September 20, 2017

Belly Day // Twenty Weeks

Oops… starting to get behind! I took the photos and video and had it all prepared but didn’t have a moment to sit and write out this post yet! But here we go :)

Week twenty is always a fun, big one. It’s the halfway mark! They start measuring baby size by head to toe and stuff. Okay, so this week was great for me! My nausea is mostly gone and my mood and motivation is almost consistently high level. I am loving the busy-ness of life lately and just soaking it all up, making the most of it while I can. I’ve been able to tackle home-school in the mornings with Miles with more consistency and patience and that has been a God-send. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of little things here and there that made it a good week.

I’ll tell you what has been occupying my mind the most lately. Steven and I are planning a babymoon road trip to Colorado in a couple weeks! It will be the first time away together without the kids since or honeymoon! With Remi on the way, we don’t anticipate having this kind of opportunity for a long time so we decided to do it! In an attempt to save some money and gain adventure points, we’ve decided to sleep in the van most of the nights. It will be pretty cold up in the rocky mountains and there will be other obstacles but I’ve spent lots of time online researching things and I feel pretty good about it. I’m pretty excited now. I’m especially excited to spend some quality time with my hubby. I can’t wait to be able to get out of our vehicle at a lookout point together and enjoy it together instead of taking turns with the kids in the van. The little things… I’ll probably update more about this in the coming weeks as I continue planning.

Baby’s SizeLong as a banana

Sleep | Not bad, but random things keep waking me up. Once around 5 or so and again the other night a HUGE bolt of lightning/sound of thunder jolted me out of bed at 4:30 and when I’m awakened like that I just can’t get back to sleep and then I’m forced to eat something so I don’t feel sick. I’ve also continued to have weird dreams and lately in my dreams I’ve been very emotional and dramatic haha.

Clothes | Certainly nothing exciting. I might have to get rid of this category.

Cravings | Still loving mangos. I actually had pizza the other day that I LOVED! Papa Kenos in Lawrence. So now I want to go back. That’s ironic considering it’s been an aversion this whole time! I’m also still loving my morning coffee with pie spice and whipped cream. Getting fancy for fall. I’ve been obsessed with POM pomegranate juice, too.

Food Aversions | It’s not really an aversion because they happen rarely these days, but I don’t freak out in joy every time I have Chick-fil-a like I used to before being pregnant. Still can’t get used to that.

Symptoms | I’m swelling again. That was more of a thing with Miles’ pregnancy. I did NOT like it and I don’t like it now, either. My feet felt bruised the other day from being so swollen. I’ve also had some weird pelvic tenderness and skin stuff. That’s all the new stuff in addition to what was already plaguing me. Haha.

Doctor’s Appointment | Turns out I was wrong about the date of my appointment and I’m actually going in next week!

Movement | She is wriggling around all the time. There are distinct times when she’s more active and I’ll lay there and just enjoy it. I can definitely feel her movements getting stronger. Love it all.

Gender | Princess

Best moment of the week | One day mid-week we just had a really smoothe, enjoyable “normal” day and I was in a great place.

What I miss | Feeling capable of basic movements on a whim.


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