Labor Much like the birth stories of my first two children, this day started with a pang, just sharp enough to wake me from my sleep. I sat up in bed around 2 a.m. on Sunday, February 4. I grabbed my phone and eagerly opened my contraction timer app and waited. Being 6 days past my due date I was like a crazy person, rejoicing when I felt anything I might classify as a contraction. By 2:40 I was certain the contractions, though still mild,…Continue Reading “Remi’s Birth Story”

Oops… starting to get behind! I took the photos and video and had it all prepared but didn’t have a moment to sit and write out this post yet! But here we go :) Week twenty is always a fun, big one. It’s the halfway mark! They start measuring baby size by head to toe and stuff. Okay, so this week was great for me! My nausea is mostly gone and my mood and motivation is almost consistently high level. I am loving the busy-ness…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Twenty Weeks”

Nineteen weeks has come and gone! It went a little something like this… It was an average, acceptably eventful week with downtime and fun time and regular life in between. I’ve felt physically out of shape, but mentally motivated and in tune with life. Earlier in the week I tackled the stored up baby clothes in the basement and managed to take out about 30% of the boy clothes that Finn has outgrown and pass them on to a couple other moms who have or…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Nineteen Weeks”

This week we experienced the next big, excited stage of this pregnancy! Steven and I got to see our little bebe during our anatomy ultrasound. It was surreal and beautiful and I loved the whole experience. The next couple days were spent prepping, shooting, and editing a gender reveal video for friends and family. I think I drove myself insane because I tried to get it all done as soon as we could. We didn’t want to keep everyone waiting too long (plus I could…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Eighteen Weeks”

Week 17, people! I said that like it was an exciting week… but pregnancy-wise it wasn’t really. Life-wise it was special, though! We had visitors! The awesome Chantel and her also awesome friend, Kez were in the states and came to see us. My heart grew a few sizes when we recorded the progress video for this week. Few things are better than being surrounded by my peeps. <3 Week seventeen wasn’t so bad pregnancy-wise, just uneventful. Everything is basically the same as last week….Continue Reading “Belly Day // Seventeen Weeks”

Oh man, here we go again! I looked back at my last pregnancy just now and realized I started documenting at 17 weeks. I thought I was behind, so that made me feel better about myself. Starting this process near the start of the 2nd trimester is most definitely due to the fact that I’ve finally started to emerge from the fog of the last three months. It has nothing to do with the presence of a belly, considering my body got the memo right…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Sixteen Weeks”

Several weeks ago I posted this video to Facebook, trying to be all tricky and mysterious. For the sake of documentation and consistency, I felt like it needed to be posted on my blog, too! So here you go. :) As this new adventure progresses I plan to document all the weekly updates the way I did with the first two. Check them all out here.

As my life meanders along, I occasionally am struck by the significance of some relationships, the way they’ve somehow become a huge part of how you became the person you are. My friendship with Sammy is like that. As great as those early days of friendship were in college, I had no idea the way our lives would grow together and the ways we would end up encouraging each other. I’m deeply grateful for the chance to share these life moments with Sammy and I…Continue Reading “Samantha // Expecting”

Ben is the last of my siblings to graduate high school. That makes me feel seriously OLD. I’ve photographed senior photos for every single one of my six siblings (I just now realized that and as I write it out I can barely accept it). As my youngest brother, he is the last of the siblings but never the least (honestly, they’re all equal in my eyes). Even though there are 13 years between us (and though he claims that almost all his memories of me are after I…Continue Reading “Ben // Senior”

I welcome any chance I am given to return home to my stomping grounds and immerse myself in that hometown feeling for a spell (folksy word haha). This time I was twice as eager to make the trip back because I was there to take Amber’s senior pictures. Our families have known each other a long time and were always close, so I was excited to be the one to mark this milestone with Amber. I believe she is beautiful inside and out and I…Continue Reading “Amber // Senior Photography”