Finn | 11 Months

Finn's 11 Month featured Image

This has been a very grown-up month for my Finn!

One of my favorite things he’s been doing is pointing at everything! It’s so cute. He points at things he finds interesting, things he wants, things he’s scared of, and things he’s curious about. When we read books (which he’s really been enjoying lately) he will point at the main subject on each page and look up at me. *MELTING HEART!

Finn is excelling in all matters of communication. He has more noises, of which I’m slowly learning the meanings. He shakes his head and nods the most adorable and deliberate nods. He has one type of communication that I could do with a little less of: those of the obnoxious growling variety. It’s part screech, part growl, part grunt, part scream… I really don’t even know what to call it. All I know is that it raises my anxiety and lowers my patience. He has been showing us more of that temper lately, but I really can’t blame him. He’s been sick a couple times this month and has a renewed appetite, so if I deny him any kind of food, he will protest violently.

Poor kid. He suffered through the flu earlier in the month, then just finished having a stomach virus that lasted a full 8 days. On day 8 I noticed Finn had vomited in his car seat while we were out running errands. He proceeded to vomit an additional 4 times within an hour. We were pretty worried because for the week prior he had only vomited once a day or every other day. Because of this and the severity of the heaves and because Finn was acting extra lethargic, we took him into the emergency room at Children’s Mercy South. We had a great experience with the Dr. and the staff that attended to us and Finn has not vomited since. They didn’t find anything concerning about his health besides that his heart-rate was a little high and they concluded that it was probably because he was a little dehydrated. Apparently the bug just decided to stick around a long time and go out with a bang that day. A regimen of Pedialyte and cuddles seemed to help and we’ve been pretty good since. At the hospital they weighed him in at 21 lbs which is a pound less than he was two months ago at his 9-month well visit so I’m praying for some gains soon. I can tell he’s lost weight and I’m anxious for him to pack on some pounds!

Miles and Finn are crazy together. I can’t seem to keep Miles from playing a little rough with him but Finn doesn’t always seem to mind (and if he does, he won’t hesitate to let him know with a loud screech). They laugh at each other constantly. Finn loveto throw balls and bang on things and put things in cups and boxes (and pull things out of boxes and drawers). He’s getting really great at climbing stairs and diligently practicing getting down them.

I always say this, but there is just a bright spark in his eyes that is all Finn and I totally adore it!!!

I can’t believe the next update I write Finn will be a YEAR OLD!!! WOW…

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Finn – 10 Months


We are officially walking!!!!! Well I have been walking for something like 30 years, but Finn has been a walker for two whole weeks or there about. He is also flashing around 6 teeth, most of which are coming in from the top. He loves to very deliberately isolate his index finger (or occasionally his middle finger) and use it to poke everything around him. Poke his toys, poke food, poke brother, poke light sockets, poke my face, poke my phone screen, swipe my phone screen. Yeah, he’s mechanically minded, this one! And so very determined. Do not envy the person who has to tell him he may not poke something. Fury. Pure fury. He is very opposed to the word “no” or having anything taken from his hands or removed from sight if he is examining it. I thought Miles was determined, but no. Not like this. If you see me in public and witness me take a dangerous item from his hands and swiftly offer it back to him begging him to take it again and stop screaming please do not judge. I can see how we might end up with a very spoiled child on our hands. I’m simply too much of a wimp to see him erupt over a battle for my phone, my spoon, my hair, etc… So if it won’t injure him or cost a fortune to repair, he gets it. I’m such a pushover.

Finn’s inner strength is also made evident when he tries to grab you. He has an intense grip! There have been times that I (and Steven) have yelped loudly when Finn grabs the back of our arms when we’re holding him, or if he claws at your legs when he wants you to pick him up. It’s terrifying.

I’m making it sound like life with Finn is a horror movie, but it really isn’t. The majority of the time Finn is a precious, smiling, squealing, waddling bundle of sweetness. When he stares into my eyes he has such life and intensity in his gaze! He will grab bears and pillows and hug them sweetly. When he is tired or wakes up from a  nap he will crawl over to me and lay his head in my lap or on my belly and snuggle for a moment. I am absolutely in love with my intense ten-month old baby boy. Who is just a tad less baby each day. It’s bittersweet and beautiful.

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Finn | 9 Months

Finn 9 Months Featured Photo

The other day Steven asked me “Do you realize it’s only a few months until Finn’s first birthday?”

I then replied “Hush your mouth!!!”

Finn has reached new levels of cuteness and bigness this month. He took his first step a few weeks ago and he can now take anywhere from 3-10 steps in a row before losing his balance. I’m not sure when it’s officially labelled “walking,” but we’re pretty close to calling it that. He’s been munching on every food he can get his hands on (and some things that are not food). Doc says we can pretty much feed him anything if it’s small enough. I’m still hesitant because that’s just my nature, so we haven’t been as adventurous as Finn would like. He especially loves when I eat an apple and let him have the core. I haven’t decided yet how that reflects on me as a parent.

Our big boy is fitting comfortably in 18 months clothes and uncomfortably in the 12 month things I’ve been too sad to store away. Finn and Miles were born in opposite seasons, so it’s been tough to keep this kid in clothes before he outgrows the hand-me-downs.

During the couple days of warmer weather we were blessed with this month, I took the boys outside and played in the sun. I can’t wait until Finn can run and explore once we officially welcome springtime. I think he’s a big nature kid and I love to see him light up when he finds something new to stare at when we’re playing outside.

Finn has the most adorable little laugh! He has one particular type of laugh that he saves for Daddy when he gets home from work during the week and it’s so cute. He also will fake laugh when he notices the rest of us laughing. He’s been clapping and banging things around. He makes all kinds of noises and seems to come up with a new one every day or two. Most of them are growls and raspberries and I adore it. Watching Miles be crazy is still one of his favorite things. He tries more and more now to join in the game. I think I’ve mentioned this before but Finn is obsessed with baths! If we’re upstairs in the hallway and I let him down, he’ll head straight for the bathroom and pull himself up on the tub and squeal eagerly. He has three teeth now, the last one which seems out of order since it’s second from center on the top, even though he doesn’t have any other top teeth. Hehe!

I feel like I’m leaving stuff out because he’s so stinking cute there has to be a books worth of notable things I should share, but I guess I’ll stop there. Time to start soaking up month ten!

Finn's Official 9 Month Photos Finn 9 month - Cute Hoodie Romper Finn 9 month - old man adorable

Finn's 9 Month Photos - Cell Phone

Finn | 8 Months

Finn 8 Month Official Photo - Featured

Finn’s amazing qualities just shine brighter as he gets older and I continually fall more in love with him. He has a sweet, contented disposition and a strong, steady determination that keeps him trying and trying no matter what until he masters something. He has mastered crawling and has even mastered standing! He can pull himself up from anything, including the floor and will let go and stand there for a good 30 seconds before letting himself back down to the floor quite deliberately. I expect him to be a pretty early walker.

As Finn demonstrates his determinations in more obvious ways, we are learning his likes and dislikes rather well. Here is a short list…

Likes: Feeding himself baby food, standing up on things, trying to fit the most choke-able things in his mouth, exploring tops of stairs and edges of beds, talking, being included in brother’s playtime, watching the droids on the screensaver for Star Wars Battlefront, acting hyper at midnight, chewing on frozen teething toys, smiling and flirting with people, standing at the dishwasher when I’m loading it and trying to grab the knives and dirty spoons, snacking on Miles’s crumbs and discarded foods, and most recently “kissing” me with his mouth wide open (I think that’s what he’s doing. It’s confusing and adorable.)

Dislikes: Having any toys or food taken away that he’s playing with (even if it’s making him frustrated or it’s dangerous), being laid down to nurse or sleep if he doesn’t think he’s ready, THE CARSEAT! (especially at night), not being allowed to crawl under things and bump his head, finding himself in anyone else’s arms but mommy’s (or daddy’s), and pretty much being told “no” in any way.

Finn has finally cut a tooth! It’s his bottom left and I’m pleased to have visual evidence to confirm my suspicions. I don’t really think I’m naive enough to believe this means we’ll have a reprieve from the teething because he still has fussy moments that seem to only be explained by teething. He’s also had a lingering cold (both boys have) and he coughs a bunch, so he’s been fussy because of that. He’s eating more baby food and insists on grabbing the spoon all the time. He also snagged a powdered donut piece that Miles left within reach and he chomped it pretty good before I made the discovery. He’s a huge fan.

Around the two month mark I could lay Finn in our bed when I sensed that he was tired and he would turn his head to the side and fall almost immediately to sleep. This is no longer the case. If he falls asleep in my arms or the carseat and I attempt to transfer him to a bed, he will wake up 90% of the time and be up for another hour or two. As you can imagine, this is pretty frustrating. At night he will usually only wake up a couple times to nurse in the early morning hours and sleep until we’re ready to wake up, so that’s just fine for me!

I really can’t believe the progress he’s made in the last couple months! He’s so strong and big and smart and funny and adorable.

Finn 8 Month Official Photos

Finn 8 month Instagram Finn 8 month cell

Finn | 7 Months

Finn Seven Month Update - Official Featured Photo

The day Finn turned 7 months old he officially started crawling! Now I can’t keep him in one place long enough to snap up his onesie! Just a few days before he was officially on the move he pulled himself up on the couch a couple times.

This month Finn spent most of his time trying to grab and eat everything within sight, practicing all the pre-crawl moves like a champ and having his first taste of solid foods! His Dr recommended that we try baby led weaning and I’ve attempted something that is a mix between that and the traditional approach. I will give him spoonfuls of purees here and there and other times I’ll just give him some small bits of banana or avocado. I’ll either put it in this Boon feeder (which I’ve come to adore) or I’ll just put some tiny chunks on his high chair tray and let him go to town. He really seems to enjoy food. I’ve been a little slow in introducing foods to him, but I have a feeling that he’ll take to a variety of flavors. In fact he’s “introduced” several flavors all on his own. He managed to snag some Feta cheese one night and I’ve caught him sucking on Miles’ old toast crusts a couple different times. His recent mobility means he has even more opportunity to find hidden “snacks” that Miles has conveniently left in the most obscure places. It’s a daily adventure.

Finn has been growing like crazy as always. He’s officially out of all 6 month clothes. He has been wearing 9-12 month jammies and such for awhile but I was forcing a few more weeks out of the 6 month onesies because I have a bunch of cute ones.

He loves to watch brother and you can just tell that he wants to do everything he does. He’s had bouts with teething several times, but they’re stubborn so he hasn’t cut any just yet. I think we’re both anxious for that to finally happen. His sleeping habits have regressed, whether because of the teething or my lack of consistency, who knows. I still find a way to get the sleep I need, so no real complaints otherwise.

He’s chunky, brilliant, adorable, and more. I think that’s good for now. See you next month my peeps!

Finn 8 Month Official Photos Finn's Rolly polly baby rolls Finn 8 Months - Mobile Images

Finn | 6 Months

Finn's official 6 month update photo

Here we are… half a year old!!! Nah… I think I’ll remain comfortably here in my realm of “denial.”

I think we finally have a teether on our hands. Finn has been overall a very chill, happy baby, so it’s odd to have him fussing constantly. He will barely let me out of his sight, poor little! He chews teethers with determination and chomps his fingers a bit harder than before. His sleep is suffering (and thus, so am I). The easy ones apparently teeth the hardest. I’d be very happy if those buggers would just pop on through and give us a little reprieve.

Stats from his six month well visit:
Weight– 19lb 11oz (%83) | Height – 28″ (%92) | Head – 17.75 (%84)

Sounds – He is starting to form “words” lately like “Mom mom mom mom” and “Rawr rawn raaaah.” Now when he tries to complain to me about how tough it is to be a half a year old he’ll use his words for optimum impact. It works. He charms me into picking him up and kissing him all over. Whether intentional or not, when I hear “maaam mama mom mam” over and over I can’t help but feel special, right? He’s making loud, high pitched squeals often, especially when he’s playing with a favorite toy such as yellow minions and frozen teether toys.

Movement – He is able to quickly bend from one end of his “play circle” to another to grab toys that someone manage to find their way next to his feet. He is sitting really well now and I can leave him there for a minute or two without too much fear that he’ll topple. That is, unless brother is in the room, then it’s perpetual fear because Miles must think he looks too much like a bowling pin, sitting there all cute and steady. I’ve seen him get up on his hands and toes a few times so I bet we’ll have a crawler by next month’s update.

I love my little man and I will never be done staring into his eyes and marveling at the intensity brewing within. See you in December!

Finn's official 6 month photos  - Outside in the fall

Adorable photos of Finn at 6 months with Miles.Finn's 6 month photos - VSCO and InstagramFinn's 6 month photos - Phone Photos

Our Family Photos | 2014

Tarchala family photo 2014

Here we are, almost a year later and I never actually posted photos of my family that we took last year for Christmas cards. I had every intention of printing custom Christmas cards and sending them out so I wanted to save them for that. Of course I never actually did that, because I’m a procrastinator in every way. I did print some for my house and for a few relatives for the holidays, but I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to share them when they were more relevant. After all, Finn is just a little handful of cuteness in my belly in these pictures. I still love them, however and hopefully you’ll enjoy sharing in these year-old smiles for a bit.

Official Tarchala Family photos 2014 - Christmas card session

Finn | 5 Months

Finn 5 months old, playing with his toes and chewing on his fingersBased on how often I find myself writing these updates, I should start planning Finn’s first birthday already. But for reals… time goes a gazillion times faster when you have your second kid. I was just realizing that we’re less than a month away from Finn’s 1/2 year. That’s insane to me!

The timing of my life has been weird lately… it was all “springtime…pregger, preggo… pregnant….. and… BABY!” Then a rapid blur of warm summer months. There were a couple afternoons where I looked outside and remarked to myself “Oh, hey! It’s summer, isnt’ it? Must be hot out there.” There were hour-long visits to the pool right before it closed, trying to soak up the sun before it set and the summer before it was over. There was our “last hurrah to summer” roadtrip and now BOOM! It’s fall. When the annual Facebook salute to fall began to fill up my feed I had to do a doubletake. You mean it’s here already!? After an adjustment period of a week or two, I found myself ready to embrace the season in all it’s crunchy, chilly autumness!

This month has got to be one of my favorites (aren’t they all, though?). This is such a great stage of baby-hood. He’s grabbing his feet constantly (actually, he’s grabbing everything lately), he’s munching on them, and he’s giggling at everything. He has the “stickiest” little grabbers. He seems especially obsessed with water, pawing furiously towards any water bottle within sight. Cups, plates, toys, food, hot things, sticky things, choke-y things… he grabs at it all. The impressive thing is he manages to snag his target most of the time. I’m slow on the defense.

He watches his big brother and has the biggest laughs while observing his antics. His favorite “Miles’ show” these days is any involving brother throwing things high into the air or at walls. Double points if it’s in the tub during bath time.

Finn still abhors the carseat and having a dirty diaper. He gets frustrated easily when he can’t have what he’s grabbing for or if he’s trying to accomplish a task for which he isn’t yet skilled enough. We’ve determined that he is competitive and determined like his daddy. I’m very impressed by the things he can do and his determination to get and do things. He’s lifting his tiny baby booty in the air quite a bit lately and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts crawling before long! Right now he’s able to roll both ways easily and scoots around his accessible 360 degrees. He loves jumping in his jumperoo and playing tickle games and peekaboo. Another favorite pastime is when I set him on his tummy in front of Miles toy xylophone/piano. He’ll plunk away happily, composing baby symphonies!

His sounds! They are so precious! Lately he’s added some high pitched squeals and screeches. He’s also been putting a couple sounds together. He blows cute little raspberries all the time, too. I just love this age, it’s adorable.

Ok, on to the picture time! See you at 6 months!!! Ahhhhhh! TOO FAST!


There are a TON of pictures this month, thank you for indulging me.

Official Photos

Finn is 5 months old! He likes to play with his toes, chew on his fingers, and stick out his tongue

Unofficial fancy camera photos

Cute 5 month old pictures of Finn

Cell phone photos

Cell phone photos of Finn's 5th month - Instragram Cell phone photos of Finn's 5th month

Monster Party in Colorful Neon

Cute orange monster cake and colorful, neon monster eyeball cookies

The Monster Party

Here are some photos of the party we planned for Miles third birthday. We had a fuzzy monster cake with eyeballs that was inspired by this one I saw on Pinterest. We had some eyeball snacks like these cookies and some dipped rice krispy treats. I attempted to make some monster balloon column/towers and made some favor bags that I decorated like monsters. I really did try to keep it more on the simple side this year. It might not seem like it, but I’m learning!

Cute and colorful monster party decorations and food ideas. Orange monster cake with eyeball skewers, eyeball cookies, colorful dipped rice krispy treats with eyeball candy, googly eyes on drinks and monster balloon towers/columns

The Prep-work

Progress pictures of the cake, favor bags and decor.The process of decorating the monster cake for Miles birthday party Cell Phone Photos of the Monster Party Decor - Monster cake, eyeball cookies, drinks and colorful straws

fun monster party favors, decorated monster favor bags, googly eyes and teeth on shoes

I want to give my inspirations the credit they deserve for all the creative ideas, so check out the originals whose pins I linked to in the paragraph above.

Mister Miles | Three Years Old

Close-up of my oldest, Miles on his third birthday

My Little Boy is Three!

My sweet oldest boy turned the big THREE in September! We celebrated with a big monster party. It was the first party where Miles picked the theme himself. We were browsing Pinterest and he saw a pin of some awesome eyeball monster cookies by Kristyn here and insisted that’s what he wanted his party to be. I tried to show him other monster party decorations and snacks but he kept making me scroll back up to look at the cookies. “That one!!! I want that for my birfday!!! Please?” “Sure! We’ll have monster cookies!” “Oh, DANKKKK you!!!!!”

That’s just one of the adorable phrases I love to year from his mouth. He is genuinely touched by things we do for him and it makes it all so worth it. It’s hard to type the way it sounds, but he says “Thank” with a “D” and a “TH” sound so it’s kind of like “Thdank you!!” It is always said with pure enthusiasm and is usually returned by me with a hug and a “You’re welcome!”

Some other favorite phrases these days include “Oh, YEAH, baby!”, “I almost got [insert something he ‘for’got here]”, ending sentences with “right?!” Example: “Baby brother loves me, righttt?!?” and of course he’s always right.

He has a silly sense of humor and will laugh at anything that involves falling, banging, hiding, teasing and scaring.

When he’s feeling aggressive or is in an awkward social situation he will pretend to be a dinosaur and start rawring and charging people. Lol. Poor kids.

Speaking of poor kids and effect on people in the vicinity, he also likes to strip down naked anywhere, anytime. We’ve been telling him now that’s he’s three he can only be naked at home with mommy, daddy, and Finn.

His favorite toys are his purple stuffed dinosaur that we bought him at the T-REX cafe, my decorative bowl of pine-cones, pillows of all kinds, play-doh, watercolors, and whatever toy Finn is playing with.

He loves to dance, do “school” in the mornings, jump off high things, make pillow piles, hide things, pretend to be stuck, help me cook, make my coffee in the morning, be naked, make Finn laugh, and watch TV. His favorite shows are Octonauts, Phineas and Ferb, Gruff (Tinkerbell/Neverbeast), Baymax (Big Hero 6), and Puss in Boots. Lately he’s been requesting specific episodes of his favorite shows, so that’s fun. His favorite P&F episodes are “Meep,” “cutie patootie,” and “thousands of monsters”. Octonauts faves are “the spiky one” and “the walls falling down one.”

He has a fantastic memory for places. If we’ve been somewhere even just one time he will recognize the place if we drive by it again. While on our roadtrip we stayed at a Hampton Inn. A couple weeks after we had returned we drove past a Hampton Inn and Miles recognized it and said “That’s the hotel! We sleep there last week, right!?!?” My smartie. He points out “HIBATCHIIIIIII!!!” every time we drive by and it is only a few blocks away, so we hear that one often. He can recite our Chick-fil-a order pretty well, too. “NO PICKLES and a Dr. Pepper.” At least he remembers the most pertinent details.

Favorite Quotes

Here are a few of my favorite quotes I’ve saved from the past year:

Miles: “It’s really dark outside”
Me: “Yeah it is”
Miles: “The light is broken”
Me: “What light? 
Miles: “The sun.”

Seeing a newborn in the ob office while pregnant with Finn
Miles: “Take it home wif us?”

I was playing with Steven’s hair on the back of his head because he just got it cut and it was soft and fuzzy.
Me: “This feels so cool, I could do this all night.”
Miles: “Umm. Go away. That’s weird.”

While sleeping… Points and says
Miles: “What’s that snake doing?”
Daddy: “What snake?”
Miles: “That snake on the moon…”

Tells daddy about a shark that lives in the forest and eats carrots. Continues story to say there are sharks in the river and says
Miles: “I want to go to the shark river. Right. Now!

Miles was telling Finn a story. I heard him say
Miles: “Once upon time, free witto pigs, jumped on the water and a monster.”
…then he would repeat that haha

Miles: “It makes me sad.”
Me: “What?”
Miles: “The peoples breaks my heart”

Miles: “Mom, sometimes I freak out”

Miles: “I’m too strong. I’m big. Bigger than all the people’s”

Miles shook Finn’s hand and said
Miles: “nice to meet you, brother”

Miles: “I see a big watermelon last time and it tried to eat me! Tried to bite me! Tried to bite me up again!”

Miles: “He doesn’t do much”
Me: “Brother?”
Miles: “Yeah”
Me: “That’s because he’s a baby”
Miles: “Yep. He’s a baby. I’m a big brother. Mommas the momma… And daddy is… The boss”

Miles: “I’m the best brother whole world. Love my baby ”

While reading his book about vegetables
Miles: “Umm… Beet scares me”

Miles: “Where’s my beautiful dinosaur?! My dinosaur, my pet?!”

Me: “Peowww pow! Pow pow pow!”
Miles: “Mom! You sound like potatoes!”

My favorite pronunciations:

Spaghetti  = spetty-getty
Sandwich = swfitch
Privacy = pragasys
Vacuum =vappuh
Popsicle = possilull
Slippery = slipahly

I love my little threenager and I’m just going to soak up every moment of this year as much as possible, and document all the sweet moments the best that I can. I love you Miles Jayce!

photos of my oldest, Miles on his third birthday

A post with details from his monster party coming soon!