Jenna’s Dreamy Lifestyle Maternity Session

I met Jenna and Bobby on a warm June morning and we documented the belly of baby number three! Summer was in full form, but we managed to get some fantastic images! Jenna is an amazing model and Bobby is a photographer’s dream assistant. I can always count on him for some creative freestyle reflector work and flower crown construction.

I thought it was the perfect time to blog this session because baby was born yesterday! I’m happy to capture this time in their lives and can’t wait to be blogging about the new little baby!

I was smiling and butterflies were exploding out of my chest when I was editing the photos from this session. I am so blessed to have such great family with which to share this life. I am drowning in joy with them right now, people!!! Check out the bottom of this post for a smile-inducing example of the cuteness my brother and Jenna share.

Jenna's Dreamy Maternity Session - Leavenworth Lifestyle PhotographerJenna and Bobby Jenna baby bump #3 with honeysuckle flower Jenna baby bump #3 with honeysuckle flower  Bobby and Jenna being adorableMaternity Photography Fashion  Bobby and Jenna being adorable Bobby and Jenna being adorableJenna's Dreamy Maternity Session - Leavenworth Lifestyle Photographer Jenna's Dreamy Maternity Session - Leavenworth Lifestyle Photographer Jenna's Dreamy Maternity Session - Leavenworth Lifestyle Photographer Jenna's Dreamy Maternity Session - Leavenworth Lifestyle Photographer Cute Baby Bump Feature Cute Baby Bump FeatureCute Baby Bump Feature  The BellyBobby and Jenna being cute

Belly Day – 39 Weeks

Baby Bump Belly Day - 39 Weeks

You know what’s crazy? Thinking this might actually be my last update before Finn is born!!! Part of me wants to make it to 40 weeks because it’s a nice, complete number for pregnancy. I also love my due date and would be thrilled to have a Star Wars baby. However… part of me would love to be rewarded (immediately) for my anxious anticipation the past couple weeks! It’s funny how easily distracted I was during the first several months from the fact that I was pregnant, but 2-3 weeks before due date I find myself feeling like I can’t wait another second, like I can’t remember what it feels like to not be huge and hungry, like I haven’t been able to lay on my stomach for years. But really, it has only been a few months that I’ve been largely pregnant and you could almost say I didn’t even notice. Now I think about those days right after you give birth when you struggle to adjust to your non-pregnant self and yet I just adjusted to being pregnant.

The truth is that the nesting and the wondering and the deep philosophical ramblings in my brain pale in comparison to the simple longing I have to meet my baby and start his story!!! I mentioned it in a previous update, but that is the thing I am most excited about: Discovering his story! When will I go into labor? How long will it be? What will he look like? What will those first moments be like? What will be those first memories I keep with me forever? I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Last weekend we had a party for Steven to celebrate his 30th birthday. I couldn’t really talk about it too much on my blog since it was a surprise, but I have been occupying my time lately with plans for the party, crafting fun Star Wars things and prepping presents. It turned out pretty great, most of my family were there along with Steven’s family and some friends. I was anxious for everything to come together and for him to have a special day all to himself, so I had hoped baby would hold off until afterwards, and he did! Not to say there wasn’t a moment or two when I freaked out, thinking he was coming early. For instance, Friday morning I woke up in the middle of an extra strong contraction around 4:30 and had a mini panic moment because that’s how labor began with Miles. After that I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed awake, mentally preparing in case this really was it and timing my contractions. After about an hour or so I was pretty certain they were just really strong Braxton hicks and I could relax a bit. They weren’t getting any stronger or closer together, so I took a warm shower and packed some things in our hospital bag and waited it out. It was weird because I don’t usually have as many Braxton Hicks contractions in the morning, they’re usually a nighttime thing during this pregnancy. Oh well, it certainly pushed me into a new phase of nesting because our hospital bag was packed and ready to go Saturday morning, just in case.

I took advantage of the continuing urge to nest and sewed some leggings and a hat for Finn’s going home outfit as well as decorated some onesies. Unfortunately I spent most of the day on Friday trying to fix a problem with my sewing machine, effectively wasting the majority of my day and ending up with a non-functioning machine and a number of broken needles. I dropped it off to a service center yesterday before my Dr. appointment and they should have it all fixed up for me on Friday. I’m not sure how much use I’ll be able to get out of it before baby arrives, but I’m looking forward to having a machine that actually works. It’s really driving me crazy because I feel like sewing more than any other thing right now. It’s also silly, since there are so many higher priority things I could be accomplishing.

Further nesting on Sunday resulted in a rearranged pantry cabinet, a vacuumed car, and a fully cleaned and organized room for the boys. Today I’ve managed to pick up some more and do some laundry. It’s the only thing keeping me sane right now while I wait… finding things to clean and keep me busy. Later I plan to sanitize pacifiers and bottles and prepare a yummy steak dinner for Steven since today is his actual birthday. I also plan to make a crepe cake similar to this one I saw on Pinterest.

I feel like I had so many things to talk about this week, but that’s probably because so many thoughts are running around in my brain lately as I wait for baby to get here. I guess most of them are repeats.

Baby’s Size| Mini-watermelon. Not sure about the mini part…

How far along | 39 weeks

Sleep | Decent. So much pain when I wake up and need to turn over or pee or walk or breathe. So I guess you could say the sleep is great, it’s the waking up that sucks.

Clothes | I have one particular black maternity dress that I rediscovered a few weeks ago and it has become my go to thing for weekends. It’s insanely comfortable, relatively flattering and just right to wear with leggings and either my Uggs, or my favorite sandals. Except that those favorite sandals broke this week! They were my favorite warm-weather shoe for two summers in a row. Hoping I can find something similar this summer once my feet are human-sized again.

Cravings | Hands down this week’s craving is decaf coffee and donut holes from the Walmart bakery. Simple enough but I have yet to eat enough in one sitting to actually make me want to stop eating them. Instead, I forcefully cut myself off around 7 donuts. I crave them every time of day. I also still enjoy a cupcake a day along with granola and frequent trips to Chickfila. Ugh. I’ll tell you in the Dr appointment section, but it hasn’t been good for my weight gain. I think something in my brain is trying to take advantage of the remaining days of this pregnancy to indulge while I still enjoy food this much and have an excuse.

Food Aversions |  Most of my aversions are related to things that sound hard to chew, since I’m dealing with tooth problems. I’m excited to get those worked on soon after baby is born! I also like to use this reasoning for my donut indulgences, as they’re so soft and easy to chew.

Symptoms | BH contractions still rule this week. I don’t remember them feeling this strong and hurting this much with my first pregnancy. They are accompanied by pressure everywhere! On my nethers, on my lungs (hard. to. breathe.), on the nerves in my back, on my bladder. It’s insanity. For cleaning out the car, I was rewarded with hips that are once again awake with a constant, fiery pain. My swelling reached an all-time high last night. Well… at least an all-pregnancy high. The swelling this pregnancy is more wide-spread instead of localized to the feet and ankles like with my first. The joints in my hand are achy and stiff because of it.

Doctor’s Appointment | Eh. Still a good 1 cm dilated, but cervix is thinning (you’re welcome) so she says I’m nearing 70% effaced. People keeps saying it looks like I’ve dropped and I would have to agree. He’s still high compared to Miles but I feel the weight lower and I am officially waddling because of the way everything is positioned down there. Oh, and I suppose I have to tell you I gained 3.5 lbs in 5 days. My grand total is 55 lbs gained this pregnancy so far.

Movement | Slowed down just a bit, but that doesn’t mean much with this one. He still loves to jab me and wriggle around. It’s driving me crazy because I just want to see those feet and knees that he keeps jabbing me with and I want to rub my hands on the tiny head that keeps butting my crotch.

Belly Button | It’s itchy. Doc said she doesn’t think it’s Puppps again, but it isn’t pleasant.

Gender | This ties into my next heading but OMG… boy!!! :) My best friend, Lizzy just found out yesterday that they are going to have a boy! Miles’ girlfriend, Natalia is also going to have a baby brother!!! I am overjoyed for her and her little family. I can’t wait to meet him and see him and Finn grow up together! Here is a sono profile of Lizzy’s SON!

Baby Boy Docea

Best moment of the week | Finding out that Lizzy is having a boy and celebrating at Steven’s surprise party. I also got a wax and pedicure, so it was a good week.

What I’m looking forward to | Taking his “coming home” picture with the cute little hat I made him last week. <3

What I miss | I feel like I’m already starting to miss my pregnancy! It just went so fast and it makes me wonder if I should have tried to appreciate it more. Oh well, that is minor compared to the excitement of having my baby and not being pregnant. Somehow those statements actually do work together…


Mommy and Miles - 39 Weeks

Belly Day – 38 Weeks

Baby Belly Bump Day - 38 Weeks

Last week was another exciting one, filled with baby thoughts and preparations. Mentally, I have fully shifted to thinking (obsessing) about labor and birth again. This is partly because we toured the Shawnee Mission Birth Center last Wednesday and went over all the things we wanted and what to expect and it made it feel hugely real!!! I think I’m really going to like giving birth at the new hospital. Last time I gave birth at Menorah and I had a great experience. The primary reason we changed locations is because I have a new OBGYN and she doesn’t deliver there. It also would be an even longer drive. As it is, we’re about 35 minutes away from the hospital. That freaks me out a bit for when labor time comes. Ahhh! Freaking out here, peeps. Anyway, I love the interactions I’ve had so far with the staff at Shawnee Mission and the things they explained to me seem to mesh well with my own preferences and thoughts.

Another thing that has me thinking about labor (and feeling completely unprepared) is the increase in Braxton Hicks contractions that I’ve been having! If you’ve been following along at all you probably know I’ve been feeling them most of the pregnancy and they’ve been pretty intense the last few months, as well as frequent. Lately, however, they are even stronger, and last night I was having 8-12 an hour!!! They weren’t coming at regular intervals and they weren’t increasing in strength, which is the only way I was fairly certain they weren’t the real thing. Having so many of them did make me wonder, though, and I realized I am not ready! I literally came home last night and installed the infant car seat in our car and began to prep our diaper bag for newborn baby use! I also want to begin packing the hospital bag. I get so frazzled trying to do that, though because I feel like 80% of the things I will need to bring are things I use almost every day and will need to throw in there at the last minute. I don’t really get how you can have your hospital bag packed several weeks early. I literally have two pairs of pants that are comfy and fit, so I will be wearing them as well as bringing them. And of course you have things like cell phone chargers and toiletries, which I happen to use every day. Anyway. Enough of that rant.

This week I have a few things going on. Tomorrow I have a Brazilian wax. Yeah, that’s probably borderline TMI for my blog readers, but hey, we’re talking about carrying and birthing a child here. I had a wax last time and it’s one of the things I was especially happy I did. I also had a pedicure last time and I plan to schedule one for tomorrow, as well. On Wednesday I have my next Dr. appointment and I’m anxious to see if I’ve progressed. With all the BH contractions I’ve had and the pressure I feel when I have them, I really expect/hope that I’ve made a lot of progress this week. Check the appropriate category below for an update on my previous appointment.

I think that’s about it for a general update! I am getting so anxious to meet our baby and I’m excited to wrap up a few things this week and settle down and wait for the day to come.

Baby’s Size| Long like a leek

How far along | 38 weeks

Sleep | Pretty regular, although my BH contractions have been waking me up more frequently and they are not very comfortable. I stayed up too late the other night and I think that, combined with the need to drink more water contributed to an increase in the BH contractions, too. I sneak in naps with Miles a couple times a week when I feel like I really need it.

Clothes | I remembered this week that I had a few maternity shirts from last pregnancy that I never really took advantage of this time (they’re summer-wear). I tried a couple and they were too short already! It was kind of sad that I never got to wear some of them. The good news is that I also rediscovered some dresses that are great for my big belly because they actually cover it and I can wear them with leggings. So I’ve been doing that when It matters what I look like.

Cravings | I still crave raw veggies every once in awhile, but mostly my body is begging me to be bad and chow down on sugary things. Cupcakes and donuts, specifically. Oh and a couple weeks ago I had a dessert when I was eating out with the hubs and it had homemade strawberry whipped cream with it. Then, one day last week, I dreamt of strawberry whipped cream. Guess what I whipped up the next morning? Yup, and enjoyed it on a crisp waffle. Yum! Serious sugar cravings people. I feel so guilty when I indulge, but I apparently have no self-restraint. I’ve also been on this granola kick and it has me wanting to try making my own, so I stocked up on supplies yesterday and hopefully I’ll get the chance to experiment later this week.

Food Aversions |  I have had lasagna and pizza burgers on our dinner menu for two weeks in a row and can’t seem to get myself to actually make them. Whether that is because of the thought of tasting them or simply the thought of having to prepare them (they sound like a lot of work) I don’t know. Either way, I have an aversion, either to work or food.

Symptoms | BH contractions like crazy! I feel a lot of downward pressure when I have them and trust that means things are progressing. My hips and back still hurt when I’ve first stand up after sitting or lying for long periods of time and when I have to stand up from the ground or other unpleasant position, but I’ve actually been walking around okay this week, and that’s nice. I’ve had some headaches and stuffy nose things, but it could be contributed to allergies, I suppose.

Doctor’s Appointment | Last week’s appointment was quick and routine. I gained a bazillion more pounds (3.5 lbs in a week) and I had progressed just a tiny bit. She says I was measuring 38 weeks along (last week) and I was 1 cm dilated, but still “high and thick.” I’m hoping to have progressed a lot more this week.

Movement | Still rolling around constantly. With Miles I remember feeling his feet on the outside and having no doubt that it was a foot I was feeling. With this one I just can’t tell! I don’t know if it’s just his position or what. I think I feel his knees a lot.

Belly Button | SO BORING. This whole pregnancy I’ve felt like I’m carrying higher and lately I feel itchiness on the top of my belly, which  makes me think I’m stretching up there. The annoying thing about that is that I have loose skin at the bottom of my belly from previous pregnancy that would be nice to fill out instead.

Gender | Can’t wait to hold my little boy.

Best moment of the week | Touring the hospital was exciting. Saturday we spent a quiet, rainy day at home and it was so nice! We had waffles (and more strawberry whipped cream) and we cleaned up the house a bit. Steven vacuumed (which I haven’t been capable of doing for several weeks now) and we watched TV. It was extra relaxing and enjoyable.

What I’m looking forward to | That very first moment of having new baby on my chest and studying all his little features.

What I miss | Cold weather. Okay, so I actually have been loving the weather the last few weeks, but there were two days last week that I was sweltering because it was in the upper 70’s and I was immediately grateful for the cold weather during most of this pregnancy.

Mommy and Miles - 38 Weeks

Belly Day – 37 Weeks

Baby Bump Belly Day - 37 Weeks

Nesting has hit! It slammed into me about 3 a.m. Friday morning and has barely let up since! I feel like I’ve hardly accomplished anything in spite of it, though. That’s unfortunate. I am battling some seriously intense hip and pelvic pain, making it almost impossible to walk in the mornings and by the time my joints and ligaments have all loosened up, it’s late enough in the day that I’ve lost the initial motivation I feel when I first wake up. I’ve accomplished a few minor things, like updating my baby registry on Amazon because a few friends and family members have asked if there is anything we still need for baby #2. The things you need for a second baby are a little bit boring and luckily pretty few in number, but I felt like it helped me get an idea in my head of what I still have left to do. Please indulge the nesting-induced need to write a thousand lists as I quickly share the things I want to accomplish soon and the little engagements I have leading up to due day!

Things to Do

  • Pack the hospital bag
  • Pack Miles’ overnight bag
  • Set up the pack  n’ play in our bedroom
  • Finish assembling baby car seat and install in the car
  • Clean diaper bag and make it primarily infant-ready.
  • Freeze some meals
  • Bring the swing up from the basement and set it up
  • Craft projects (listed below)

Items I want to Make

  • Bobby Cover
    I have decided I want to make it out of white flannel and use a fabric marker to draw my own design on it. We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it’s not too ambitious a goal to accomplish in approximately 3 weeks.
  • Pacifier Clips
    I have sewn 5 different straps to make pacifier clips from and I need to finish at least 3 of them. To do that I will need to buy some more supplies at Joann’s
  • Going Home Outfit for Finn
    Yes, I’ve decided I’m just going to call him Finn. More on that later. Anyway… I want to sew him some striped leggings and make a cute shirt and draw on it with the fabric markers as well.
  • Replacement visor/canopy thing for baby car seat.
    I can’t find a good tutorial for this because everthing I find is for the blanket things that attach to the handle. That’s fine, but not what I am wanting to make. I want to make another canopy/visor exactly like the one that attaches to the carseat, but with my own fabric. Yeah. I’m probably not actually going to be able to make this one. I’m pretty sure I’d need an old one to scavange anyway. 

Items to Buy

Ok, thanks for listening.

I’ll get to the internal, sappy, emotional preggle stuff now. Finding out about the missing kidney last week opened up the opportunity for lots of feelings, many of which made me feel more connected to baby in a way I hadn’t quite managed yet. Several friends and family told me they were “praying for Finn” and when I heard his name said that way, it just sounded right to me. Steven and I are way too noncommittal to 100% officially declare that this baby’s name is Finn, but I can’t deny that it seems to have stuck and I like it. You’ll catch both of us saying Finn without really thinking about it. It makes my heart jump and fizzle over. All these same feelings, combined with the recent urge to nest has put me in a highly emotional mom-state. I guess that’s just another label for “nesting,” though. I just want to get everything perfect for him and I am more and more excited every moment of the day to see his face, to start establishing his story. When will I go into labor? What will his birth be like? What will be the first memories I have of him in the outside world? I’m yearning for the memories that are yet to be made. To fill the time I find myself just wanting to clean and organize everything! That is the foundation of nesting, for sure. Just restlessly passing the time until the real work begins. The other night when I woke up at 3 a.m. unable to fall back to sleep, I brought a magic eraser into the bathtub with me so I could scrub bath crayon off the walls like I took a “relaxing bath.” I’m insane.

Baby’s Size| like a stalk of Swiss chard. Really at this point I think these are just decided by people walking through the grocery store with their eyes all squinty and holding their hands up like “about yea big.”

How far along | 37 weeks

Sleep | This hasn’t been too bad with the exception of the nesting zap to my brain at 3 a.m. Friday morning. I did not fall back asleep that morning, but I did nap with Miles in the afternoon. Such a strange day. The first half was filled with me working furiously to accomplish things, followed by a nap, followed by absolutely uselessness the rest of the day.

Clothes | I bought 2 new nursing bras over the weekend! I despise bra shopping, especially when pregnant. Hot, sweaty, getting my skin rubbed raw by straps and hooks and unpleasant fabrics. Seeing nasty globs of fat poking everywhere, and all the while trying to decide if I could endure the discomfort of any particular restraint for an extended period of time. It is like having to choose your own straight jacket/shackles, etc… and then pay someone an exorbitant amount for them. The good news is that I came away with one very comfortable lounge-y bra I feel comfortable wearing at home if company happens to stop by as well as a “wear in public” one that I’m hoping will not feel like a prison by the end of a long day out.

Cravings | Still destroying cupcakes left and right. I feel extra guilty about my sugar intake lately. I’ve been eating cupcakes, donuts, cookies, cereal, ice cream, chocolate and various other sweet things all day. Also, I ate SEVEN tacos the other day. SEVEN!!!!! Yikes. I don’t think I shared my weight update last week, I gained barely less than I have been. This week I’m terrified to see what I’ve gained, I’m sure it’s a bunch. But mostly, I feel bad that I’m not focusing on getting more nutrients in my diet. Actually… the other craving I’ve had this week is veggies. I ate a bunch of carrots, celery and bell peppers the other day. I’ve had several salads and my favorite dinner last week was chicken, asparagus and baby red potatoes. Those still sound delicious, they’re just harder to grab and eat than a cupcake. Sigh.

Food Aversions |  Some days I’ll just randomly be turned off to things like burgers or pasta or pizza. I’m not really into greasy, heavy things. Just veggies and pastries. So strange.

Symptoms | The Swelling continues to increase. My nose appears extra large to me when I see my reflection. My feet burn in the morning from the swelling and it hurts to walk onto the hard kitchen floor to make breakfast. I’ve had more extensive pelvic pain in my ligaments and muscles down there. I’ve also had random throbbing pain in my back. It comes and goes at the oddest times, although it’s often accompanied by Braxton Hicks. Kind of makes me wonder if I’ll have back labor this time, but I’m hoping not. I’ve heard it’s pretty awful.

Doctor’s Appointment | I was supposed to head into town for one today, but on the way our car broke down so I had to reschedule for Wednesday, which works out well because we also have a hospital tour scheduled for later that day. I’m really excited for the tour and to give birth at Shawnee Mission’s Birth Center. I’ve heard great things about it and when I came in for my level two ultrasound last week I got to have a glimpse of the building and it gave me nervous butterflies. I think it will be nice. When I meet with my Doc on Wednesday I’m hoping to ask some questions about the kidney thing and I’m pretty sure I’ll get another cervix check. (yay)

Movement | So much. That part you’re probably sick of hearing from me, but both ultrasound techs were amazed by how much he was moving around. I like to think it’s a good thing and he’s just spirited, but I worry sometimes that he feels restless or something. I’ve been meeting his jabs and scrapes more frequently lately with my touch, giving him little rubs on his feet and back while he’s sliding around.

Belly Button | I’ve scraped it on things lately, it’s so out.

Gender | Finn. See?! That just felt good to type.

Best moment of the week | My “nesting day.” I’ve had several great moments with God lately as He’s reminding me to give all to Him. This past weekend Steven’s parents took Miles for his first overnight stay and it went really well! We’re trying to get in some practice before the birth, when he’ll be staying with them a night or two. It was so strange to be just Steven and I (and belly baby) for almost a full 24 hours! We had a little date, did some shopping and slept in the next morning. I missed my little boy, but it was a welcome break.

What I’m looking forward to | The hospital tour. Steven’s birthday. Baby’s Birth.

What I miss | Sitting in restaurant booths and driving the car without having the table or steering wheel digging into my belly.

Mommy and Miles - 37 Weeks

Belly Day – 36 Weeks

Baby bump belly progress pic - 36 weeksI am very pregnant, people. I am flashing my pregnancy card left and right… “Why, yes, I’d love for you to carry my groceries.” and “Wow, I’m sorry I just made you suffer through the biggest brain fart ever, see… I’m pregnant.” I have a fascination with stepping back mentally and looking at the big picture of my life and how it’s moving through time. The month is filling up with little plans and appointments and any remnants of “normal, functioning incubator body” are being consumed by “massive body preparing to give birth.” I think all the random things that are going to be happening this month serve as the perfect countdown to the day baby brother arrives.

Yesterday I had a pre-natal appointment and a sonogram. With Miles I only had one sonogram the entire pregnancy (at 20 weeks), but this was my 3rd for this baby. They made it sound standard, so we decided to do it. Mostly, things looked pretty great! His head is down and he’s measuring just over 6 pounds and his heartbeat is strong and steady. The only weird thing is that they couldn’t see his left kidney. My doctor said she wasn’t overly concerned, but just concerned enough that she wanted to schedule another ultrasound, this one a level two, which would be more accurate. She said they saw it at 20 weeks and it could have just been obscured by something else this time, but I’m going in tomorrow (April 8) to have the level two sonogram just to make sure. My doctor told me not to lose any sleep over it (and I haven’t) but it has been on my mind since my appointment yesterday and I’m feeling eager for the sonogram tomorrow and praying we see the left kidney.

UPDATE: I decided to update you after having my level 2 ultrasound. The technician confirmed that there is no left kidney. It must always be difficult to hear there is something “wrong” with your baby, no matter the issue, but I’m relieved to know that there are many people who live perfectly normal lives with just one kidney. The doctor was very reassuring and they measured the amniotic fluid around the baby to make sure there was a enough and no reason to induce an early labor. The fluid levels are good so everything about my labor should be as normal as it would have been. There will be some extra monitoring of our baby once he’s born to make sure the remaining kidney is growing large and able to perform to the right level. He will possibly need to avoid high-contact sports like football and hockey, but otherwise be able to live a normal life. I’m very happy it doesn’t seem to be anything more serious, but I would always appreciate prayers that there are no other issues and that everything turns out well for him before and after the birth. 

If you’re my friend on Facebook, you probably saw my status yesterday about the amazing woman who paid for my groceries. The story is slightly more crazy than that, so I wanted to share. Primarily because her kindness deserves the recognition. It’s a little long winded and probably boring, so you can skip it if you want. Haha. I’ll start by telling you that we like to do our weekly produce shopping at Sprouts if we’re near the city because they have great food and good sales. Since I usually have my OB appointments on Monday, it’s a good time to grab this half of our weekly grocery list before heading home. Yesterday our day included some extra adventuring… specifically a trip to Ikea with lots of walking. Miles conked out in his car seat just a minute before arriving to Sprouts and the poor kid needed his sleep, but I was desperate to get us food so we could eat dinner this week. So I managed to make him a comfy bed in the bottom of the shopping cart, where he slept soundly while I did my shopping. After the cashier finished scanning my items and I swiped my debit card, I realized it had expired. I didn’t have cash with me and we’ve been trying to avoid using a credit card for awhile now. I remembered that my credit card was in my other purse in the car, so I left my groceries and took my sleeping boy with me out to the car to get it. While walking back in, I realized that my credit card had also expired at the end of March! I told the cashier sorry and that I would just pay for a couple things with the cash I had and be on my way. She cancelled the transaction just as I remembered I had a check I had planned to deposit at the bank afterwards, so I asked if they would be able to cash it for me. She said yes, so I made another trip to the car to grab the check. After returning again to store with my check I stood a moment while the cashier began to re-scan my items. This is when I had the thought that perhaps she had misunderstood and thought I would be paying with my own personal check. I paused her scanning again to confirm that she could cash a check from someone else to me and, as I had suspected, that wasn’t going to be possible. I felt SO bad! I told her that I would need to just pay for my couple things with cash again after all and abandon my other groceries. I was embarrassed and felt bad for causing the cashier so much trouble and making people wait for me in line. That was when a sweet woman stepped forward with a bright smile and insisted that the cashier ring up all my groceries along with hers. I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she insisted and as I said “thank you” I broke down in tears. Talk about pregnancy hormones! She came over and hugged me and told me she had two children, one Miles age and an infant that was in the cart with her and she knows what it’s like. I was pretty vulnerable at the moment and embarrassed to be crying in front of a bunch of strangers. I’m sure I looked like a total mess, but it was kind of nice to be humbled to a point that I could let go of all the silly things that keep strangers distanced from each other during our daily lives. All of a sudden I connected with a complete stranger who knew the routine struggle of being a mom and trying to get it all to work out somehow. I’m a pretty shy person and I stay quiet and I don’t really talk to people I don’t know because I wouldn’t know what to say. But here I was, at a weak moment, leaning on someone who knew nothing about me. The cashier began scanning my items again and I stood there, unable to shut down the waterworks and trying to calm Miles, who was now awake and fussy and wondering what was going on. Like I said… humbling. But it was humbling in the best way. I walked away with my faith having been made stronger, in people, but especially in God. It was so nice to feel the affirmation of His absolute presence in my life. So that’s the full story and further proof that I’m an emotional mess these days. :)

Baby’s Size| Size of a head of romaine lettuce. My fave!

How far along | 36 weeks

Sleep | The worst has been the stiff pain in my feet, hips and legs each time I have to get up to pee during the night. I hate having to reorient myself and find my balance just to walk 15 feet.

Clothes | So funny, last pregnancy I was also whining about “the underwear that doesn’t fit.” My favorite maternity jeans that I found at old Navy earlier in the pregnancy are starting to get uncomfortable. It’s like the final blow. They were my only answer for when I needed to wear real clothes and not just lounge pants. I also realize I need new flip flops, but I’m torn between wanting them now and waiting until I’m no longer pregnant so I won’t ruin them prematurely with my swollen, stinky feet.

Cravings | Oh guys, I have a legit craving to report this week. It all started last week when I was at Walmart picking up some groceries. I spotted a cupcake on the discount bakery rack so I picked it up, thinking it would be a nice treat for Miles (hahahaha). When we got to the car, I opened it up, took a bite, gave a piece to Miles, then crammed the remaining cupcake in my mouth and moaned. Then I went home and dreamt of cupcakes. Not really… I did dream of them but that was last night. Actually, what happened next was that I needed to run to Walmart the next day for a quick item I had missed the day before, so I decided to pick up another single cupcake. This time I unknowingly grabbed one with whipped icing. Back at the car, I once again gave a small piece to Miles and proceeded to enjoy my portion. And ENJOY I DID! It was about the best thing I had consumed in months. I was exhausted and sick of walking and wrangling a two year old in a grocery store, but that wasn’t enough to stop me. I pulled out of my parking spot and proceeded to loop the parking lot and pull back into a spot, unload Miles from the car seat again, walk into the store and leave with a half dozen cupcakes all for myself. I bought another dozen a couple days ago and the craving has not gone away. Mmmmmm…. I’m going to go eat some now. No joke.

Food Aversions |  I have a couple bad teeth that I plan to have taken care of after baby is born and I’ve been managing to chew on the one side that didn’t give me pain. Unfortunately, last week, I felt pain. This leaves no safe side of my mouth for chewing, so I take a long time to eat and find myself avoiding foods that require extra chewing. Also, I’m not sure if it’s hormones or something else, but I haven’t had much desire for the foods I’d normally get so excited about. Except for the cupcakes, I have been wanting veggies and fruit. So weird, but I’ll take it.

Symptoms | The swelling is really bad today. I definitely don’t remember my hands being this swollen last time. I have trouble holding things. The other day I let my Starbucks latte slip out of my hands and spill in the car. I wanted to cry, lol. My hips felt great after my chiropractor appointment last week but it was only that way for a few days. I need to go back sooner than I thought. Today is really bad because I was walking so much yesterday. I think my belly is lower and I feel the weight so much more while I’m walking and it tires me out pretty quickly.

Doctor’s Appointment | I told you about the invisible kidney. Otherwise it was really great to see his face on the sonogram and to see his big wriggling body. At one point he reached his arm over his head and snuggled into it and I melted. I can’t wait to meet him! I also had my cervix checked for the first time and it’s barely dilated, which is to be expected this early. She also told me that we’re at a point now, if I go into labor they won’t stop it and told me what I need to do and it was all very real sounding.

Movement | Even the ultrasound tech was amazed at how much he was moving. I love almost every second of it. Almost because I don’t love having my cervix area punched or whatever.

Belly Button | Easter Sunday, a sweet little girl was convinced that my belly button was actually the baby’s finger because he was poking his finger out. Such a cute and funny thought.

Gender | The ultrasound tech decided to point out his scrotum and penis yesterday. If we had any doubts about this being a boy, thy are gone now. Lol.

Best moment of the week | Seeing our little man on the sonogram yesterday. It was also cute yesterday at the Dr.’s office we saw another mother with a brand new baby and we pointed it out to Miles saying “see the little baby?” and he goes “take it home with us?” So cute. I can’t wait until we’re actually able to say yes.

What I miss | My un-swollen nose. My un-swollen hands. OH! I really miss being able to wash my hands and reach the olive oil in the cabinet above our stove.

Belly Day – 35 Weeks

Baby belly bump day - 35 weeks

Today I had a chiropractor appointment! Yay… this has been something I’ve been wanting for 3 years… way to procrastinate, Brittany! It was pretty great. I expected so much more to happen at the appointment, but the few adjustments he made definitely helped my hips and I can’t wait to see if it stays this way a bit. I’ll probably schedule another one in a couple weeks, then one more before baby is born. That last one could happen so soon! That’s insane to me, but awesome.

My baby brain and baby fever have multiplied. I can barely manage to string sentences together that actually make any sense. I close my eyes and see tiny baby toes and smell furry baby heads and imagine itty bitty baby bodies wrapped in blankets, cuddled in my arms. Yup. I’m completely burning up with baby fever. I keep thinking “good thing I’m actually pregnant and weeks away from birthing a baby or I wouldn’t be able to handle this longing for an infant.” To keep me going for the next 5 weeks I am focusing on the sewing projects I’ve been mentioning. I might have to give up on the boppy cover for now, it sounds like the most complicated one and I haven’t found the perfect fabric. I think I’ll have to paint my own fabric to get what I want. I know that is ridiculous, but I’m crazy like that. I also made some burp cloths and a pacifier clip for a friend who’s expecting a little boy and I have some fabric ready to make myself a few more, as well. Additionally, I want to either buy or customize a cute little coming home outfit for baby brother, finish washing car seat things and clear out the diaper bag and give it a good wash, bring up the pack and play from the basement and back our hospital bags!

Seriously. Sometimes it still seems way to far away, but at other times I can’t believe we’re almost there! Two more weeks until I’m full term!!! I’ll leave it there. Remember I said I can barely manage to form sentences? You’re lucky I’ve made it to this paragraph at all.

Baby’s Size| Honeydew Melon.

How far along | 35 weeks

Sleep | Pretty normal. A few nights ago I had the best sleep yet! The bed was so comfy, I only woke up twice to pee and turn over and I woke up barely remembering any of my weird dreams! Last night my dreams just kept going and going. Post-apocalyptic chaos… not very restful for the subconscious. Miles has been sleeping so well. I can’t believe it was just mere months ago that I was still nursing him back to sleep once or twice a night! And that I will be doing that again soon and for a long time after that. But that’s ok. :)

Clothes | I do so much laundry. I’ve found that only about 1/2 my underwear actually fits (you’re welcome for that much needed information) and only two pairs of PJ pants fit. I rotate between tanks and tees and only a couple of the tees are long enough to wear without being annoying. When I’m home all day with no plans to see anybody, I am sure I look pretty frightening.

Cravings | Starbucks wins this week with their iced decaf caramel flan latte with breve. Just typing that made me want to drive 20 minutes to pick one up from my favorite location. Unfortunately I quickly used up my gift card balance that had been hanging around since the holidays. Now I have been negotiating Starbucks treats from Steven. Let’s just say I’ve endured a lot more video gaming lately in order to support my habit. The last couple days I’ve also been craving burgers. Five Guys hooked me up on Sunday (YUMMMMM) and yesterday I made some for dinner. Today I am forced to deal.

Food Aversions |  The other day I didn’t want chicken tortilla soup. Right now I don’t want spaghetti. I think that counts.

Symptoms | Oh man. This week during my first pregnancy I was experiencing some horrible PUPPPs and I am so very grateful to not have to suffer through that. It was so terrible, people, trust me. I’d say the majority of my discomfort these days comes from having really strong Braxton Hicks that actually kind of hurt compared to what I’ve previously experienced. Lots of cervix pain (I think… I really don’t know, but that’s all I can imagine. It’s sharp and shocking and hurts like … a lot) In case you were wondering all my “…” during this post is a result of my baby brain. Those represent actual pauses in my brain function. So … other symptoms… Even MORE swelling. Really bad in my hands, which have also been dry, making it very unpleasant. Baby brain (mentioned that one). Lots of cramping muscles. That’s enough for now.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have an appointment this coming Monday, during which we’ll have a sonogram that I’m excited about. With Miles I only had one single sonogram the entire pregnancy, so this is a new and exciting change for me. At my next appointment I’ll probably schedule the remainder of my appointments. We also scheduled a tour of the hospital and I’m excited for that. Steven will be taking a half day from work and we’ll go check it out!

Movement | He’s crazy. I wonder if this is what he’ll be like on the outside, extra squirmy and such. Miles was in such a predictable position early on in the pregnancy, he barely changed positions and I felt like he was pretty stretched out. With baby brother I feel like he’s really curled up because I feel feet everywhere and I think I can feel legs curled up, then sticking out, then criss crossed and all manner of other feelings that don’t make sense to me.

Belly Button | Large

Gender | Baby Brother. That’s what we call him to Miles and until we settle for sure on a name (a.k.a. Finn lol) then I have decided to refer to him as baby brother. I like that better than “Baby #2″ or “this one” or “other baby.”

Best moment of the week | Spending the weekend at my parents, picking daffodils, watching Miles just be himself and adorable. His vocabulary is expanding noticeably every day and I love hearing new expressions from him. These days he likes to say “Oh! Almost forgot *insert anything here*”

What I’m looking forward to | Baby brother nestled in my arms. Tucking him into his car seat to come home. Handing him to Miles for the first time and seeing his reaction when he finally gets to go to the “Baby brother store” and come back with something.

What I miss | Being able to wear a seat-belt normally. These days I have the lap part on the top side of my belly and the shoulder part digs deeply into my neck. I can’t seem to find a more comfortable way to wear it. I keep wondering how it felt to wear a seat belt when I was a skinny thing in college lol.

Mommy and Miles - 35 weeks

Belly Day – 34 Weeks

belly baby bump day - 34 weeks

Oh, how quickly I have gone from mildly miserable to fully miserable! I know I complain a ton on this blog, but it’s sort of my outlet (along with other outlets, like anyone else who is within hearing distance). Sunday I thought it would be a brilliant idea to trim our rose bushes. Half way through I began to feel the ache, but I was determined to push through. That night I was truly regretting it and could barely manage to stand upright in the kitchen while preparing dinner. That night we fell asleep at 7:30 (very early for us) and the first 3-4 times I woke up to pee I literally had to hold onto objects along the way so I could make it to the bathroom without collapsing. By some miracle, the 5th time I woke up I could walk! It was a relief, because I had a Dr. appointment the next day as well as plans to do some grocery shopping and I had been beginning to panic, wondering how I was going to walk at all! The good news is that I was able to manage a day full of appointments, groceries and fabric shopping. The bad news is that last night I was back to being unable to move and a full night of sleep didn’t fix it this time. That means I am sitting here typing this, basically because can’t do anything but sit right now. I am letting Miles watch TV and I am not allowing myself to run after him when he tries to bait me with mildly naughty tricks. My main concern here is how am I supposed to function for the next six weeks or so!?!?

Ok, I think it’s only fair to move onto some more positive updates. For one thing… we finally have a chiropractor picked and I am trying desperately to get an appointment early next week. This is the light at the end of my hip-screaming tunnel! Another wonderful thing this weekend brought was a new office chair!!! I have been using a flimsy folding chair for months because my previous three office chairs all became useless at the same time. I can’t believe I let it come this far, but I have been without an official office chair (using only a dining room chair or folding chair) for over a year! This seat is sooo comfortable, I think it might be my favorite place in the entire house in which to sit. Now if only I could sit in my office chair all day instead of chase a crazy 2-year old around the house.

Baby’s Size| Cantaloupe. Apparently as you get farther along in the pregnancy, there aren’t as many options for this category.

How far along | 34 weeks

Sleep | Pain. I want to cry when I have to get up or stand up to use the bathroom or turn over or even just adjust my legs a teeny tiny amount. The happy side of sleep is that I haven’t battled insomnia too much. The other night we slept 12 hours! Not sure when I ever did that before or will ever be able to do that again. I’ve had this weird thing happen twice, when I’m just about asleep I will feel really flushed and I’m extra aware of the way my weight is relaxed into the bed and my heart feels like it’s beating really fast. It’s strange, but I’ve surmised that it’s just a result of those moments when I’m extra sleepy and my body finally gets to fall asleep. I imagine it is a lot like in older cars when it’s left idling for a long time and it starts to make that loud, weird noise to cool off the engine. Yeah… I know nothing about cars. Sorry.

Clothes | I wore a maxi skirt on Sunday! It was amazing. I hadn’t worn it yet and wasn’t sure it would still fit, but it was so breezy and comfortable and I felt cuter than I have in awhile and I got to paint my toenails for the first time since the winter. It was nice.

Cravings | Let’s see… I had some BBQ Friday night that I have literally been wanting the entire pregnancy. I don’t know how I managed to get this far into the pregnancy without having indulged in BBQ once! We ate on the back deck and I sat there afterwards in a glow of contentment. I also had an incredible iced caramel brule’ latte yesterday and something inside me went “oops” because I have once again unlocked a craving that might last awhile. I do have one slightly healthy craving: raspberries! Mmmm. Also I just made myself a smoothie that has yogurt, blueberries, banana, pineapple, spinach and almond butter. That last ingredient totally makes it one of the most unique and delicious smoothies ever. *licks lips.

Food Aversions |  I will instead talk about the things that I have surprisingly not hated this pregnancy, that I usually hate (or mostly dislike): Spinach, jalapenos, mushrooms, cabbage.

Symptoms | Leg Cramps! Side Cramps! Pain in my hips. Nerve stabbings. Increased swelling. Hunger every 3 hours. Extra strong Braxton Hicks. Fatness.

Doctor’s Appointment | I had one Monday and everything looks good. I’m still measuring right on track, which always amazes me because I keep looking so big! Next appointment is in two weeks (36 weeks) and we scheduled a sonogram for that appointment, which is kind of exciting. After that I start going every week! So close to full term. That’s my next checkpoint… 37 weeks, then I can not feel guilty for wanting to go into labor already.

Movement | Very sprightly. As usual. He has got to be positioned in the strangest way, because I feel feet in the same place I could wear I feel a booty moments before. Then I’ll feel what I thought was a foot on the exact opposite side of my belly. I’m curious what the sonogram will reveal about his position.

Belly Button | Last pregnancy I said my belly button felt hard this week, but this time it’s soft and believe me… that’ even weirder. I gained so much weight with my first pregnancy, I have loose skin that never went away so there is still a patch of that on my lower belly that hasn’t been filled in yet (or hopefully ever). Sorry for that, I guess I figured I could just consider this category the “talk about anything gross happening in your body” part of the survey.

Gender | He

Best moment of the week | Getting my new office chair. All the great weather. BBQ night. My husband was extra sweet the past several days and it made for a pleasant end to the week for me.

What I am looking forward to| All the little things between now and baby. Here is a rundown: Visit my parents/family this coming weekend, Chiropractor appointment, Easter, Dr. appointment + Sonogram, New hospital tour, Steven’s 30th birthday, Due Date!

What I miss | I’ve said it before, but I just miss being able to bend down when I want, walk across the room to grab something if I want it, without considering if it’s worth it.

Mommy and Miles - 34 Weeks

Belly Day | 33 Weeks

Belly Baby Bump Day - 33 Weeks

I’m dragging. That is why I took my photo a day late this week, I’m writing this post a few days late and I posted links to my last couple entries at least 2 weeks later than the week to which they corresponded. Ooops!

This week I took  my progress photos on St. Patrick’s Day and tried to go for a slightly festive theme. I have always loved St Patty’s Day since I’m part Irish and love the color green. Plus, it’s just a fun holiday. I made corned beef and we had Rubens for dinner and it was delicioussssss. Of course I craved the beer I can’t have and never really liked. I spent the day at home, so no pinching was involved. Overall it was a good day.

Feelings that make up my thoughts this week: Excitement for baby. Daydreaming. Nesting. Exhaustion. Pain. Panic. Longing (for baby, for a better body, for adventure).

I didn’t really plan this, exactly, but this week be began potty training Miles! I decided to order a training seat for the big potty off Amazon and Miles was so excited to give it a try when it arrived that I decided we should just go for it! We’ve had good days and bad days, but I definitely think it’s time. Now I am slightly terrified thinking about what this means… I underestimated the physical requirements involved, such as lifting my toddler up onto the potty frequently and dealing with awkward maneuvering in a tiny bathroom. I also am now faced with what this means for the months (or more) ahead, potential accidents at any moment, for example. Otherwise I am pretty excited for our potty training adventure! :)

It seems Miles is really trying to grasp his independence lately because the other night he randomly says “Oh! Sleep in my room. Miles bed.” I was fully shocked for a moment before enthusiastically agreeing to let him try to sleep in his room, instead of with us. We tried really hard for a good hour before giving up and going back to our bed. But it doesn’t end there, the next day when it was nap time he asked again! This time he did eventually fall asleep after an hour of delays (and multiple false alarm trips to the potty) and he only slept 40 minutes, but it seems promising! I truly do not mind co-sleeping.  I was really torn up about it when he was younger, feeling guilty because all the books say don’t do it, but once we just decided that was how it was going to be, we’ve enjoyed it. It’s almost sad to think of Miles being ready to leave our bed, but it would be awfully convenient, since I plan to co-sleep with our new baby eventually, too.

Anyway, so many new little developments in the daily dynamics of our family life. Exciting! A foreshadowing of all the things that will be changing this year.

Baby’s Size| Pineapple! This was the same one I used with Miles’ pregnancy, but I love pineapple too much these days not to use it.

How far along | 33 weeks

Sleep | There was a night or two of 4 a.m. insomnia, but it hasn’t yet become a “thing.” One of the toughest things about sleep this pregnancy has been the dreams!!! I feel like I never get a break! With my first pregnancy I remember having weird dreams during the first trimester and sprinkled throughout the pregnancy, but these are every night and they are weird weird weird. It’s hard to feel like I slept, when instead I feel like I just lived a post-apocalyptic blockbuster. Terrifying dreams, whimsical dreams, curious dreams. I never thought I would dislike dreaming so much. All the usual stuff if still true, from my whining the last two weeks. When I wake up to pee I will sit in a daze on the toilet and clench my extra swollen hands into a fist (sort of) and sigh, then I sit there with my eyes closed a moment longer, wondering if it’s really necessary to walk back to the bed. I can just sleep right here on the toilet, right?

Clothes | My pants are getting tighter, my shirts aren’t quite covering my belly (maternity shirts) and while most people don’t notice because it’s my “underbelly” I can feel the breeze down there and it bugs me.

Cravings | It might be a true fact that I just finished inhaling a beef sub from Jimmy Johns. I was starving, Miles was napping and it sounded delicious. It was my first time trying their delivery option. I should be scared of the precedent this might set for myself. Otherwise I can say that my need for bagels is dwindling slowly. It’s not that they aren’t still delicious and I eat them frequently, but I no longer yearn for them every hour of the day. I have also been in love  with raspberries!!! The ones we’ve purchased from the store the last two weeks have been really young and amazing! I like my raspberries so young they are almost peach colored and these have been perfect. Yum. Miles and I can easily down a carton in a sitting and want more.

Food Aversions |  I once again will confirm that I could probably eat anything

Symptoms | I’ve been waiting in terrified anticipation of this week because this is the week I first began to experience puppps during my first pregnancy!!! Itching itching itching. It’s only a thing with boys, but not all boys, so I’ve been wondering if it would be a problem this time. So far I haven’t had any problems! My stretch marks are showing more these days, but they still are pretty pale compared to the way they were then. Just another little Godsend for which I am happy! Otherwise I struggle the most with complete physical exhaustion. Not even sleepiness, just my body being unable to do it’s job. A walk up one 1/2 flight of stairs and my legs and lungs are burning so much I have to lean against the wall and inhale deeply. It sounds dramatic and it is, but it’s true. It scares me to think of all the things I want to do in the coming weeks, and the adventures I might have to miss out on because I can’t walk far enough or long enough. I’m swollen more. Oh, here’s a weird thing! My lips seem plumper! Weird, right? I’ve always had thin, wide lips and I don’t mind, but lately they are plump. I’m guessing it is a result of the extra blood pumping through my body or another swelling symptoms. I don’t remember this happening with my first, but maybe I just didn’t notice. Here’s a photo, I wore lipstick the other day (I hardly EVER wear lipstick) and gave it my best sexy lip. *rolling my eyes at myself.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have an appointment next week, then again at 36 weeks, then every week! Nothing special coming up, although I’m anxious to see how much I’ve gained (again) it seems like a lot.

Movement | I say it every time but he is a jumping bean! I love it! In fact I sort of freak out when he doesn’t move all the time. If he’s still for even a short time (which is rare) I will gently nudge him until he starts moving again. I always feel bad for waking him up for nothing, but it gives me peace of mind.

Belly Button | It’s pokey! But it’s wide so it’s a large pokey thing. Ew.

Gender | He’s a boy but sometimes I find myself thinking “Hmmm the ____ we already have is kind of masculine, even though I planned for it to be gender neutral. I should have thought ahead a bit better.” Then I am like “Oh, right … it doesn’t matter.” Lol.

Best moment of the week | We had a visit from Sammy Jo! That was awesome for me. She is amazing with Miles and he loves to hang out with her. They were having some of the best laughs and moments together. Made me miss my college days, but love how we can still share our lives 8+ years later!!!

What I am looking forward to | Springtime and eventually summer and getting into a new routine with two!

What I miss | Being able to lay on my back and still breathe.

Mommy and Miles - 33 Weeks

Belly Day | 32 Weeks

belly baby bump day _ 32 Weeks

So much pain, people! My hips don’t lie. I am indeed having a baby soon(ish).

A quick note about the photos this week… One of the very first weeks we took progress photos together, I told Miles he should hold a pinecone, because it was getting to be the winter season and I had this thought that I would try to work in themed props occasionally. That didn’t exactly become a thing, but now when we take our photos Miles almost always thinks he needs a pinecone. You may have spotted them peeking out of his hands in previous photos. (Like here) Haha. So Mr. Pinecone is featured prominently today.

I spent most of the week at home, doing what I could to be productive and eating lots and lots of Panera bagels. I just had my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great. Baby’s heartbeat has been 160 for three weeks in a row now and until recently I’m pretty sure he’s been in about the same position, just dancing around in there. All of a sudden yesterday I woke up and realized he had flipped completely around so that his feet were kicking the opposite side of my belly and he felt lower than he did before (very similar to the position I remember Miles liking best). Then I woke up this morning and he was mostly back to the same position he usually favors. That was boring to talk about, I know, but I spend much of my day feeling his crazy movements so it’s on my mind quite a bit.

Actually, I’m going to go with the boring theme here and just tell you about the little things in my life that are bringing me excitement at the moment…

Last week I broke my “favorite” knife that I use for almost everything in the kitchen. “Favorite” is in quotes because it just happened to be the best knife we owned, but I was very aware of the existence of even better knives out in the world and dreamt of them on occasion. After suffering through several meals with my backup chef’s knife, I went on Amazon and ordered this one. The reviews are glowing and I am indescribably excited for my new knife to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

Yesterday Miles simply refused to take his nap, so I turned on Finding Nemo and sat down at our table with a massive pile of papers and separated them into files. I think my nesting instincts are finding strange places to manifest themselves. I have another Amazon order arriving on Thursday with more filing supplies, magic erasers, a backpack for miles and a toilet training seat! Most of those items scream “nesting,” right?

This weekend is the release for the new Cinderella movie!!! Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were my two favorite Disney fairy-tale movies growing up and I am jumping up and down inside thinking about seeing it. We haven’t finalized our plans, but we’re hoping to see it this weekend and I am really excited. We also might be trying our first overnight away from Miles this weekend. Now that he’s been weened a few months and sleeping through the night most of the time, we figured we would give it a try. This is good practice for when the baby arrives since he might be spending more over-nights when that time comes.

Lastly, my head is swimming with inspiration for baby things I want to sew now, but my machine has only been used once in over a year and I don’t feel very prepared to launch into crazy sewing projects. But I think I will anyway. I especially want to make another pacifier clip, preferably exactly like this one, or very close to it. It was one of my favorite things when Miles was a baby, but the snap has worn though completely and the edges are all frayed. I also want to snag some new fabric and make a few more burp cloths and a boppy cover. I know I talked about this last week, but I’m excited. Oh, and I want to make a couple more newborn hats and leggings. Ok, I think that really is it. This is another reason for my office organizing spree. All my craft things are in boxes still.

On to the prompts…

Baby’s Size| Squash. He probably feels pretty squashed these days, too.

How far along | 32 weeks

Sleep | I had my first weird insomnia moment of the third trimester last night. I woke up at 5 a.m. from some weird dreams and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I ate a bagel, then Miles woke up at 6, so I was up for the day. I was feeling pretty good about avoiding the insomnia so far, so I’m hoping this doesn’t become a thing. And speaking of dreams… they have been so weird! I have at least three weird dreams per night and remember most of them in the morning (although pretty jumbled). I’ll wake up to use the bathroom and think momentarily on the dream I woke up from and wonder where on earth it came from. Oh and I have to mention the heat!!! I wake up drenched in sweat every time and I try to find a cold side of the pillow, but it’s just a damp mess of warmth. Ewwww. Last night we had our thermostat set to 64 but I was still sweating with the covers kicked off.

Clothes | I have found that all but about 3 of my pants are kind of tight and uncomfortable to wear, unless I’m just running to the store or something. But at least there are three of them! And yesterday I was thinking about the things I wore during my summer pregnancy and just said a tiny prayer of thanks for the option to wear pants instead of shorts that rode up my chunky thighs constantly. And t-shirts and tunics instead of frumpy tank tops. And uggs instead of flip-flops.

Cravings | Shatto milk in almost any flavor, but I especially am loving the coffee and chocolate flavors. I’m also snacking frequently on Trolli sour gummy worms. *procedes to pop one into mouth. They remind me of summers as a kid when I didn’t know the flavors were artificial and that they were full of sugar and processed poison. I weighed a whopping 200 lbs at my appointment yesterday. Transparency here. Sigh. I really wasn’t happy with that number, but I know I’ve  been ordering Dr. Pepper too often with the meals we are eating out on a too-frequent basis. And then there are the Panera bagels and the gummy worms and the girl scout cookies. I am still hoping to keep my final total weight lower than the first time. So that’s why I had 2 bagels yesterday instead of 3.

Food Aversions |  I’ll eat anything.

Symptoms | The heat. I love our amazing weather we’ve had lately, 60’s and 70’s for dayzzzz! But I don’t think I’d be comfortable if it was any hotter out there. I really don’t like waking up sweaty. It’s just irritating. I also am having more back pain to add to the hip pain. My Braxton Hicks contractions seem stronger these days. My belly is officially getting in the way when I try to do things like reach for something near the back of counters. I keep finding myself sitting down on the floor because I feel like I can’t stand another moment, then, when it’s time to stand up again I curse myself for making that decision. Dummy. The swelling is worse, finally a visible swelling in my feet. I’m fairly confident I could improve it by drinking more water and easing up on the sodium because I did that one day last week and by the end of the day it was much better. I just forget.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have two more 2-week appointments until 36 weeks, then I’ll be going every week! I am planning to call Shawnee Mission Birth Center to set up a tour because last time we gave birth at Menora and I want to check out the new digs.

Movement | One thing I noticed last night when I couldn’t sleep, this baby seems to be active all day sometimes, without taking a break, then at night I barely feel him move! I am going to naively hope that this means we’ll have fewer sleeping concerns when he’s born. Maybe he’ll take to the sleep all night, awake during the day thing like a pro!

Belly Button | Yes, I have one. And now everyone knows it.

Gender | Instead I’ll use this to talk about the name. I’m still stuck on Finn. Steven said he still has reservations and I told him that he was my reservation. Haha. I then told him I actually have two, I want Steven to love the name as much as I do and I prefer a name that isn’t quite as popular because I’m like that. However here is the popularity of Finn according to Baby Center and here is Miles. They seem pretty close (if you look at the time of the naming). It’s still top of my list, but as the time draws closer we will probably be talking about this even more. And please feel free to suggest some middle names. :)

Best moment of the week | This chicken sandwich I ate at Blanc Burgers and Bottles over the weekend. I always feel lame when a meal is the highlight of my week, but it was truly delicious. I know that there were several “Miles moments” that far outshine my lunch experiences, I just can’t always remember just one, specifically.

What I’m looking forward to | We are tentatively planning a road trip for this summer and I can’t wait! I imagine my non-pregnant self finally getting out and having adventures.

What I miss | Haha. This week during my last pregnancy I was missing winter. While I have been extra happy with the lower temperatures this pregnancy, I definitely don’t miss it! We haven’t had a lot of snow this year, but the extra cold temperatures have done enough. I am ready for spring! I miss/am looking forward to all the blossoms that will be blooming and the daffodils that will be coming soon.

32 Weeks - Mommy and Miles