Baby Bump Day | 19 Weeks

Baby Bump Update Pic - 19 Weeks

These weeks are flying by!!! I’m excited but terrified already. The best thing about the last couple weeks has been the surge of second trimester hormones and the way that things are finally settling. I feel motivated and happy and full of affection for people lately. Perfect timing for Christmas, I guess. Not a whole lot has changed in the last week. It has been the fastest week yet for me, I feel like I barely posted my 18 week update!

I still crave the same things, I feel basically the same as I did a week ago. Things coming up include a sonogram appointment and me working on a gender reveal image to share once we have the news. Last time we had a gender reveal party along with my sisters graduation celebration and released balloons to announce that we were having a boy. It was so much fun and very exciting, but there are a few reasons I didn’t feel like doing one this time. For one thing it was our first, so we went crazy with a lot of things like that, haha. Also, I remember the torture it was to wait the however many weeks it was between our sonogram appointment and the reveal party. We wanted to tell everyone what we were having the second we left the appointment. If we ever have another reveal party it will be as soon as possible after we find out! I just felt like a cute little picture announcement was the way to go this time. :)

I wish I had more to say! I’m getting excited for Christmas and I’m eating a lot more food lately, including chocolate covered peppermint pretzels and other holiday treats that I shouldn’t be having. I’ve been having to brace myself a bit more when I stand up from the floor. My overachieving belly + my underachieving hips can be blamed for that.

Lastly, can I say that taking photographs of or with a two year old is basically impossible.


Baby’s Size Mango. Mmmm that sounds yummy. Now I want one.

How far along | 19 Weeks

Sleep | It finally happened. Miles has been weened! It’s crazy to nurse a child for over 2 years only to find that part of your life is over in a matter of days. Of course I’ll be right back at it in 5 short months! Miles seems like such a big boy now, drifting off to sleep on his own. Anyway, as a result of the weening I’m getting just a tad more sleep lately and it’s been nice.

Clothes | I don’t know what the point of this category is this time because I basically find myself wearing the same thing every day. The hardest part is weekends because I have nothing decent to wear outside of the house. I’ve tried on clothes at Old Navy, Gap and some place I can’t remember and nothing is right. Maybe someday soon I’ll find the big baggy comfy cute sweatshirt of my dreams, but not this past week.

Cravings | Same here! Lemonade, Subway Meatball subs, water. I bought a Tippins French silk pie the other day 1/2 off because it was past the sell date. Yeah… I took a bite and guess what?! It tasted old. So that happened. Anyone want to bring me a chocolate mousse pie from Heaven that would be great.

Food Aversions | The list of things I refuse to eat dwindles each day. I’m trying really hard to be better this pregnancy and not indulge in as many empty calories, but it’s a challenge because once again I am hungry constantly. Not just craving things, not just “eh, I could eat” but I mean ravenously starving! When those moments really hit me I grab the closest thing, be it chips or chocolate covered pretzels, and chow down. Sigh.

Symptoms | I re-read the 19 week update from my last pregnancy and once again my swollen feet were mentioned. I forgot how quickly I was swollen that summer. The good news is that I haven’t been feeling any swelling. The symptoms of note this week are phlegm, hunger, ligament pains, and Braxton hicks.

Doctor’s Appointment | We have officially rescheduled the sonogram and follow up for the 17th so Steven can be in attendance. Yes, I am more impatient than ever, but I am happy he’ll get to be there with me to see our squirmy again.

Belly Button | Just as ugly as always

Gender | Less than a week left of pure torture

Best moment of the week | I don’t know if I can pick one moment that stands out from the rest. I’ve had some sweet moments with Miles at home this week and I love all the Christmas lights everywhere and opening our advent boxes every morning.

What I’m looking forward to | Knowing for sure what we’re having and finishing my reveal image but perhaps even more I am excited to see that squirming baby again and see how much he/she has grown in the past 6 weeks.

What I miss | Being 18 and skinny and wearing whatever I want. Oh wait, that’s been every day for the past 10 years.

Baby Bump Day : 18 Weeks

Progress Pic 18 weeks

I’ve always liked the sound of 18 weeks. It’s like the calm before the storm, you feel legit preggers and yet you don’t have to be terrified of knocking over everything within five feet of yourself when you decide to re-position your body.

Here’s another miraculous thing, I’m writing this only one day after having turned 18 weeks. Yay! I even took the bump progress pic today. Feeling pretty proud of myself. And may I say… how freaking huge is my belly already?! Ridiculousness.

I have to say, I was really surprised and excited to see how many people actually decided to read last weeks’ update! Thank you for that! I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have made it so whiny or filled it with so many references to vomit.

The other night we watched the Chief’s play the Bronco’s and it was brutal, as anyone who watched the game knows. All of a sudden I felt crazy kicks and protests from the little nugget within! Pretty sure he/she was not very happy about the way things were playing out.

I always feel redundant when I type a bunch of stuff up here, then in the categories below I end up basically repeating a bunch of it. So I will recap my Thanksgiving visit to the family a bit and proceed with the list.

Back during the dark ages of the first trimester, I complained on Facebook about my lack of appetite and expressed my hope that by Thanksgiving I would be able to fully indulge myself in the feast with abandon. This did happen! It was pretty wonderful. Miles and I drove down to my parents a day early and I helped my mom and sisters prep the meal. Thursday I spent the morning finishing up some of the recipes and it was pure Heaven to finally sit down and stuff my face when the time came. I’m still not ready to let go of Thanksgiving, so I have been making cream cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey sandwiches for dayzzz. Also while visiting home, I witnessed my brother make himself a large mason jar full of fresh squeezed lemonade and wondered why I hadn’t thought to do that before. Genius! Needless to say, I have murdered my fair share of lemons in the last few days. Mmmmmm…

Baby’s Size Sweet Potato (I’ve been Googling to find new comparisons. I think it’s appropriate to the Thanksgiving season)

How far along | 18 weeks (and one day. Yeah!)

Sleep | This hasn’t changed much. My quality of sleep depends mostly on how many times Miles wakes up in the middle of the night. I’ve also already started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and less on my stomach and more on my side. Sadness. I loveeee stomach sleeping.

Clothes | I feel pretty silly in most of my tight hoodies and I couldn’t zip up my favorite cold-weather coat the other day. I had a moment where I thought to myself “I don’t remember my coat not fitting last time.” Then I realized last time it was probably sweltering somewhere in the 90’s last time.

Cravings | Re-reading the cravings from last pregnancy, I realized lemonade was in the spotlight again. I also had another glorious meatball sub yesterday.

Food Aversions | And again, garlic was not a friend. Perhaps these pregnancies have more in common than I originally thought.

Symptoms | Compared to last time I find it curious that I was so swollen, but not so much this time! I’m very happy about it. I hated how swollen I was last time. The symptoms this week are primarily weak/sore ligaments and hips and frequent charlie horse pains.

Doctor’s Appointment | Nothing has changed! Still December 11 for now

Belly Button | Innie. This is a lame topic.

Gender | Nothing new here.

Best moment of the week | Sunday night when I felt the first strong, unmistakable kick! ahhh! (Now you wanna know something funny about that last sentence? That was my response last time I was pregnant, and is basically exactly what happened this time!) My best moment, though, was probably Saturday when I returned from my parents to find that Steven had cleaned the entire house, put up Christmas lights and had made his famous chili that I love so much. It was an incredible surprise.

What I’m looking forward to | Discovering the gender, seeing my baby again on the ultrasound, either going through Miles old clothes or buying girly ones. Both sound exciting!

What I miss | Much the same as last week. You can probably add “sleeping on my stomach” soon enough.

Miles and Mommy - Baby Bump week 18

Bump Day : 17 Weeks

Baby bump progress photo at 17 weeks.

This is the moment I have been waiting for! The blessed 2nd trimester! As it did with my first pregnancy, it just seems to gradually fade away, slamming me with one final bout of awful pukey-ness as a not-so-pleasant farewell.

I actually began writing my first weekly update at 15 weeks, then I slacked off on taking a bump picture and it turns out that my blog post draft never saved. So, here I am starting over with you at 17 weeks! Even that is a little inaccurate because today marks 18 weeks. Oh well, the photos are from 17 weeks and I don’t believe anything has really changed much. Although I was feeling much more eloquent and clever that day… I apologize for how ordinary this one will be. Oh and yes, I realize my belly is already huge… sigh.

Here is a quick recap of my first trimester, now that I’m beginning to emerge from the fog. At exactly 6 weeks I began to feel daily nausea along with complete exhaustion and fatigue. I lost my appetite and forced down just enough food to keep me alive but there was no joy in it. I can’t help but compare this pregnancy to my first, it’s all I’ve known until now. I can’t tell if I have it any better or worse this time when it comes to my sickness and symptoms. I can tell you that with Miles, the very first symptom I had was a heart-rate that shot into the 100’s and that continued until well into the second trimester before it dropped to a normal rate. This time I didn’t have that, but I have had heart palpitations now and then. With my first I had the luxury of laying down if I desperately needed a nap or if I couldn’t stand without barfing. This time I am a full time mother and part time artist with a business, so I have been defying the odds by barely holding on. I’m truly shocked I made it sometimes. After one day of being sick, the memory of the misery returned. In some ways it feels like losing 3 months of my life. I plodded along. I will say that I vomited a bit less this time and my nausea was sometimes more bearable (likely out of necessity, but I’m still happy about it).

This post really feels so boring and blah blah. Also kind of gross. Enough of that…

Let’s emerge into the current symptoms of the second trimester! Yay! The last week has been pretty great. I got sick 3 times in less than 12 hours, but I think that might have been sort of a grand finale of it all, because most days I have had motivation, an appetite and spurts of energy. The fog has lifted somewhat and I’m beginning to feel more like myself! I’m starting to have cravings and get pleasant hormonal feelings (ones that make me want to cuddle my boys and organize junk).

Before I blab you to death, I’ll just post the categories I used for my first pregnancy and update you that way.


Baby’s Size | Pear. See, I knew there was a better comparison out there than the one I used for my first 17 week update. 

How far along | 17 weeks. Well technically today makes 18, but the update and photo are from 17 weeks.

Sleep | Considering I have had a child sleeping with me for the past 2+ years and I’ve been waking up 3-4 times a night to nurse him back to sleep, things are wonderful. Such different expectations than the first time, haha. The great news is that Miles has finally been sleeping completely through the night without waking for over a month now! So these nights I just wake myself up to go to the bathroom. That’s okay though, I would prefer that any night, thank you.

Clothes | I have basically been wearing the same thing since I was pregnant with Miles almost 3 years ago… but I have never had to wear cold-weather maternity clothes so I’m already to the point that many of my shirts are fitting strangely. I have a few long-sleeve maternity shirts but I’m dreaming of some huge, comfy hoodies and cardigans.

Cravings | This has been covered somewhat, but I am just happy to have cravings! I’ll list some of the most significant cravings starting with the strongest and most consistent, meatball sub from Subway with pepperoni, pepperjack cheese and jalepenos. I’m weird. I’ve also been craving all things red sauce, both pizza and pasta, jalepenos (as stated) and lemonade and salad (those last two were the same with Miles.) Some lesser cravings are wheat thins with cheeseball type dips and grapefruit.

Food Aversions | Still not feelings much love for garlic, strong onion flavor and BBQ (which is weird because that was a huge craving with Miles). Heavy soups and thick casserole type foods sound yuck.

Symptoms | I just re-read my 17 week post from last time and realized my symptoms are quite different! Yes, the baby brain, but I don’t feel swollen or racing heart. I have been feeling braxton hicks already, which is crazy because with Miles I didn’t feel them until well into the 3rd trimester! I’ve also had sore ligaments in my pelvis, really sore and weak hips and lack the energy I wish I had to work on projects lately. The nausea is fading, though, yay!

Doctor’s Appointment | I put off finding a new doctor and making my first appointment until around 14 weeks. Now I have an appointment December 11 and that is also when we’ll have our 20 week sonogram and find out if it’s a boy or girl!

Movement | This is a tricky one! I think it’s because I’m having trouble remember back any farther than what it felt like to have a bigger baby in there, really moving around and jabbing my insides. I can’t seem to remember what the flutters feel like. I’ve had trouble distinguishing between gas bubbles and actual movement until this week. I’ve had a few distinct moments where I’ve been certain it’s a baby in there and not flatulence, lol.

Belly Button | Innie. Barely. I should not be this close to an outie yet, IMHO.

Gender | This is constantly on my mind. I love the idea of having a girl next, but I also have realized how awesome it is to be the mom of a boy. I’d obviously be thrilled either way but I’m dying to know so I can visualize better the little being living within me. We’ll find out December 11 and I have a really cute announcement photo planned, I just have to make that happen.

Best moment of the week | When Miles randomly took notice of my belly and said “Brother, sister?!?!” very excitedly. I also loved the distinct kicks and feeling the fog lift a bit more.

What I’m looking forward to | Finding out the gender, feeling kicks from the outside and hopefully finding some huge hoodies to lounge in.

What I miss | As with my first, I keep craving alcoholic drinks, which I never really drank before being pregnant anyway. I also miss all the other things I can’t have, like hot tubs and roller coasters. Also someone mentioned how I probably cant ice skate if I’m pregnant and that made me sad and made me realize I really wanted to ice skate all of a sudden.

We’re Expecting (another) Future Jedi!

Star Wars Jedi Pregnancy Announcement

 Our Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement

The news it out! We’re expecting baby #2! I’m thrilled with the idea of Miles taking on the role of big brother and of me learning what it means to love two tiny souls so completely.

We found out I was pregnant exactly four weeks ago and announced it yesterday at Miles’ 2nd birthday party. It was the perfect opportunity for this kind of announcement because so many of our loved ones were already present from both sides of our family as well as several close friends. The week before, I had created a t-shirt for Miles that said “BIG BRO” on the back. We put it in a small paper gift bag and made sure it was the last one to be opened. Everyone seemed surprised and excited and their joy was reflected by myself and Steven. It was a moment, having my husband beside me, my son in my lap and surrounding by my loved ones as we all cheered. I managed to get my sister, Bethany, to record the reveal using my phone while knowing nothing herself of what was to come. Now I have this I can share with you and keep forever!

 Link to the video on Facebook. (Only view-able by Facebook friends. Add me if you’re curious)

A quick pregnancy update (rant)

Now that I’m free to speak of preggo things, I have so much to say. And by say, I definitely mean complain about. A few months after Miles was born there was this, an article written as I reminisced about the misery of my first pregnancy. It seems I forgot a few of those pesky symptoms that like to camp out for the first 18 weeks or so. Here’s a quick rundown: SERIOUS fatigue, all-day nausea, aversion to nearly all foods and smells, dizziness, phlegm, headaches, exhaustion, and finally, perhaps most of all… preggo brain.

Oh that preggo brain!!! It just takes your steady, well-oiled system of fuctioning, of life-management and scribbles all over it with a permanent marker. And not just one of those normal, medium tip sharpies. We’re talking the huge, thick sharpies used to label your moving boxes. Not sure anything will make you feel like a complete dunce quite the way having a child growing inside you does. One night I completely forgot to cut up and grill some onions for dinner and didn’t notice until I was almost ready to clear the table afterwards. A couple nights later I left some potatoes boiling in a pot, only to be reminded by the smell of burning starch wafting into the other room. Because that’s what my pregnant nose and stomach needed, clouds of charred death forcing their way through my sinuses. I often find myself standing in the hallway staring at a closed door and wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Breathing? Was I going to get something important out of the office? Or was I just heading to the bathroom to relieve my bladder for the 4th time that hour.

It all seems kind of cliche and expected, writing this all out and being quite aware that I am not the first pregnant woman to ever complain of these things. I’m giving myself a metaphorical slap on the forehead saying “DUH, Brittany! You’ve been here before! It doesn’t take a full operational brain to know that pregnant women pee alot.” I know guys, I am painfully familiar with these symptoms. I guess I just forgot for a couple years just how pregnancy totally takes over your life.

Oh, but it’s so wonderful. I’m being reminded of other things, too. Like how it feels to have a spark that ignites inside you and spreads light and joy and excitement everywhere you go.  How the months ahead begin to fill with thoughts of new life. I imagine the path before me. Looking ahead things are never certain, but if I squint a bit I can just barely see this future day where I have a family of four and somehow my heart has expanded to fit even more love within it. I wake up each morning barely able to manage the life I’ve (mostly) been able to navigate just fine for two years, but in the gap where brain function used to be, there is a new purpose. I do my best to keep up with the purpose I’ve already been given, meanwhile I tell my body “Go ahead. Suck those nutrients and that energy and the brain cells right out of my body and use them to make another tiny miracle.” Because it’s so so so so worth it.

I’ll probably see you guys again sometime around week 18? I’ll also probably be bringing along a donut or two and everything else for which I will re-acquire an appetite.


Mister Miles | Two Years Old

Miles is two

Today is my little man’s 2nd birthday. Pretty sure he just turned one yesterday, so I’m not sure how that happened… I am constantly amazed by all the great things I’m learning about Miles every day. He has the goofiest humor, an inquisitive mind and the cutest imagination. Lately he has seriously grown up so much, in just a moment. Here are some of the things that make the time with Miles sweet and memorable to me lately.

He loves music and loves to sing. When I load him in his car seat, the very first thing out of his mouth is usually “Song!? SONG!?” because he wants me to turn on the radio immediately. He can barely wait for me to turn the car on. We listen to popular music on the radio because I’m boring like that when I’m in the car. I’m ashamed to say this means he is familiar with many of this summer’s greatest hits, including the ridiculous song “Wiggle”  by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg. Thank the heavens he doesn’t know what the words mean, but I let him listen because I think it’s too cute when when the “wiggle wiggle” part comes on and he giggles and sings along. Yeah… I know I’m going to have to start changing the station soon enough.
Another favorite song of his lately is the ABC song. He requests it frequently for me to sing and now he will walk around the house with his eyes rolled into the back of his head, singing his version of it over and over. He has also just recently become a fan of “Rockabye Baby.” He will pick up his toy guitars, drums or piano and bang on them, singing one of these songs in full toddler voice. I adore it.

In the blink of an eye, I find that he’s learned new words. Some of the cutest new ones are “careful” “fridge” and his name, which sounds like “Mile-zee.” I love that he recognizes our family and friends and gets excited when he knows we’re going to see them or if he sees their face in Snapchat or on my phone when someone calls. He’s learning names for everyone and when I ask him how old he is now, he’ll give me an answer about 50% of the time. He’ll say “two” and hold up all five fingers on one hand. We’re still practicing.

One thing I’ve been learning as a parent, watching Miles grow older and begin to really show his individual spirit, is that we need to nurture our children’s talents and loves, even if they aren’t familiar to us. For example, I’ve never been that athletic and I usually gravitate towards creative pursuits. Miles has his creative side, but he is also crazy athletic. It can be a challenge for me to remember to encourage that side of him because it’s never been one to dominate my own mind. But I’m so proud when I watch him run so fast, jump so high, kick a ball really far and tackle the big-boy climbing parts at the playground.

Seeing my baby grow into a little boy and quickly growing into a big boy, has me excited even more to share the learning moments along side him, discovering who he is and who he will become.



Cortney + Steven’s Elegant Outdoor Wedding

elegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansas

Pure light and joy, bright futures and sweet smiles. All of that was there the day Cortney and Steven said “I do.” Their whispered moments, shared with comfortable smiles, betrayed the honest love they hold for one another.

Their day was spent surrounded by those that love them most and punctuated with elegant details that highlighted their personalities and spoke of their regard for each other.

I consider myself honored to witness their day and to have been the one who could celebrate their wedding day by capturing the beauty of it. Their  flowers, the people, but mostly the beautiful emotions on display were all treasure to behold and document.

Thank you, Cortney and Steven for trusting me with your day and allowing me to share it with you.

elegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansasoutdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansaselegant outdoor ceremony and barn reception in southeastern Kansas

Spring Lilacs in a Mason Jar

Am I a Pinterest cliche? I don’t even care.

When we took possession of our new house, I saw the flower gardens, sporting dormant tufts of unknown plant variety. For some reason I just imagined green leafy bushes and ground cover… the occasional rose bush. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to gardening, so I really didn’t know, for instance, that we had a lilac bush! This was a pleasant and sweet smelling surprise. I’m giddy with the thought of fresh flowers in my back yard and I’m anxious to see what other blooms will jump out and surprise me in the months to come.

Today I took a mason jar, gave it a quick coat of primer and dropped in some lilac blooms. Then I fainted from how much I loved it. Then I regained my composure, ran upstairs for my “big” camera and snapped these tasty images.

Lilacs in a white spray painted mason jar vase Lilacs in a white spray painted mason jar vase Lilacs in a white spray painted mason jar vase  white spray painted mason jar vase full of lilacs

The Kitchen Makeover! Before and After

During the house hunting phase of this new journey in our life, there were things we I always looked for. High ceilings, lots of windows and… the kitchen of my dreams. This house had the high ceilings in the living area, and a decent amount of windows. The kitchen was, however, smaller than I would have hoped. It also feels a little closed off from what seems to be a predominately open floor plan. Faced with limited time and funds,we agreed that a full kitchen remodel would have to wait a year or two (knock out a wall, extend counter space, install a massive island, new errthang).

Meanwhile I felt that some fresh colors would make the space feel like my own and satisfy my need for something updated in the kitchen. I originally wanted to paint the cabinets white because I love the feeling of bright kitchens, but we didn’t plan to replace the counter tops or the appliances, which are an almond, beige color. I used Photoshop to mock up the colors (I’m such a nerd) and felt like white cabinets just made everything else look extra dingy and dirty. So I tried gray (Of course. Why not?) And realized that was the exact answer I wanted. Settling on the “right” gray was tough, but I just ended up using the color I chose for our main bathroom. We used Behr paint colored to Sherwin Williams “Earl Grey” because I had previously painted a room with this color (Sherwin Williams paint that time). Although, it seemed a lot darker than what Home Depot ended up mixing for us this time. That is why my mock up is darker than what we ended up with. I’m still happy with it, though. Because it’s still grey.

I had also originally planned to buy new cabinet hardware, but I decided to save the money and spray paint them instead. I even decided to spray paint the hinges at the last minute. Among the other house items I planned to spray paint were door knobs, some shelves, other handles and knobs, and return air vents. I chose a Rustoleum brushed nickel color that I loved. Some of those projects flopped but I was satisfied with how the cabinet hardware turned out. Although I’m not entirely convinced there is enough contrast between the cabinet color and the hardware color. Oh, well. I’m getting nerdy and particular now.

Overall, I am very very very pleased with how the kitchen turned out. I left the walls yellow,the way they were originally, because it seemed to look good with the gray and it makes it cheery in there. I’m also happy with the way my many red appliances look with everything.

Excuse my lack of fancy language in this post. I haven’t had my Red Bull for the day.

Therefore… Pictures. They speak louder anyway.

The Kitchen Makeover

Before (on left) and After (on right)

Kitchen Re-do - BeforeCell phone - kitchen after

A note about the above photos (I should have cleaned the floors better, haha)

Here are some photos taking during the process

The spray paint I used. Rustoleum Brushed NickelThree of the cabinet handles after being painted.Hardware after being spray painted How I had the paint and primer setup while I painted the cabinet frontsCabinet front backs ready for primerThe cabinet fronts and drawers lined up for painting How I set up the cabinets on our deck for painting them gray Doorknob Spray painting Setup Kitchen Re-do After - Oven CloseupView through opening to Dining Room

Kitchen Re-do - After CloseupKitchen Re do After - Fridge View

Kitchen Re-do AfterIMAG1500IMAG1499


Confessions of: A First-Time Home Owner

Confessions of a Red Bull Addict

That’s right. It’s confessions, home owner edition.

  • A week before the move, I drank my first Red Bull in 2 1/2 years. Then the second… and the third. Today as I sit and type this I am drinking my ninth. Oops.
  • I’m scared to hook up our Wii Fit and weigh myself. After several weeks of “work, Wendy’s, work, pizza, collapse, wake up, work, Wendy’s, work, etc…” I am sure to have put on a few.
  • RIGHT before we moved, Windows crashed on my work computer. I have endured many close calls where Windows is able to self-recover. Not this time, unfortunately. I am, however, blessed with a dad who is a computer genius, so he took my tower home for a couple weeks and worked what magic he could. I’m relieved to say I have not lost any serious data, no current client work or photos were lost. I did, however, lose everything that was on my C drive. I can’t even remember what was on there, but it was predominately personal stuff and some older sessions that have been delivered to clients. I also lost all software installations that were added in the last 3 years. That leaves me online with Adobe at the moment, resolving some things. I’m sad to have lost data. The worst is knowing that over 200 GBs are gone and I don’t even know what they are!!! I imagine myself searching desperately for some hugely necessary file in the future and always wondering “what if that was on my C drive?” I’m trying to stay positive, so here are the positives: My client files are alive and well, Adobe has been helpful in saving my activations, I have learned (another) valuable lesson in backing up (and in learning to control my hoarding tendencies), My computer is fresh and new feeling (seems to fit well with my life now that we’re in a new home). Ok. This was a long and nerdy one, on to the next.
  • I keep second guessing everything about my interior design, my color and layout choices. I feel this overwhelming pressure to make every room in our house absolutely Pinterest perfect. I have decided to invest in some woodworking tools because I have so many pieces of furniture I want to build now. I’m having trouble feeling settled and I’m terrified that this feeling of incompleteness will never go away. I’ve heard home owners say that’s what it’s like. Always something new to buy, fix or do. I suppose it’s a work in progress, really. Plus, we don’t really have the funds to pour into all my artistic visions for our new abode. I’m trying to take small, manageable bites out of the project list. For now these amazing things will have to live inside my head.
  • Finally, I have to say, I LOVE this house more and more each day I wake up in it. Each room we finally get unpacked and every box we’re able to break down and put in the garage makes it feel more like home. We’re hoping to have a housewarming BBQ type event eventually. Stay tuned. :)

New House!!! – Before and After videos

It’s done, it happened, we’ve MOVED!!!

When Steven and I stopped by to look at the house the first time, I took a video on my phone of the inside so I could refer back to it during our days of deliberation. I’m so happy I did, I watched it a number of times to remind myself of what we had seen. There were many wonderful things about this house we would eventually call home, but it wouldn’t be home until we had put our blood, sweat and tears into it. And that we did.

Next came weeks of driving from Overland Park to Leavenworth and back, chasing Miles around this new territory and trying desperately to preserve his clothing (we still lost several pants and shirts to paint splatters) and his life (why to little ones love outlets, knives, hammers and heights so very much?!). Here is a quick rundown of the tasks we tackled: Removed popcorn ceilings in all the rooms, sanded all the trim, washed all the walls and ceilings, primed every ceiling, wall, door, trim, window casing and the occasional elbow, painted all the ceilings, painted all the trim and doors white, and painted the walls (finally).

The morning of the move, I arrived ahead of the crew along with my friend, Beth and tried to get a video once-over of the house before all our junk was brought in. You will see that there were still some finishing touches that had yet to be completed. Missing doorknobs (missing doors), unfinished kitchen, painters’ tape here and there and paint cans that had yet to be put away. As I finish each room to my liking, I will post blog entries about each one. For now you can just take a look at the bones of the house and what we did with it in the weeks leading up to the move.

I’ll stop talking and show you the videos.

New House – BEFORE

New House – AFTER

New House – BEFORE from silverdoves on Vimeo.

New House – AFTER from silverdoves on Vimeo.

Some photos of the process

VIDEO0216_0000011415IMAG1426IMAG1423IMAG1307IMAG1295IMAG1293IMAG1292Primed Living AreaDen Wall Primed for PaintingBrianna Painting aka TextingPriming the CeilingIMAG1285