! They were some of my favorite shirts and I’m annoyed with myself that they got stuffed down there when Finn could have been rocking the cute shirts all summer. But oh, well.

On Saturday we went to Cider Hill Family Orchard and picked a peck of apples together with a bunch of friends. The fall motivates me to get out and do things like that more than other seasons. It was a bit warm but I still enjoyed it SO much. Then Monday I made a delicious apple pie. I mean, it is/was fantastic!!! I’m full on ready for fall now.

We have some fun plans coming up in the next few weeks but I’ll save all that for another week. For this week the final thing I wanted to do is talk NAMES! Since before I was pregnant I had this little thought in my head that I wanted to name our next baby “Remi” whether it turned out to be a boy or a girl. So when we saw little girl on the ultrasound, the technician asked about names. I told her about Remi and Steven immediately “awwww-ed” and all but insisted it was the perfect name. I still feel that it’s the top of the list for me, so unless something significant changes our minds, we are planning on naming our little girl Remi Elizabeth Tarchala <3

Baby’s SizeMost descriptions for the week say “heirloom tomato” but I like the ones that says mango! It fits this week because I have been eating a bunch of them.

Sleep | Been consistently getting more than 7 hours and yesterday I took a 2.5 hour nap!! So we’ll say that’s good.

Clothes | It’s laundry week, so this category is not exciting at all.

Cravings | Eating mangos, apples, adding “pie spice” to my coffee, made some homemade salted caramel, and even though I haven’t had any lately I keep wanting sweet potatoes. Oh, wait I did make sweet potato fries the other day. Mmmmmm…

Food Aversions | I’ve actually had pizza 3 times in the past week and didn’t hate it! I didn’t love it, but I ate it without wanting to gag.

Symptoms | Catching my breath constantly. Until the weather gets too cold I plan to take a walk every day with the family. I just can’t stand to think that I’m only halfway through and already feel so out of breath and heavy and weak. I’ve had round ligament pain from the beginning but it’s harder to prevent those weird cramp things in bed when I turn from side to side. I’ve had some strong heart palpitations that throw me off, but I just remind myself that it’s ok. Whew.

Doctor’s Appointment | Still waiting awhile. Mid-October sometime.

Movement | I am feeling the sweetest little movements all the time!!! I love it. Once I started feeling those blips they just didn’t stop! They’re almost distracting already, but I don’t mind a bit. They’re beautiful and reassuring and strong and I love them like crazy. I feel them all over, usually low on my left side. In fact, last night I was laying in bed and was able to feel a couple kicks from the outside!

Gender | Little miss.

Best moment of the week | All the fall things rolled into one.

What I miss | Being able to breathe (mostly)


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