Belly Day – 34 Weeks

belly baby bump day - 34 weeks

Oh, how quickly I have gone from mildly miserable to fully miserable! I know I complain a ton on this blog, but it’s sort of my outlet (along with other outlets, like anyone else who is within hearing distance). Sunday I thought it would be a brilliant idea to trim our rose bushes. Half way through I began to feel the ache, but I was determined to push through. That night I was truly regretting it and could barely manage to stand upright in the kitchen while preparing dinner. That night we fell asleep at 7:30 (very early for us) and the first 3-4 times I woke up to pee I literally had to hold onto objects along the way so I could make it to the bathroom without collapsing. By some miracle, the 5th time I woke up I could walk! It was a relief, because I had a Dr. appointment the next day as well as plans to do some grocery shopping and I had been beginning to panic, wondering how I was going to walk at all! The good news is that I was able to manage a day full of appointments, groceries and fabric shopping. The bad news is that last night I was back to being unable to move and a full night of sleep didn’t fix it this time. That means I am sitting here typing this, basically because can’t do anything but sit right now. I am letting Miles watch TV and I am not allowing myself to run after him when he tries to bait me with mildly naughty tricks. My main concern here is how am I supposed to function for the next six weeks or so!?!?

Ok, I think it’s only fair to move onto some more positive updates. For one thing… we finally have a chiropractor picked and I am trying desperately to get an appointment early next week. This is the light at the end of my hip-screaming tunnel! Another wonderful thing this weekend brought was a new office chair!!! I have been using a flimsy folding chair for months because my previous three office chairs all became useless at the same time. I can’t believe I let it come this far, but I have been without an official office chair (using only a dining room chair or folding chair) for over a year! This seat is sooo comfortable, I think it might be my favorite place in the entire house in which to sit. Now if only I could sit in my office chair all day instead of chase a crazy 2-year old around the house.

Baby’s Size| Cantaloupe. Apparently as you get farther along in the pregnancy, there aren’t as many options for this category.

How far along | 34 weeks

Sleep | Pain. I want to cry when I have to get up or stand up to use the bathroom or turn over or even just adjust my legs a teeny tiny amount. The happy side of sleep is that I haven’t battled insomnia too much. The other night we slept 12 hours! Not sure when I ever did that before or will ever be able to do that again. I’ve had this weird thing happen twice, when I’m just about asleep I will feel really flushed and I’m extra aware of the way my weight is relaxed into the bed and my heart feels like it’s beating really fast. It’s strange, but I’ve surmised that it’s just a result of those moments when I’m extra sleepy and my body finally gets to fall asleep. I imagine it is a lot like in older cars when it’s left idling for a long time and it starts to make that loud, weird noise to cool off the engine. Yeah… I know nothing about cars. Sorry.

Clothes | I wore a maxi skirt on Sunday! It was amazing. I hadn’t worn it yet and wasn’t sure it would still fit, but it was so breezy and comfortable and I felt cuter than I have in awhile and I got to paint my toenails for the first time since the winter. It was nice.

Cravings | Let’s see… I had some BBQ Friday night that I have literally been wanting the entire pregnancy. I don’t know how I managed to get this far into the pregnancy without having indulged in BBQ once! We ate on the back deck and I sat there afterwards in a glow of contentment. I also had an incredible iced caramel brule’ latte yesterday and something inside me went “oops” because I have once again unlocked a craving that might last awhile. I do have one slightly healthy craving: raspberries! Mmmm. Also I just made myself a smoothie that has yogurt, blueberries, banana, pineapple, spinach and almond butter. That last ingredient totally makes it one of the most unique and delicious smoothies ever. *licks lips.

Food Aversions |  I will instead talk about the things that I have surprisingly not hated this pregnancy, that I usually hate (or mostly dislike): Spinach, jalapenos, mushrooms, cabbage.

Symptoms | Leg Cramps! Side Cramps! Pain in my hips. Nerve stabbings. Increased swelling. Hunger every 3 hours. Extra strong Braxton Hicks. Fatness.

Doctor’s Appointment | I had one Monday and everything looks good. I’m still measuring right on track, which always amazes me because I keep looking so big! Next appointment is in two weeks (36 weeks) and we scheduled a sonogram for that appointment, which is kind of exciting. After that I start going every week! So close to full term. That’s my next checkpoint… 37 weeks, then I can not feel guilty for wanting to go into labor already.

Movement | Very sprightly. As usual. He has got to be positioned in the strangest way, because I feel feet in the same place I could wear I feel a booty moments before. Then I’ll feel what I thought was a foot on the exact opposite side of my belly. I’m curious what the sonogram will reveal about his position.

Belly Button | Last pregnancy I said my belly button felt hard this week, but this time it’s soft and believe me… that’ even weirder. I gained so much weight with my first pregnancy, I have loose skin that never went away so there is still a patch of that on my lower belly that hasn’t been filled in yet (or hopefully ever). Sorry for that, I guess I figured I could just consider this category the “talk about anything gross happening in your body” part of the survey.

Gender | He

Best moment of the week | Getting my new office chair. All the great weather. BBQ night. My husband was extra sweet the past several days and it made for a pleasant end to the week for me.

What I am looking forward to| All the little things between now and baby. Here is a rundown: Visit my parents/family this coming weekend, Chiropractor appointment, Easter, Dr. appointment + Sonogram, New hospital tour, Steven’s 30th birthday, Due Date!

What I miss | I’ve said it before, but I just miss being able to bend down when I want, walk across the room to grab something if I want it, without considering if it’s worth it.

Mommy and Miles - 34 Weeks

Belly Day | 33 Weeks

Belly Baby Bump Day - 33 Weeks

I’m dragging. That is why I took my photo a day late this week, I’m writing this post a few days late and I posted links to my last couple entries at least 2 weeks later than the week to which they corresponded. Ooops!

This week I took  my progress photos on St. Patrick’s Day and tried to go for a slightly festive theme. I have always loved St Patty’s Day since I’m part Irish and love the color green. Plus, it’s just a fun holiday. I made corned beef and we had Rubens for dinner and it was delicioussssss. Of course I craved the beer I can’t have and never really liked. I spent the day at home, so no pinching was involved. Overall it was a good day.

Feelings that make up my thoughts this week: Excitement for baby. Daydreaming. Nesting. Exhaustion. Pain. Panic. Longing (for baby, for a better body, for adventure).

I didn’t really plan this, exactly, but this week be began potty training Miles! I decided to order a training seat for the big potty off Amazon and Miles was so excited to give it a try when it arrived that I decided we should just go for it! We’ve had good days and bad days, but I definitely think it’s time. Now I am slightly terrified thinking about what this means… I underestimated the physical requirements involved, such as lifting my toddler up onto the potty frequently and dealing with awkward maneuvering in a tiny bathroom. I also am now faced with what this means for the months (or more) ahead, potential accidents at any moment, for example. Otherwise I am pretty excited for our potty training adventure! :)

It seems Miles is really trying to grasp his independence lately because the other night he randomly says “Oh! Sleep in my room. Miles bed.” I was fully shocked for a moment before enthusiastically agreeing to let him try to sleep in his room, instead of with us. We tried really hard for a good hour before giving up and going back to our bed. But it doesn’t end there, the next day when it was nap time he asked again! This time he did eventually fall asleep after an hour of delays (and multiple false alarm trips to the potty) and he only slept 40 minutes, but it seems promising! I truly do not mind co-sleeping.  I was really torn up about it when he was younger, feeling guilty because all the books say don’t do it, but once we just decided that was how it was going to be, we’ve enjoyed it. It’s almost sad to think of Miles being ready to leave our bed, but it would be awfully convenient, since I plan to co-sleep with our new baby eventually, too.

Anyway, so many new little developments in the daily dynamics of our family life. Exciting! A foreshadowing of all the things that will be changing this year.

Baby’s Size| Pineapple! This was the same one I used with Miles’ pregnancy, but I love pineapple too much these days not to use it.

How far along | 33 weeks

Sleep | There was a night or two of 4 a.m. insomnia, but it hasn’t yet become a “thing.” One of the toughest things about sleep this pregnancy has been the dreams!!! I feel like I never get a break! With my first pregnancy I remember having weird dreams during the first trimester and sprinkled throughout the pregnancy, but these are every night and they are weird weird weird. It’s hard to feel like I slept, when instead I feel like I just lived a post-apocalyptic blockbuster. Terrifying dreams, whimsical dreams, curious dreams. I never thought I would dislike dreaming so much. All the usual stuff if still true, from my whining the last two weeks. When I wake up to pee I will sit in a daze on the toilet and clench my extra swollen hands into a fist (sort of) and sigh, then I sit there with my eyes closed a moment longer, wondering if it’s really necessary to walk back to the bed. I can just sleep right here on the toilet, right?

Clothes | My pants are getting tighter, my shirts aren’t quite covering my belly (maternity shirts) and while most people don’t notice because it’s my “underbelly” I can feel the breeze down there and it bugs me.

Cravings | It might be a true fact that I just finished inhaling a beef sub from Jimmy Johns. I was starving, Miles was napping and it sounded delicious. It was my first time trying their delivery option. I should be scared of the precedent this might set for myself. Otherwise I can say that my need for bagels is dwindling slowly. It’s not that they aren’t still delicious and I eat them frequently, but I no longer yearn for them every hour of the day. I have also been in love  with raspberries!!! The ones we’ve purchased from the store the last two weeks have been really young and amazing! I like my raspberries so young they are almost peach colored and these have been perfect. Yum. Miles and I can easily down a carton in a sitting and want more.

Food Aversions |  I once again will confirm that I could probably eat anything

Symptoms | I’ve been waiting in terrified anticipation of this week because this is the week I first began to experience puppps during my first pregnancy!!! Itching itching itching. It’s only a thing with boys, but not all boys, so I’ve been wondering if it would be a problem this time. So far I haven’t had any problems! My stretch marks are showing more these days, but they still are pretty pale compared to the way they were then. Just another little Godsend for which I am happy! Otherwise I struggle the most with complete physical exhaustion. Not even sleepiness, just my body being unable to do it’s job. A walk up one 1/2 flight of stairs and my legs and lungs are burning so much I have to lean against the wall and inhale deeply. It sounds dramatic and it is, but it’s true. It scares me to think of all the things I want to do in the coming weeks, and the adventures I might have to miss out on because I can’t walk far enough or long enough. I’m swollen more. Oh, here’s a weird thing! My lips seem plumper! Weird, right? I’ve always had thin, wide lips and I don’t mind, but lately they are plump. I’m guessing it is a result of the extra blood pumping through my body or another swelling symptoms. I don’t remember this happening with my first, but maybe I just didn’t notice. Here’s a photo, I wore lipstick the other day (I hardly EVER wear lipstick) and gave it my best sexy lip. *rolling my eyes at myself.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have an appointment next week, then again at 36 weeks, then every week! Nothing special coming up, although I’m anxious to see how much I’ve gained (again) it seems like a lot.

Movement | I say it every time but he is a jumping bean! I love it! In fact I sort of freak out when he doesn’t move all the time. If he’s still for even a short time (which is rare) I will gently nudge him until he starts moving again. I always feel bad for waking him up for nothing, but it gives me peace of mind.

Belly Button | It’s pokey! But it’s wide so it’s a large pokey thing. Ew.

Gender | He’s a boy but sometimes I find myself thinking “Hmmm the ____ we already have is kind of masculine, even though I planned for it to be gender neutral. I should have thought ahead a bit better.” Then I am like “Oh, right … it doesn’t matter.” Lol.

Best moment of the week | We had a visit from Sammy Jo! That was awesome for me. She is amazing with Miles and he loves to hang out with her. They were having some of the best laughs and moments together. Made me miss my college days, but love how we can still share our lives 8+ years later!!!

What I am looking forward to | Springtime and eventually summer and getting into a new routine with two!

What I miss | Being able to lay on my back and still breathe.

Mommy and Miles - 33 Weeks

Belly Day | 32 Weeks

belly baby bump day _ 32 Weeks

So much pain, people! My hips don’t lie. I am indeed having a baby soon(ish).

A quick note about the photos this week… One of the very first weeks we took progress photos together, I told Miles he should hold a pinecone, because it was getting to be the winter season and I had this thought that I would try to work in themed props occasionally. That didn’t exactly become a thing, but now when we take our photos Miles almost always thinks he needs a pinecone. You may have spotted them peeking out of his hands in previous photos. (Like here) Haha. So Mr. Pinecone is featured prominently today.

I spent most of the week at home, doing what I could to be productive and eating lots and lots of Panera bagels. I just had my 32 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great. Baby’s heartbeat has been 160 for three weeks in a row now and until recently I’m pretty sure he’s been in about the same position, just dancing around in there. All of a sudden yesterday I woke up and realized he had flipped completely around so that his feet were kicking the opposite side of my belly and he felt lower than he did before (very similar to the position I remember Miles liking best). Then I woke up this morning and he was mostly back to the same position he usually favors. That was boring to talk about, I know, but I spend much of my day feeling his crazy movements so it’s on my mind quite a bit.

Actually, I’m going to go with the boring theme here and just tell you about the little things in my life that are bringing me excitement at the moment…

Last week I broke my “favorite” knife that I use for almost everything in the kitchen. “Favorite” is in quotes because it just happened to be the best knife we owned, but I was very aware of the existence of even better knives out in the world and dreamt of them on occasion. After suffering through several meals with my backup chef’s knife, I went on Amazon and ordered this one. The reviews are glowing and I am indescribably excited for my new knife to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

Yesterday Miles simply refused to take his nap, so I turned on Finding Nemo and sat down at our table with a massive pile of papers and separated them into files. I think my nesting instincts are finding strange places to manifest themselves. I have another Amazon order arriving on Thursday with more filing supplies, magic erasers, a backpack for miles and a toilet training seat! Most of those items scream “nesting,” right?

This weekend is the release for the new Cinderella movie!!! Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were my two favorite Disney fairy-tale movies growing up and I am jumping up and down inside thinking about seeing it. We haven’t finalized our plans, but we’re hoping to see it this weekend and I am really excited. We also might be trying our first overnight away from Miles this weekend. Now that he’s been weened a few months and sleeping through the night most of the time, we figured we would give it a try. This is good practice for when the baby arrives since he might be spending more over-nights when that time comes.

Lastly, my head is swimming with inspiration for baby things I want to sew now, but my machine has only been used once in over a year and I don’t feel very prepared to launch into crazy sewing projects. But I think I will anyway. I especially want to make another pacifier clip, preferably exactly like this one, or very close to it. It was one of my favorite things when Miles was a baby, but the snap has worn though completely and the edges are all frayed. I also want to snag some new fabric and make a few more burp cloths and a boppy cover. I know I talked about this last week, but I’m excited. Oh, and I want to make a couple more newborn hats and leggings. Ok, I think that really is it. This is another reason for my office organizing spree. All my craft things are in boxes still.

On to the prompts…

Baby’s Size| Squash. He probably feels pretty squashed these days, too.

How far along | 32 weeks

Sleep | I had my first weird insomnia moment of the third trimester last night. I woke up at 5 a.m. from some weird dreams and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I ate a bagel, then Miles woke up at 6, so I was up for the day. I was feeling pretty good about avoiding the insomnia so far, so I’m hoping this doesn’t become a thing. And speaking of dreams… they have been so weird! I have at least three weird dreams per night and remember most of them in the morning (although pretty jumbled). I’ll wake up to use the bathroom and think momentarily on the dream I woke up from and wonder where on earth it came from. Oh and I have to mention the heat!!! I wake up drenched in sweat every time and I try to find a cold side of the pillow, but it’s just a damp mess of warmth. Ewwww. Last night we had our thermostat set to 64 but I was still sweating with the covers kicked off.

Clothes | I have found that all but about 3 of my pants are kind of tight and uncomfortable to wear, unless I’m just running to the store or something. But at least there are three of them! And yesterday I was thinking about the things I wore during my summer pregnancy and just said a tiny prayer of thanks for the option to wear pants instead of shorts that rode up my chunky thighs constantly. And t-shirts and tunics instead of frumpy tank tops. And uggs instead of flip-flops.

Cravings | Shatto milk in almost any flavor, but I especially am loving the coffee and chocolate flavors. I’m also snacking frequently on Trolli sour gummy worms. *procedes to pop one into mouth. They remind me of summers as a kid when I didn’t know the flavors were artificial and that they were full of sugar and processed poison. I weighed a whopping 200 lbs at my appointment yesterday. Transparency here. Sigh. I really wasn’t happy with that number, but I know I’ve  been ordering Dr. Pepper too often with the meals we are eating out on a too-frequent basis. And then there are the Panera bagels and the gummy worms and the girl scout cookies. I am still hoping to keep my final total weight lower than the first time. So that’s why I had 2 bagels yesterday instead of 3.

Food Aversions |  I’ll eat anything.

Symptoms | The heat. I love our amazing weather we’ve had lately, 60’s and 70’s for dayzzzz! But I don’t think I’d be comfortable if it was any hotter out there. I really don’t like waking up sweaty. It’s just irritating. I also am having more back pain to add to the hip pain. My Braxton Hicks contractions seem stronger these days. My belly is officially getting in the way when I try to do things like reach for something near the back of counters. I keep finding myself sitting down on the floor because I feel like I can’t stand another moment, then, when it’s time to stand up again I curse myself for making that decision. Dummy. The swelling is worse, finally a visible swelling in my feet. I’m fairly confident I could improve it by drinking more water and easing up on the sodium because I did that one day last week and by the end of the day it was much better. I just forget.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have two more 2-week appointments until 36 weeks, then I’ll be going every week! I am planning to call Shawnee Mission Birth Center to set up a tour because last time we gave birth at Menora and I want to check out the new digs.

Movement | One thing I noticed last night when I couldn’t sleep, this baby seems to be active all day sometimes, without taking a break, then at night I barely feel him move! I am going to naively hope that this means we’ll have fewer sleeping concerns when he’s born. Maybe he’ll take to the sleep all night, awake during the day thing like a pro!

Belly Button | Yes, I have one. And now everyone knows it.

Gender | Instead I’ll use this to talk about the name. I’m still stuck on Finn. Steven said he still has reservations and I told him that he was my reservation. Haha. I then told him I actually have two, I want Steven to love the name as much as I do and I prefer a name that isn’t quite as popular because I’m like that. However here is the popularity of Finn according to Baby Center and here is Miles. They seem pretty close (if you look at the time of the naming). It’s still top of my list, but as the time draws closer we will probably be talking about this even more. And please feel free to suggest some middle names. :)

Best moment of the week | This chicken sandwich I ate at Blanc Burgers and Bottles over the weekend. I always feel lame when a meal is the highlight of my week, but it was truly delicious. I know that there were several “Miles moments” that far outshine my lunch experiences, I just can’t always remember just one, specifically.

What I’m looking forward to | We are tentatively planning a road trip for this summer and I can’t wait! I imagine my non-pregnant self finally getting out and having adventures.

What I miss | Haha. This week during my last pregnancy I was missing winter. While I have been extra happy with the lower temperatures this pregnancy, I definitely don’t miss it! We haven’t had a lot of snow this year, but the extra cold temperatures have done enough. I am ready for spring! I miss/am looking forward to all the blossoms that will be blooming and the daffodils that will be coming soon.

32 Weeks - Mommy and Miles

Belly Day | 31 Weeks

belly baby bump day progress pic 31 weeks

Time has screeched to a standstill right when I need it to speed up! The last couple weeks pregnancy finally started taking hold of me in all the ways I was dreading. Just the basic task of walking is so painful I get discouraged thinking that I’ll need to be doing it all day, every day for the next 9 weeks! My second trimester was pretty great, it just didn’t last long enough! Now each day I wake up, try to stand up out of bed and (a full 5 seconds later) I wonder how I’m going to be able to function that day and then keep doing it every day. Yikes!

It really isn’t all bad. I still believe it isn’t as miserable as the first time and I cling to that. Here are some differences I’m grateful for:

  • It seems I’m carrying this baby a little higher than I did with Miles, this means I don’t feel a heavy weight pulling everything downward, so I don’t feel like I need a support band to hold up my growing belly (yet).
  • I am more swollen this week than I have been this whole pregnancy, but I seem to feel it more in my hands than my feet. I don’t like that it makes my grasp clumsy, but I do like that my feet aren’t throbbing when I walk. The flipflops I wore that summer were terrifying things by the time Miles was born.
  • With my first, there was a lot more preparation needed before I could actually feel “ready” for baby. This time I still need some things (more than I originally thought) but I feel that if baby came today I could actually manage pretty well. I’m thankful to not feel that level of stress!

I think that’s about it. How about I just fill you in on my week… take a break from whining for a moment.

Laundry, laundry, laundry! 

We assembled the new dresser we purchased at Ikea and put it in the boys’ closet over the weekend. I then spent the next couple days washing all the newborn – 3 month clothes that I pulled out of storage. I also went to the Just Between Friends consignment sale last week (It’s a biannual tradition for me at this point and where I buy almost all of Miles clothes for each coming season) and I came away with new clothes for Miles that needed to be washed. Gives me a glimpse into how our laundry will be when baby arrives. Meaning a LOT of laundry. I have piles still sitting in baskets because I haven’t had the courage to stand at my “folding spot” and take care of it all.

Seeing all of the newborn clothes brought me back to those days when Miles was so tiny and I can barely believe it’s the same kid! It almost feels like that baby was a completely different individual. It’s bizarre. It also made me realize I want to make just a few new things for the baby, the way I did for Miles when I was pregnant with him. I want to sew a new boppy cover, make more burp rags and pacifier straps and buy a special outfit for him to come home in that is just his and not a hand-me-down.

I had a dream this week of new baby, too! He was so perfect! It really doesn’t make it any easier that these days are passing so slowly. I find myself anxious to hold him and see him and have his new life filling up our house even more.



Baby’s SizeCoconut

How far along | 31 weeks

Sleep | There are good and bad nights as usual. I had a loooonggg nap the other day, and it was glorious! I hate the pain that I feel when I have to stand up from bed to pee or get up in the morning. But laying back down to sleep is one of the highlights of my life. Pillows everywhere, and I get to choose a new side to lay on that isn’t stiff and I get to flip my pillow over to the cold side.

Clothes | I peeked in at the selection available at Motherhood Maternity and found myself pretty depressed. I was hoping I could find a hoodie made for pregnancy, large but fitted, very long and kind of sporty. Having a vivid imagination can be a curse because I soon learned this kind of thing does not exist, at least not at Motherhood Maternity. Sigh. Instead I was shown $40 sweaters that looked like a huge sack draped over me. And they still weren’t long enough to be any better than the $1 sweatshirts I bought at Walmart the other week. Anyway. I still want to find a new nursing bra and perhaps I will go to Google for the hoodie of my dreams.

Cravings | Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera with plain cream cheese. Miles loves them, too, so we’ve been living off them the past 2 weeks. I also scream in delight every time I see the Girl Scouts out selling cookies. But then I NEVER have cash on me when that happens. Thankfully I have a husband who loves me too much, because he drove me back home for my wallet the other day so I have a small stash of caramel delites downstairs. I might have to go get one now.

Food Aversions |  Since I’m writing this after taking a break and getting those cookies… I can’t think of disgusting food. It’s just not happening while I have this deliciousness on my taste buds.

Symptoms | Exhaustion, Braxton Hicks, round ligament pains, back/hip pain, starvation, nesting, something that I’m guessing is either heartburn or breathlessness or allergies. The end.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have another basic appointment coming up next Monday.

Movement | Incredible! Moving a bunch still and I just get the feeling that he’s really spunky. His movements are so great and about the best thing about this stage of my pregnancy. I find myself constantly wondering how he’s positioned in there! I feel what I think is a foot, then I figure it must be a knee, but maybe a butt, or then I’ll think I feel another foot opposite of the first and get completely confused. No matter what little appendage may be poking out at any give time, I love it still.

Belly Button | It is a large, pokey, pregnant thing.

Gender | Male specimen

Best moment of the week | Assembling the dresser and washing all the newborn clothes and putting them in the drawer. We also watched the movie “Kingsman: Secret Service” and I truly enjoyed it so much. Great little excursion.

What I miss | Every vacation and potential adventure on the face of the planet.

Belly Day | 30 Weeks

Baby Bump Belly Day Progress Pic - 30 Weeks

his week I feel about as unfocused as my picture turned out! We’ve been spending the week getting used to our routine again after returning from my parents last weekend. Something about the last two weeks seems to have sent my pregnant-ness into superdrive! I went from feeling moderately pregnant with some annoying pains to OH MY WORD I can barely move, someone please come carry me around everywhere and make my joints stop screaming! I truly don’t mean to complain as much as I do, but if I have to think about how annoying these things are a bazillion times a day, it’s hard not to talk about it when I have the chance. I’m almost to the the point where anything that drops to the floor is dead to me. DEAD I tell you!!! Actually that will probably be my status next week, this week I just curse the object that fell and grunt extra loud when I bend down to pick it up. I say “bend” down, but really it’s something more like a creaky, stiff contortion of hilarity. Oh, and if we’re in Best Buy and Miles decides to take off at full speed down the aisle, there is zero hope of me being able to catch him. Thank goodness I seem to only visit Best Buy along with my husband.

I guess that’s it for all the complaining. NOT! I also have a strange nerve pain in my upper hip (read: Butt cheek) I’m assuming it’s my sciatic nerve, although I thought I had sciatica with my first pregnancy, but the pains hurt differently, so I really have no clue what I’m saying. Baby has made an adjustment in position the last few days and all of a sudden he is poking SOMETHING downwards into my… stuff. It hurts. If I sit or lay down for more than a minute, I will find myself truly questioning if I’m going to be able to get up.

All those things are annoying, but I still have to admit that it beats my previous, miserable pregnancy.  I have other things to be grateful for, such as my husband who chases our two year old through Best Buy and every other place we go. He also keeps his grumblings to a minimum when I ask for things like ice cream and Panera bagels to satisfy my cravings. I have friends who let me whine to them. I find joy in day dreaming about doing things (I didn’t actually accomplish much this week, but I thought a lot about accomplishing things). So you see? There are good things going on. I also got to drop by Ikea Saturday. That always is sure to make me smile. Even better, we bought a dresser to put in the boys’ room for the new baby!!! Next order of business is you assemble it and start loading it up with all the tiny onesies and PJs from my stash of baby boy clothes. Just one of the many tasks I will be day dreaming about doing in the week ahead, I’m sure.

Baby’s Size| Cucumber

How far along | 30 weeks

Sleep | Miles has been going to bed early (or on time I guess) and this is great because it allows Steven and I a chance to watch TV (and eat ice cream) in peace, but it also means that when Miles is jumping on the bed, wide awake at 7 a.m. I find myself yearning for another hour of sleep. Otherwise it’s been average sleep for pregnant me… frequent bathroom wakings and endless strange dreams.

Clothes | This week during my previous pregnancy I said “Next time I think I’ll be pregnant in the fall, thank you” and here I am pregnant during the winter months and I truly love it. I have been waking up in a pool of sweat still, but I can’t remember the last time I actually felt a chill in my bones the way I normally feel during winter. Also, I am really getting big. I know this first because it’s evident when I see my reflection in the mirror, but I also noticed the new dress I just wore for the first time three weeks ago is almost too tight to wear at all. Sigh. I also have found that most of the zip hoodies I’ve been wearing the last few months can’t actually zip over my belly anymore. This made me think to myself how fun it would be if I could buy a maternity hoodie. I’m assuming those exist and I’m feeling pretty determined to find one now.

Cravings | It’s funny how cravings can be influenced by the season. Last pregnancy during this week I craved peaches, watermelon and cantelope which I haven’t even tasted once this pregnancy. Instead I make myself smoothies with pineapple, banana, spinach, yogurt and a splash of grapefruit juice. In fact I think I’ll be making one for myself when Miles wakes up from his nap in a bit. I also craved Panera cinnamon crunch bagels with cream cheese. I think I might also have to make one of those for a snack, too.

Food Aversions |  Nothing at all. I even have been enjoying mushrooms lately, which I’ve despised my whole life.

Symptoms | I covered most of these in my complaints above, but here they are: mild swelling, nerve pain in my butt, baby kicking my crotch, throbbing back if I sit at my computer too long, general weakness and achiness. End.

Doctor’s Appointment | The sugar swill wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. They took my blood and I’ll hear back about that sometime this week. I met for my usual appt with a nurse practitioner that seems completely ignorant, but it doesn’t matter because I didn’t really have anything important I needed from her. Starting at my next appointment in two weeks I’ll be seeing my actual Dr. for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’m happy about this.

Movement | It’s insane how much this baby moves. I wonder if this is a foreshadowing of his personality outside the womb, if he’ll be just as squirmy haha. I feel hiccups consistently now. He flips around so much! There are crazy twists where baby will completely swivel and scrape my uterus from the inside… it’s almost scary, all that movement in a place you can’t access. It’s also kind of painful, but I don’t care because it’s more than equally exciting.

Belly Button | I’ve begun to subconsciously rub my hand on it over and over like a weirdie.

Gender | Gentleman.

Best moment of the week | Buying a dresser was a nice step. I also have been happy to see Miles achieving new skills like color matching and learning some letters during our “school” time in the morning.

What I’m looking forward to | Touring Shawnee Mission Birth Center (haven’t actually made an appointment but I want to do this soon), tucking newborn baby things into our dresser and buying some new pacifiers.

What I miss | Going to Dicks Sporting Goods and believing I could wear those things and be more active. At least when I’m not pregnant I can deceive myself into thinking I would actually wear and use running shoes or exercise … things…

Mommy and Miles Photo - 30 Weeks

Belly Day | 29 Weeks

Baby Belly Bump Progress Pic - 29 Weeks

I decided to switch it up a bit this week, title-wise. I read a post on Scary-Mommy about annoying preggo terms and now I can’t get the vision of a “baby bump” disease out of my mind.

This past week was one of those where everything in life shifts a bit. The plan was to drive down to my parent’s house in the country early in the week and stay there for 9 days to look after their home business while they were away for a marketing show. My grandma was just getting out of the hospital so they delayed their trip by a day, then late that same day my grandma passed away. Even though she had been in the hospital, she was expected to be able to return to her life and carry on as usual, so this wasn’t really expected for any of us. God knew, though and I think it’s providential that Miles and I were able to see her one final day and play with her and to be there with my family during everything.

Grandma Barb - Celebration of Life

We spent the week together with much of my family, sharing great stories about my Grandma Barb and laughing together (and crying together). There was pain and difficulty that week, but I most definitely see the hand of God in it all. She was a witty, strong woman who could always be counted on for an honest perspective and a humorous comment about any situation. I am sad to think she won’t get the chance to meet her newest great-grandson and that I won’t get more chances to be with her and laugh with her, but I am glad to have gotten to know her more over the past year and a half. Here are some photos from the “celebration of life” we had on Sunday. I left my family that day after our celebration and spent some time to myself during the drive back home, thinking about life and God and accepting the changes that are shaping my life.

In baby news, he’s moving around a lot! Also, I am huge. Anytime someone asks when I’m due and I answer with “May” I can’t say I’m surprised by their incredulous expressions. I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and freak out. I remember how humongous I was at the end of my pregnancy with Miles, so I can only imagine what I’ll look like in another 11 weeks! Gah!

Reading back over my 29 week update during my pregnancy with Miles I re-read my commentary on baby hiccups in utero and wanted to compare the pregnancies. This pregnancy I have not felt this baby hiccup a single time until yesterday, then I felt them 3 times before going to bed! It’s funny to already see differences between my boys and it makes me anxious to get to know this new personality.

Baby’s Size| Cabbage

How far along | 29 weeks

Sleep | Very different with your 2nd baby since this is, more often than not, dictated by your older child. Luckily Miles has been going to bed early and giving me time to hang with my hubby. Unfortunately this means he wakes up earlier and I end up exhausted in the mornings. The actual sleep is acceptable. I am very sore and achy in my joints and hips and this makes getting up and turning over very painful, but I deal.

Clothes | I am back to wearing my nursing bra because under-wires are the devil when you have a massive belly encroaching from below. I also scored some comfy (but hideous) shirts from Walmart yesterday for $1 each.

Cravings | I feel like I am constantly nibbling. I’d say half the time I nibble on something good (like an apple or other fruit) and the other part of the time it’s horrible, like ice cream. That reminds me!!! Remember the amazing ice cream from my dream that I described in my previous post? The mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone with chocolate shell coating?! Well… my incredible hubby got all the fixings so I could make one! It 100% totally and completely lived up to (exceeded, actually) my expectations!!! It was just…well… amazing. I’ve had several of these miracles since. Here is one indulgence from the other day.

Food Aversions |  Nothing, dude.

Symptoms | I feel like I’d tried to keep the miserable symptoms at a distance, but they’re slowly closing in! Aahhh, frightening! My fingers and toes feel swollen when I try to clench them, although I do not notice any visible swelling in my feet, which is nice. I also have yet to make an appointment with a chiropractor but I really really need to do this soon. I am having nerve and joint and muscle and tendon pain in my entire pelvic region and it’s constant. It’s worse when I bend over a lot to pick up the house or lay/sit in one position too long but I feel it all the time. Even with these increasing miseries we still have not reached the misery of my previous pregnancy.

Doctor’s Appointment | I will be going to one next Monday, they are now 2 weeks apart!

Movement | I have noticed that baby is positioned differently than I remember Miles being when he was in there. For one, I think I’m carrying a little higher, so most of the movements are felt around my belly button and not down in my bladder and cervix area. This is a nice variation and the only semi-negative result of this difference is that when he really wriggles and stretches and moves it seems to hurt the edges of my uterus more. Did that sentence even make sense?! Basically it’s more “scrape-y” feeling. Now it all makes sense, right?! He moves SO much. I love it, I truly do.

Belly Button | Outie! But it’s weird and crooked and pokey.

Gender | Is anyone even confused about this?

Best moment of the week | The week was so full of significant moments it’s hard to pin one down. Plus, many of those moments were bittersweet so I’m not sure I can say they were “best.” Looking back, I am especially grateful that Miles and I spent time with Grandma Barb the day she passed. I also really loved spending a day in Nevada with a few of my siblings. We had lunch together and grabbed groceries and goofed off on the drive to and from town. It was great to feel the closeness of family this week.

What I’m looking forward to | Being in the “30” weeks because that makes me feel better about being huge, for some reason. I am also looking forward to getting out all the baby things and finding places for them in the new house. Things like burp rags and pacifiers and the like.

What I miss | I miss being able to see a toy on the floor and bending over to pick it up without giving it a single thought.

Baby Bump Day | 28 Weeks

Baby Belly Bump Progress Photo - 28 Weeks

I am now 3rd Trimester OFFICIAL! In celebration I went to the doctor this morning. It was just your routine prenatal visit but it always makes it seem so official and exciting. Especially when your tag-along two year old behaves moderately well. Today’s appointment was pretty basic, baby’s heartbeat was 160, everything seems to be going well and I was gifted some relief to find out my official weight so far.

That was my segue. I have been meaning to talk about weight a little bit for the last several weeks and keep forgetting. I have the usual body issues I think a lot of women have and that deep, dark history is a novel for another time, but I don’t remember saying much about my weight during my blog posts covering my first pregnancy. Now I wish I had, because I can’t remember just when I gained what and that sort of thing. This much I know about my previous pregnancy: I was 150 lbs at my first appointment with Miles (8 weeks) and by the end of my pregnancy I had gained 62 lbs for a total of 212 lbs.! Yikes. Between pregnancies: during the 2 years following Miles’ birth I slowly lost almost 50 lbs of that weight, but I stubbornly clung to some of the chub. Also during that time our scale broke and I never bothered to buy a new one. I don’t even know what my weight was most of the time. That brings us to the current pregnancy: I was happy to notice that I weighed 163 at my first appointment this time (14 weeks), since that was my lowest weight since my first pregnancy. Of course I have not wanted to gain as much as I did the first time so I freaked a bit when, at 20 weeks, I had jumped to 173! Ahhh! Then at 24 weeks I about had a heart attack because the scale said 187!!!!! I was wearing some very heavy Uggs and carrying a small, coin-filled purse and a light jacket. Surely they must have weighed about 10 lbs, right?! That’s what I kept telling myself every time I’d start to panic about that number. This is why the last 4 weeks I have been terrified to see the scale at today’s appointment and I felt an extra dose of guilt for every bite of ice cream I let myself consume and I input my meals into My Fitness Pal just to keep myself a bit more accountable. Anyway… that brings us to TODAY! That exclamation point means it was good news! Today I weighed in at 189 and I am satisfied with that. It means I’ve gained just about 2 lbs a week this trimester, which is the most I would be okay gaining without feeling like a big, face-stuffing hog.

I know it must be pretty tedious to hear me go on and on in such boring detail about my weight, so thanks for indulging me.

This week I’ve been obsessing about getting all of Miles’ clothes out of storage and going through them and organizing them in a way that will be more accessible when this new baby needs those clothes. I haven’t actually done much to make any of that organizing a reality, though because we need to buy a dresser first and make more room in the closet for another wardrobe. I swear… I am such a hoarder!!! I have a clothes problem and it leaks into my kid(s)’ closets!!! I’m trying to force myself to minimize but it’s such a challenge.

In toddler news this week, Miles has achieved his “doorknob opening” skill. Yay. (<— no exclamation point there). I am now determined to find some door knob safety covers but I’ve heard terrible things about all the ones I can find on Amazon or Walmart. I’m just about desperate enough to try them anyway, but I think I’m secretly clinging to the possibility that I can find ones like my parents had when I was little. They were clear and basic and I thought they worked pretty well as a kid. I’m probably going to have to break down and spend money on the lame ones… I should just accept it.

Wow I’ve gabbed on for a bit, haven’t I?

Baby’s Sizekabocha squash

How far along | 28 weeks

Sleep | I have reached a point where I need to have a pillow in between my legs and I sleep a bit more on my side these days and less on my tummy-ish. I am almost getting annoyed over how many insane dreams I have each night, ALL night! Last night I dreamed of a baby bird with a broken leg that I had to fix, a mini chihuahua that was as small as a mouse and in my 3rd dream of the night I ordered a huge waffle cone with mint chocolate chip ice cream at DQ and requested that they dip it in hard chocolate stuff (I’m going to assume you know what that means). They completely jacked up my order in my dream and I woke up craving it so badly. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it all day. I don’t even remember my 4th dream, I must have just given up by then.

Clothes | I wore My new sweater dress thing over the weekend and it was nice to feel like I tried to look cute! Many of my “comfy” pants are starting to feel tight on the waistband and that makes me sad. :( I only have one pair of maternity jeans so I’m just doing what I can to make it work.

Cravings | Can we once again mention ICE CREAM!? Specifically the ice cream cone of my dreams?!

Food Aversions | This week during my previous pregnancy it was hamburgers… Ummm I just downed a patty of perfection, smothered in goodness yesterday from Five Guys. So I guess what I’m saying is… still nothing. Oh, wait. I did have a gyro yesterday and it was nasty to me. Although, I think that has more to do with the fact that I do not have a fondness for Mediterranean food.

Symptoms | I have felt more swelling lately, primarily in my hands when I’m walking a bunch. I think I just need to drink more water. I have a pimple right in my middle of my chin. Annoying! I had not really struggled with pregnancy acne this time around as much, until this little bugger showed up. When I am on my feet for very long, for any reason, I start to feel like my hips are going to give out on me. This past weekend was a blast, but I had some achiness to show for it. I don’t know if this is pregnancy, but I’ve been really clumsy lately! I have a suspicion that it could be related to my swollen hands having trouble grabbing and holding onto things.

Doctor’s Appointment | Just had one! I already talked about it, but everything looks great! Next one is scheduled 2 weeks from now.

Movement | This little one really loves to do what I call “jumping jacks.” I feel like I’ve mentioned them before, but I just feel so many limbs and body parts stretching out and he’ll do that over and over. I like to hold a hand on each side of my belly to feel as many of the extensions as I can at once. I was just thinking this week that I haven’t felt any hiccups. I’m not sure if that just comes later in the pregnancy (I can’t remember) or he doesn’t hiccup as much as Miles did. I feel him squirming a lot lately, too, trying to get comfortable.

Belly Button | I think we can officially say outie! The anticipation was killing me… not really.

Gender | Jumping Jack

Best moment of the week | Spending a 60-something degree weekend with my Steven and Miles and getting to double-date with my bro and sis-in-law. There may have been an ice cream moment or two in there, as well.

What I’m looking forward to | Getting a dresser in the boys’ room and getting it all arranged and organized so that I feel more prepared for an infant again!

What I miss | I dwell on all the adventures I will be free to partake in once I’m no longer preggers and I really hope I actually go out and do more of those things this summer when I finally can. Any time we drive back from the city I see Schlitterbahn and think “if I wasn’t pregnant I would totally do that.” So we’ll see… haha.

28 Weeks-  Miles and Mommy Bonus Photos

Baby Bump Day | 27 Weeks

27 Week Pregnancy update baby bump pic

This is my last week in the second trimester!!! I’m not sure I should be happy or sad about this. I’m going to go with happy because it means the time is counting down to the day this second little boy will enter the world! My body is counting down, too. This week I feel like some of the latter pregnancy symptoms I’ve been avoiding thus far have slammed into me. My face is noticeably chubbier, my walking is at least 50% waddle, swelling began to creep back into the picture around the middle of the week and I’m starving… constantly!!! Considering how annoying that lists sounds there are other great feelings creeping back into my mind. I’m day dreaming of giving my new little boy a bath, of smelling his little infant head, of knowing again what it feels like to lift up his tiny weight into my arms when it’s time to nurse. We had a gorgeous, spring-like day of perfection last week. It registered at 73 degrees and I spent a couple hours sitting on the back porch listening to the birds and imagining what the “real” spring will bring with it. I imagined all the trees covered in pretty blossoms when we welcome a new life into the world. Ahhh I can barely stand to think of it right now!

Another amazing thing was revealed this week. My very best friend of many years (somewhere around 16, what!?!) is also expecting her second baby!!! YAY!!! One of the very best experiences of my life was when we shared our first pregnancies together in 2012 and it is just as amazing this time around! She is due with her little nugget in September 19, actually, which was the exact due date I had with Miles.  Isn’t that crazy?! I adore this crazy, wonderful blessing-filled life. I can barely contain it! Here is the adorable series of smiles she shared with the world this week. Isn’t her little girl, Natalia the prettiest you’ve ever seen?! I’m beyond impressed that Lizzy managed to get her 2 year old to behave so sweetly for these. I’m lucky to get eye contact from my toddler haha.



So yeah, I think you get the point that this week was a good one. It wrapped up with a lazy Superbowl Sunday at home with Steven and Miles. We pigged out on things I shouldn’t be eating but still manage to cram into my face every day. We went outside together and built a snowman and I marveled at the way snow thrills the child within me. Oh, and I totally meant the child in my soul, not in my uterus.

Baby’s SizeI tried to find a food that wasn’t the same as last pregnancy’s comparison (cauliflower). Apparently my choices are rutabaga and small pot roast (!?)

How far along | 27 weeks

Sleep | Lots of vivid, obscure dreams. I find that when I wake up to shift in bed my stiffness is relieved when I lay on my back for a moment (which I know you’re not even supposed to do) Unfortunately I often fall back to sleep before I remember to switch back to my side. It freaks me out. That was random, please forgive me. I’ve had allergies this week. I suppose it could be a mild cold, I’m not sure, but it feels like allergies. My nose has been itchy and runny and my throat a little itchy, too. So my nights have been relatively restful, with frequent pee/shift/nose-blow breaks and weird dreams.

Clothes | This really isn’t expect to change until I am once again a size 5 (hahahahha)

Cravings | Ravenous. Apparently I’m right on track with my previous pregnancy, see here. My mom and I talk about this crazy hunger monster that takes over when we’re pregnant and one thing she has always said and of which I am vividly reminded, is how when you’re pregnant, food tastes just as amazing as you hope/expect it to. It’s like I can taste every single drop of yum in everything I consume. I feel like someone has tapped me on the head with a magic wand and now I can finally taste the secrets that live in food. Like, did you know that peanut butter contains the essence of every wonderful thing that has ever happened to every peanut that has ever existed since the beginning of man kind? Basically it feels something like that. God help me if you hand me an ice cream bar or chocolate brownie.

Food Aversions |  I find I am highly offended by an empty plate.

Symptoms | I once predicted that the misery of my previous pregnancy was a mechanism my body was using to get all the crappy symptoms out of the way so all my future pregnancies could be “breezy and wonderful.” I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I feel like a bit of a pregnancy veteran (I know that’s not really true. That status belongs to people like my mom who have 7 children, lol) or more like a rock star. The other day I just stood up with this determination, a command to myself ringing in my consciousness “Come on now, just stand up and walk like it ain’t no thing. This big round belly isn’t going to stop you!” I’m going to force these thoughts as long as I can. Meaning as long as I can be in denial, basically haha. But for real… I’ve had more swelling this week as well as some heartburn, which I never had with my first pregnancy. I’ve had more cramping ligaments and just plain achy everywhere. Meh.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have my 28 week appointment on Monday, Feb. 9! Then I start going every 2 weeks and that is insane to me!

Movement | He moves so much! I think I keep saying this, but it’s true. I’m pretty sure I can tell where his head is and which little jabs are his feet. They all excite me though and I think he seems more active when Miles is playing near me and we’re being goofy together. I think he wants to be part of the action. It’s adorable!

Belly Button | It’s a weird crooked, bumpy thing. I’m going to call it an outie.

Gender | Boy oh boy

Best moment of the week | Playing outside in the “spring” weather during the week, then building a snowman with Steven and Miles on Sunday, haha!

What I’m looking forward to | being 3rd trimester official!

What I miss | Shaving my legs with ease.

27 weeks with miles laughing27 weeks with Miles Cute

Baby Bump Day | 26 Weeks

26 Weeks Baby Bump Pregnancy Progress Pic

Joy. That’s what fills my heart and thoughts today as I write this post. The past week God has given me peace about all the decisions I have had to make and answers to the questions that I’ve been stressing about internally. I’m not saying I have actually made these decisions, but I feel peace about it all and I’m just going with the flow. It’s pleasant.

This week I found comfort in a daily routine that was part accomplishment and part relaxation. I did just enough each day to make myself feel like I was productive and useful, but I was (mostly) careful to rest frequently. Friday I pushed myself harder than I should have, but it felt good to have the house picked up, the laundry almost completely done and the bathrooms mostly cleaned. As a special treat that night, Steven and I traveled to “the city” for the most amazing Chinese food ever. Since moving to Leavenworth I have not often had the opportunity to indulge in my favorite Chinese restaurant, Fortune Wok. From beginning to end, my meal was a dream. In fact I still dream of it now. The rest of the weekend we spent running errands, and Miles got to spend time with all his grandparents at least for a couple hours each.

That brings us, once again, to this day. Since Miles has been sick, we haven’t really had great nights for sleep. He wakes up often with a cough or discomfort or a stuffy nose. Last night, however, he did not wake up all night!!! I only woke up once myself for a bathroom run. This morning I awoke feeling incredibly refreshed. The sun was shining brightly and the day turned pleasant and warm so Miles and I went outside to play. Now I’m drinking a chai tea latte and recounting my blessings. So yeah… JOY.

Baby’s SizeScallion. I cant help but think of Veggie Tales when I think of scallions.

How far along | 26 weeks

Sleep | Some really awful nights, a couple good ones and one amazing one last night. I’m still smiling thinking about it. I enjoyed approximately 9 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep. Bliss.

Clothes | I can’t wait to wear the dress I bought last weekend with Bethany. Someone invite me to a party. K, thanx.

Cravings | ICE FREAKING CREAM! I really have to work hard to only eat one Magnum ice cream bar each night after dinner. I tried the dark chocolate with fudge variety and it’s amazing. I’ve also been drinking chai teas and the Chinese food I ate the other night was glorious.

Food Aversions | I haven’t really had any for so long, but I realized the other day… broccoli=meh

Symptoms | While reading over my 26 week update from my previous pregnancy, I realized this was the week I first got any stretch marks. Those are there forever already anyway, but I noticed that I either have new ones (on my thighs) or the ones I had are now beginning to show again. Sadness. I keep meaning to talk (complain) about it since my last Dr. appointment, but I’ve gained so much more weight than I had expected. I guess you could call that a symptom. :P My Braxton Hicks have been manageable. Friday my hips were screaming at me for being on my feet so much. It took all weekend for them to recover. I still have a moment each time I stand up from a chair where I’m not sure my legs will be able to hold me. After I take a few steps I am able to walk around pretty normally.

Doctor’s Appointment | It seems to be coming up so soon. My next one is early to mid February! The awesome news from my last Dr. appointment is that the results of my glucola test were normal!!! This was such a relief to hear.

Movement | He moves constantly! I like to try to imagine what part of him I feel pushing against different sides of my belly. I think he must love to do what I call “jumping jacks.” Miles got to feel him move the other day, but I’m not sure it really made much of an impression.

Belly Button | It’s about 70% outie now.

Gender | Still a little dude

Best moment of the week | Is it shallow to say it was eating Chinese food the other night? Okay, actually for real the best moment was when I asked Miles if he was excited that he was going to get a little brother. He said “Go get brother!?! Go drive, get brother, ok?” I guess he was pretty excited since he wanted to go pick him up that very day. Since that day Miles likes to pull up my shirt and “see bruhver.”

What I’m looking forward to | I just realized this category has been missing for the past 5 weeks!!! It must have been deleted in the copy/paste process and that makes me sad. Anyway. This week I’m looking forward to 28 weeks. I don’t know why, but it seems like the next big milestone.

What I miss | I was reminded of another activity I would love to do but can’t. Horseback riding. Lol.

Bonus Cuteness!

26 Weeks Miles and mommy

Baby Bump Day | 25 Weeks

Baby Bump Day Progress Picture | 25 Weeks

For the fun of it all, I will quickly recap what turned out to be a busy week, filled with both frustrations and fun.

I had three Dr./Dentist appointments last week, this means I was running around, my brain filled with many medical questions about baby and my body and it just swirled around in there until I wanted to explode! Luckily it all wrapped up with a glorious weekend that was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. I like lists and headings, so how about this:

Dentist Consultation #1

Several weeks ago I broke a small piece of tooth off one of my back molars. This is in addition to losing about half of another molar more than a year ago. I put off doing anything about either of these issues until now because: No money, no pain and a strong distaste for dentists. Just over a week ago I began to feel pain in the newest broken tooth, so we set up this consultation to see what our options were. Unfortunately they are both pretty bad off and it was recommended that I extract the broken tooth I’ve had for the past year (they don’t think there is enough left to save) and I could either choose a root canal/crown to fix the newly broken tooth, or also choose to have it extracted. They then set me up with a consultation with another doctor regarding the extraction(s).

Prenatal Doctor’s Appointment & Glucose Test

This appointment went pretty well in my opinion! There was a lot of nervousness leading up to this one because when I was pregnant with Miles, the results of my glucose test were borderline, so they had me come in for the 3 hour test. That big, long test was pure torture! I remember being bored out of my mind, passing out in an empty exam room while I waited between blood draws because the blood sugar craziness was causing me to crash. The results of the second test were also borderline. Anyway, I did not want to have to go through this again. I was extra careful not to consume any sugar/carbs the entire morning before my appointment, because I did not want to have to go in for the second test this time. Miles came with me to the appointment and he actually behaved in a most fabulous way and I am extremely grateful that he found it in his crazy toddler heart to be easy-going that day. I was supposed to get my results by phone the next day but didn’t hear anything, even by the weekend. Figuring they might be closed on Monday, I will have to call Tuesday and I’ll let you know!

Also at this appointment I told the nurse practitioner about all the Braxton hicks I’ve been having because she asked and she cautioned me to call if I had too many of them. That freaked me out a bit, I thought it was just an annoying but normal thing to be dealing with (and it totally still could be, I guess) but she successfully has me a little freaked. Due to the awesome second-trimester hormones rushing through me, I have been zipping around, cleaning everything in sight and I can’t seem to stay off my feet, no matter how badly my hips ache at the end of the day. Now I’ve been forcing myself to slow down a bit more, stay off my feet every few hours and drink a lot more water. The Braxton hicks are still pretty frequent but after forcing myself to take it easy all day Friday I noticed they eased up a bit the next day. I’m just going to keep trying to be responsible with myself and this baby and not push myself too hard.

Dentist/Doctor Consultation #2

At this consultation I was given options for having both teeth extracted. I guess it’s recommended to have these kind of procedures done during the second trimester, so now I feel the pressure to make a decision right away. I still haven’t decided exactly what we should do, since any procedure has some small risk involved and leaving it is also a risk. Any insight is welcome if you feel like sharing your opinion on these things.

Well after all those crazy appointments I was happy to spend Friday taking it easy and letting myself get excited for the weekend when my sister Bethany came to visit us. The weekend was spent laughing, shopping, relaxing and just all around enjoying ourselves. Steven had Monday off from work so we chilled at home as a family and took care of Miles, who was sick with something (I’m thinking the flu) and dealing with a sore throat and such. All around I can’t complain with how it all ended this week and I’m anxious to see what comes of the next week!

Baby’s Size| An Acorn Squash

How far along | 25 weeks

Sleep | The quality of my sleep has once again been determined by my 2 year old and not by my pregnancy. The past four nights in a row have been pretty awful, between waking up to help a fussy, stuffy-nosed, sore-throat-toddler and having my own bladder and Braxton Hicks issues.

Clothes | I found the cutest sweater dress/shirt thing while shopping with Bethany and now I just need a good excuse to wear it. I also have a new determination to buy some Toms, not that it’s the smartest thing to buy shoes when you’re preggers.

Cravings | ICE CREAM. So funny since I apparently craved this during week 25 of my first pregnancy. I will always marvel at my capacity for ice cream when I’m pregnant. When I’m not pregnancy I like to enjoy a bite or two of ice cream here and there. You will never ever find me drink more than about 20-30% of a milkshake. When I am pregnant, however, I will down an entire ice cream cone or shake before even noticing what happened.

Food Aversions |  Who are we kidding!? I don’t think this one will become relevant again.

Symptoms | I have been reminiscing lately about my past pregnancy woes and comparing them to this time. I am a person who loves to compare things, it helps me make sense of the world. Anyway, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am so happy to barely be feeling any swelling this pregnancy so far. Just this weekend I noticed some swelling in my hands after walking around most of the day with them dangling at my side, but that’s so much better than I remember from the first time. In addition to the very subtle swelling, this week my Braxton Hicks are stealing the show. I feel them frequently and while they aren’t painful, they are downright uncomfortable and now I am trying to track them and I’m finding it difficult. I’m having trouble distinguishing the milder BH contractions from a simple aching back or constipation or the discomfort of baby jabbing his head down into my butt. Sigh.

Doctor’s Appointment | Having just been to my 24 week appointment, I am now scheduled for mid-February (28 weeks). After that I switch to every two weeks! I seems like time has flown by sometimes.

Movement | I’ve been able to tell the feet movements from the head movements and he’s practicing his full-body stretches lately. Pretty sure he’s doing jumping jacks in there sometimes.

Belly Button | I have a little”blip!” on the top. I rub my hand over my belly just to feel it sometimes because it’s weird.

Gender | Male

Best moment of the week | A great weekend with my husband, baby(ies) and Bethany.

What I miss | Peeing like a regular human.