Labor Much like the birth stories of my first two children, this day started with a pang, just sharp enough to wake me from my sleep. I sat up in bed around 2 a.m. on Sunday, February 4. I grabbed my phone and eagerly opened my contraction timer app and waited. Being 6 days past my due date I was like a crazy person, rejoicing when I felt anything I might classify as a contraction. By 2:40 I was certain the contractions, though still mild,…Continue Reading “Remi’s Birth Story”

Nineteen weeks has come and gone! It went a little something like this… It was an average, acceptably eventful week with downtime and fun time and regular life in between. I’ve felt physically out of shape, but mentally motivated and in tune with life. Earlier in the week I tackled the stored up baby clothes in the basement and managed to take out about 30% of the boy clothes that Finn has outgrown and pass them on to a couple other moms who have or…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Nineteen Weeks”

A wide shot of the cake table including the banners and garlands above and the gold star balloons on either end

My¬†thoughts about planning “second kid” birthdays Planning birthday parties for your second child can be challenging. I sat trying to think of what theme we should use for Finn’s first and was at a loss. I’d already done robots, dinosaurs, and monsters for Miles’ parties and Finn was too young to really have any preferences. So what did I do? I went to Pinterest. There I found a cute cake that inspired me to do gold stars. It wasn’t much of a theme but I…Continue Reading “Finn’s First Birthday Party”