Last spring, I was inspired to create an Easter nest cake with a delicate, whimsical touch. I enjoy the pastel, colorful trappings of eggs and flowers that fill our feeds and tickle our eyes when we walk down the holiday isles at the store. However, I couldn’t help but bring into this cake my love…Continue Reading “Easter cake with chocolate feathers & mini eggs in a spun sugar nest.”

How did this recipe end up with such a complicated title? Short answer: I’m a complicated person who likes to complicate things. Long answer: For those of you that actually read the absurd stories at the beginning of recipes, this is for you… our church was hosting a week of special events for a Missions…Continue Reading “Chai Infused Almond Cake Mix Cookies with Lemon Whipped Cream Filling”

A wide shot of the cake table including the banners and garlands above and the gold star balloons on either end

My thoughts about planning “second kid” birthdays Planning birthday parties for your second child can be challenging. I sat trying to think of what theme we should use for Finn’s first and was at a loss. I’d already done robots, dinosaurs, and monsters for Miles’ parties and Finn was too young to really have any preferences….Continue Reading “Finn’s First Birthday Party”

Cute orange monster cake and colorful, neon monster eyeball cookies

The Monster Party Here are some photos of the party we planned for Miles third birthday. We had a fuzzy monster cake with eyeballs that was inspired by this one I saw on Pinterest. We had some eyeball snacks like these cookies and some dipped rice krispy treats. I attempted to make some monster balloon column/towers and…Continue Reading “Monster Party in Colorful Neon”

That’s Right!!! Tasty Tuesday is BACK! Is it back for a day? A week ? To stay? I don’t know. But my head is swimming with thoughts of fall baking recipes, so as long as I’m riding this wave, you can share it with me. Do you have that one recipe that can instantly transport you back to…Continue Reading “Whole Wheat Banana Muffins with Cinnamon Crumb Topping”