Baby Bump Day | 25 Weeks

Baby Bump Day Progress Picture | 25 Weeks

For the fun of it all, I will quickly recap what turned out to be a busy week, filled with both frustrations and fun.

I had three Dr./Dentist appointments last week, this means I was running around, my brain filled with many medical questions about baby and my body and it just swirled around in there until I wanted to explode! Luckily it all wrapped up with a glorious weekend that was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. I like lists and headings, so how about this:

Dentist Consultation #1

Several weeks ago I broke a small piece of tooth off one of my back molars. This is in addition to losing about half of another molar more than a year ago. I put off doing anything about either of these issues until now because: No money, no pain and a strong distaste for dentists. Just over a week ago I began to feel pain in the newest broken tooth, so we set up this consultation to see what our options were. Unfortunately they are both pretty bad off and it was recommended that I extract the broken tooth I’ve had for the past year (they don’t think there is enough left to save) and I could either choose a root canal/crown to fix the newly broken tooth, or also choose to have it extracted. They then set me up with a consultation with another doctor regarding the extraction(s).

Prenatal Doctor’s Appointment & Glucose Test

This appointment went pretty well in my opinion! There was a lot of nervousness leading up to this one because when I was pregnant with Miles, the results of my glucose test were borderline, so they had me come in for the 3 hour test. That big, long test was pure torture! I remember being bored out of my mind, passing out in an empty exam room while I waited between blood draws because the blood sugar craziness was causing me to crash. The results of the second test were also borderline. Anyway, I did not want to have to go through this again. I was extra careful not to consume any sugar/carbs the entire morning before my appointment, because I did not want to have to go in for the second test this time. Miles came with me to the appointment and he actually behaved in a most fabulous way and I am extremely grateful that he found it in his crazy toddler heart to be easy-going that day. I was supposed to get my results by phone the next day but didn’t hear anything, even by the weekend. Figuring they might be closed on Monday, I will have to call Tuesday and I’ll let you know!

Also at this appointment I told the nurse practitioner about all the Braxton hicks I’ve been having because she asked and she cautioned me to call if I had too many of them. That freaked me out a bit, I thought it was just an annoying but normal thing to be dealing with (and it totally still could be, I guess) but she successfully has me a little freaked. Due to the awesome second-trimester hormones rushing through me, I have been zipping around, cleaning everything in sight and I can’t seem to stay off my feet, no matter how badly my hips ache at the end of the day. Now I’ve been forcing myself to slow down a bit more, stay off my feet every few hours and drink a lot more water. The Braxton hicks are still pretty frequent but after forcing myself to take it easy all day Friday I noticed they eased up a bit the next day. I’m just going to keep trying to be responsible with myself and this baby and not push myself too hard.

Dentist/Doctor Consultation #2

At this consultation I was given options for having both teeth extracted. I guess it’s recommended to have these kind of procedures done during the second trimester, so now I feel the pressure to make a decision right away. I still haven’t decided exactly what we should do, since any procedure has some small risk involved and leaving it is also a risk. Any insight is welcome if you feel like sharing your opinion on these things.

Well after all those crazy appointments I was happy to spend Friday taking it easy and letting myself get excited for the weekend when my sister Bethany came to visit us. The weekend was spent laughing, shopping, relaxing and just all around enjoying ourselves. Steven had Monday off from work so we chilled at home as a family and took care of Miles, who was sick with something (I’m thinking the flu) and dealing with a sore throat and such. All around I can’t complain with how it all ended this week and I’m anxious to see what comes of the next week!

Baby’s Size| An Acorn Squash

How far along | 25 weeks

Sleep | The quality of my sleep has once again been determined by my 2 year old and not by my pregnancy. The past four nights in a row have been pretty awful, between waking up to help a fussy, stuffy-nosed, sore-throat-toddler and having my own bladder and Braxton Hicks issues.

Clothes | I found the cutest sweater dress/shirt thing while shopping with Bethany and now I just need a good excuse to wear it. I also have a new determination to buy some Toms, not that it’s the smartest thing to buy shoes when you’re preggers.

Cravings | ICE CREAM. So funny since I apparently craved this during week 25 of my first pregnancy. I will always marvel at my capacity for ice cream when I’m pregnant. When I’m not pregnancy I like to enjoy a bite or two of ice cream here and there. You will never ever find me drink more than about 20-30% of a milkshake. When I am pregnant, however, I will down an entire ice cream cone or shake before even noticing what happened.

Food Aversions |  Who are we kidding!? I don’t think this one will become relevant again.

Symptoms | I have been reminiscing lately about my past pregnancy woes and comparing them to this time. I am a person who loves to compare things, it helps me make sense of the world. Anyway, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am so happy to barely be feeling any swelling this pregnancy so far. Just this weekend I noticed some swelling in my hands after walking around most of the day with them dangling at my side, but that’s so much better than I remember from the first time. In addition to the very subtle swelling, this week my Braxton Hicks are stealing the show. I feel them frequently and while they aren’t painful, they are downright uncomfortable and now I am trying to track them and I’m finding it difficult. I’m having trouble distinguishing the milder BH contractions from a simple aching back or constipation or the discomfort of baby jabbing his head down into my butt. Sigh.

Doctor’s Appointment | Having just been to my 24 week appointment, I am now scheduled for mid-February (28 weeks). After that I switch to every two weeks! I seems like time has flown by sometimes.

Movement | I’ve been able to tell the feet movements from the head movements and he’s practicing his full-body stretches lately. Pretty sure he’s doing jumping jacks in there sometimes.

Belly Button | I have a little”blip!” on the top. I rub my hand over my belly just to feel it sometimes because it’s weird.

Gender | Male

Best moment of the week | A great weekend with my husband, baby(ies) and Bethany.

What I miss | Peeing like a regular human.

Baby Bump Day | 24 Weeks

24 Week Baby Bump Progress Pic

I am a housework machine. Every day I’ll wake up, start making an egg and spicy turkey sandwich on English muffin with avocado, unload and load the dishwasher, eat my breakfast (and I do feed my child), then I spend as much of the rest of my day as I can manage picking up constantly and doing laundry and organizing things. The other day I actually ironed. I despise ironing. The unfortunate side effect of all this running around is that by the end of the day I’ll find myself barely able to walk because of the strain on my back and hips and my Braxton Hicks have been more severe at night. I wish I felt this way all the time, not just for a few weeks while preggers (I mean the cleaning all the time, not the pain).

I really have very little else to say because I spent almost the entire week at home, being a mom and housewife to the extreme (and stuffing whatever food I could find into my mouth).

I always have felt like the 24 week mark is a big one, so I was excited to hit this part of the pregnancy. In celebration I have decided to share a side-by-side of my bump pics comparing my pregnancy with Miles to this one. The angle is weird, the color is weird, the cutout is weird, the hair is weird and I’m big. Yeah. :)

24 Week Baby Bump Comparison

Baby’s SizeCantelope. Now that really seems massive. Eek!

How far along | 24 weeks

Sleep | It’s been consistent and that’s good. Miles is sleeping pretty great and that’s good for me. I wake up more than he does now since I have to run to the bathroom so often. I’m a little achy these days. I was reading about sleep during my last pregnancy and am so happy to know that at this point in my pregnancy I haven’t had to suffer through super swollen feet and I haven’t even wanted to sleep with a pillow between my legs. My favorite sleeping position these days is on my side with my top leg bent high up so that I’m half sleeping on my stomach. It sounds weird but I love it.

Clothes | I really haven’t changed anything here and probably won’t for several more years. I like to wear comfy lounge pants, a tank top, a t-shirt and a hoodie. I’ve been stealing Steven’s jackets alot because all mine are too small now, but even with the cold temperatures lately I am happy to venture out in a cardigan or hoodie and do without a jacket or coat entirely! This is the joy of winter pregnancies.

Cravings | I’m fighting the sugar cravings as best as I can but it’s tough.

Food Aversions |  NOTHING

Symptoms |  I really want to take a moment to say how grateful I am that this pregnancy seems a bit milder than my first. I’ve had very limited swelling anywhere and although my hips hurt, especially after long days on my feet, I haven’t felt the need to use lidoderm patches and the pain doesn’t throb through me constantly like I remember. They seem like small things but the lack of those symptoms make this pregnancy a lot less miserable in my opinion. Also, I realized this week that I haven’t had any acne problems like last time!

Doctor’s Appointment | Just a few days away!

Movement | Great movement. It makes me feel so… pregnant!

Belly Button | LAME

Gender | Little Brother. Awwwww.

Best moment of the week | The feeling that comes at the end of the day when I’ve accomplished several small tasks and I sit in my chair waiting for Steven to get off work and I stare at the clean house and kitchen and sigh with pleasure at the thought of cooking dinner in a clean kitchen, feeling proud of myself.

What I miss | If you read my description from this category from the corresponding post during my pregnancy with Miles you’ll see that I was pretty unhappy with the state of my body and self. I feel so much better about myself this time. The only thing I really miss is the freedom to really get healthy the way I could if I wasn’t pregnant. Specifically I wish I could work out, but with the way my hips and back treat me when I’m pregnant, I just can’t. So I guess you could say I miss being the fitness superhero I never have been and fantasize I could be.

Baby Bump Day | 23 Weeks

Baby Bump Progress photo - 23 Weeks

Since last week’s update I feel like my pregnancy has really taken hold of my body. It’s like a I skipped 2 months in 2 days! All of a sudden I feel the weight of my growing belly in everything I do. Grabbing onto my new-found motivation with enthusiasm, I cleared out and organized our clothes closet and cleaned our room and Miles room and at the end of it all I realized it was too much for one day. My hips were screaming at me that evening and every day since I have had to consciously take it a bit easier to avoid unpleasant evenings.

The great thing is that pregnancy has also taken hold of my mind! I am baby, baby, baby! This week has found me dreaming of ways to set up the boys room for two and trying to remember all the things that come along with having a newborn. During the first part of this pregnancy I couldn’t quite accept that I was allowed to go crazy with planning and hoping. I felt like it was just the beginning of a rather lengthy journey and the freshest pregnancy memories in my head were those of a 3rd trimester. Now that I’m creeping up on that final trimester, I am getting giddy and anxious and excited. I love this second trimester. Any moment of the day I will feel the good hormones pumping through my body and simple bask in the wonderful feeling of it all. Knowing this part is will only last so long just encourages me to try to soak it up all the more.

In other news, all week I’ve thought about the “Cravings” category in the list below and how the last couple weeks I’ve had trouble recalling any specific cravings. Well, this week I found myself adding craving after craving to that list in my head. All of a sudden my taste for Subway meatball subs has been replaced with Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki with all the veggies. I’ll try to remember all the tasty things I indulged in this week and list them for you later.

Baby’s SizeEggplant (That’s so big!)

Sleep | A little painful these days now that my hips hate me again. I wake up pretty stiff and sore. That’s the worst I can say about it, though!

Clothes | This has been a good week for clothes! I’ve taken advantage of the end of year sales on clearance items and ended up with some new (gray!) pregnancy jeans and several big t-shirts. Score!

Cravings | Ok let’s see… frosted pink and white animal cookies, Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwiches, tuna and wheat thins, grapefruit and grapefruit juice, bagels loaded with butter, hot chocolate.. that’s enough for this week.

Food Aversions | Seriously nothing. Nothing I didn’t already hate. In fact I’m eating things I was never a fan of, like mushrooms and jalapenos.

Symptoms | Stiff back and hips and some pain in my ligaments. Braxton hicks. Pee.

Doctor’s Appointment | Coming up! I’m seriously terrified about my glucose test. Still requesting prayers.

Movement | SO much of it!!! It’s something special for me, getting to feel all his dance moves when I’m going about my day.

Belly Button | Pretty much just flat.

Gender | Penis.

Best moment of the week | I’ve had some great laughs with my hilarious husband and Miles has been really cute and grown up lately.

What I miss | Let’s add another fun adventure to the list of things I can’t participate in: skiing. I saw a billboard for Snow Creek and now that we live so close I immediately thought “we should go skiing!!!” then I realized that not only is that not safe in my condition, but I probably would be way too off balance. Lol!

Baby Bump Day | 22 Weeks

Baby Bump Pregnancy Progress photo - 22 Weeks

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! We are moving so fast! I’m thrilled and terrified. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Now that Christmas has passed, my thoughts are crowding in on musings of organization and getting the boys’ room ready for two! I have plans for matching boxes to hide junk, a few new pieces of furniture and finding ways to make their little room something special for them both.

Christmas was awesome. Miles is at a fun age now. He knows how to rip the wrapping paper off and gets excited about his toys, but he isn’t old enough to be disappointed by anything. It was great to watch him light up with every new gift and to see him helping everyone else open theirs. His favorite gift might be a Spiderman action figure I bought at Goodwill for $2. Our whole family was blessed with love and family and gifts this year and it was a sweet couple days we all got to spend together. I’m sitting somewhere comfortably in the middle, I feel no regrets for Christmas fun that wasn’t had and yet I’m still feeling little spurts of holiday cheer as we wait for the new year to come along officially.

Baby’s SizeA papaya. Oooh, that’s fun to say.

Sleep | Pretty awesome! Activities associated with Christmas have thrown off Miles’ naps and such a bit, but I’m still getting what I need. Depending on what position I end up in, I occasionally wake stiff and sore, but nothing I can’t live with.

Clothes | I was given an awesome Christmas sweater by my hubby and plenty of new, comfy footwear and some clothes! Comfort is queen.

Cravings | Really I haven’t had any cravings, I’m just stuffing it all in. I ate way too many chips the other day and Miles and I have been downing mandarin oranges like crazy. I also had a pretty great order of french toast at IHOP the other day. Ok. I need to stop now or I’m going to wake up Miles from his naps, pack up and head to IHOP right now.

Food Aversions | Maybe something gross like…. like…. nope. Nothing sounds gross.

Symptoms | Pretty much what I’ve already been describing. Plus the need to pee is intensifying daily in both frequency and urgency.

Doctor’s Appointment | January 12… Crossing my fingers. Good glucose, good glucose…

Movement | <3

Belly Button | The top of my belly button is starting to poke, like the lip of a shelf. Ew.

Gender | Crazy little man in there, being cute and boyish.

Best moment of the week | Christmas with my family! Making holiday memories with kids is just fantastic.

What I miss | Drinking beers. SO funny because I don’t drink beer, but I kept seeing others drinking it lately and it makes me jealous.

Bonus Pic!

Pregnancy progress photo with Miles - 22 Weeks

Baby Bump Day | 21 Weeks

Baby Bump Progress Picture - 21 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing! I haven’t even managed to get my 20 week update finished so I can post it and here I am writing about 21 weeks! Not much is new in the preggo department. I’ve been busy making preparations for Christmas and doing what I can to have it all together when the day is upon us. After the disaster that was the previous puke-filled week, this week has been glorious!  The symptoms I’m having are mild and manageable, it makes me want to fully indulge in this second trimester. I keep trying to remember what it was like last time at this point in my pregnancy. Was I this un-miserable? When does it get miserable again? Perhaps I shouldn’t think about that just yet.

Here’s something I can talk about. Names! With Miles I was scared to just grab onto the first name I liked and go with it. I was worried I would pick too early then look silly if I changed it, or say it too often before he was born and be sick of it by the time he arrived. Plus, we just didn’t feel certain about it until he was here. This time, although my list of potential boy names is very long, mostly because I hadn’t found any I just love and so I have filled my list with “hmmm… maybe?” names. Well Steven and I still aren’t certain but we seem to have both jumped right onto one of the names and the more I think about it the more it just feels right. We’re still not making it official and reserve the right to change it at any time, lol, but right now we’re about 90% sure we will go with the first name “Finn”. I also like the variation “Finley” and call him “Finn,” but we aren’t really sure about that one. We’re also completely unsure about middle names. We have a couple other names that we haven’t taken off the table just yet, but I find myself wanting to tell Steven “Finn is kicking!” without even thinking about it. So we’ll see. I won’t be sewing it onto any blankets or anything yet, but it has sort of nestled itself into my brain now.

Another exciting development this week… my sister-in-law announced that she is also expecting!! She is due at the end of July and I am crazy excited for her and my brother and their (growing) family! Last time I was pregnant I was surrounded by other pregnant ladies and this time I was starting to get lonely. Haha. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with another so closely!

I don’t have anything more to say so I’ll move on to my facts and additional photos. I took my 21 week photos on Christmas Day, so I have some special additions to the photos this week.

Baby’s SizeApparently the only comparison available this week is carrot, same as last time. Much like the nose on the snowman Miles and I made the other day!

Sleep | Now that we’re over the bug, sleep has settled into something enjoyable and fairly predictable. I’ll take it!

Clothes | Nothing new. BORING.

Cravings | Same as it has been. I’m boring this week. No, wait!!! I’ve been downing peppermint mochas! But that might have more to do with this holiday season. Nothing says Christmas to me like a Starbucks Peppermint mocha. Oh, and Jesus… of course.

Food Aversions |  Can’t say that I have any… unless you suggest something and I’m like “UGH!”

Symptoms | They haven’t been too bad. Just overall sore, achy, stretchy and heavy. I’m beginning to really think about my decision to sit on the floor. Do I really want to have to put in the extra effort to stand up later?

Doctor’s Appointment | I still have a few weeks until another appointment. I’m terrified for my glucose test thing. Pray for me. I reallllly don’t want to have to come back in for the 3 hour test the way I did with Miles.

Movement | Movements everywhere all the time! I freakingggg adore it. He’s kicking and flipping and dancing constantly. I can feel it often from the outside now so I’ll sit with my hand on my belly while we watch movies or when I’m trying to fall asleep. I might be wrong but I think he’s moving more than Miles did at this point.

Belly Button | Blech

Gender | This one won’t be changing so I might get rid of it. Or I’ll leave it and say things like how excited I am to see what kind of big brother Miles will be and what little boy things they will do together.

Best moment of the week | The best moment of this week was actually the whole weekend, getting to see my family and celebrate my dad’s birthday with him and finding out that my brother and sister-in-law will be having another baby! The thought of this growing gaggle of cousins makes me warm and fuzzy feeling.

What I miss | Walking up the stairs without wanting to pass out.

Bonus Photos!

Christmas morning photos with my boys

21 Weeks - Christmas Morning Miles with Christmas Tree 21 Weeks - Christmas Morning family with tree

Baby Bump Day | 20 Weeks

Baby Bump progress picture - Week 20

This is an exciting one! The half way mark,when we get to find out what we’re having and I get to see my little squirmy wriggling around on the screen. That was definitely my favorite part of the sonogram. Well it’s been announced on Facebook, so that basically means the world knows, but I should repeat for the sake of this blog…

It’s a boy!

Baby gender announcement photo - snips and snails and puppy dog tails

I really just didn’t know what to expect when we went in there to find out. There were similarities to my first pregnancy that made me think it could be another boy (cravings for sour and citrus), and there were differences, too. I know all pregnancies are just different, as unique as each person that is growing inside me each time. Isn’t that just amazing! I can already see that this little boy has a different profile than Miles had at this point. He also seems to be moving more than Miles did. But that could also just be me forgetting what it was like after 2 years. The sweetest part of the sonogram was when we were checking out his profile and he opened and closed his mouth a few times. It was adorable.

That’s pretty much the highlight of the week here so I’ll move along to the listing of trivial facts from the past week.

Baby’s Size Either banana or small artichoke. Take your pick.

How far along | 20 Weeks

Sleep | This particular week featured disastrous sleep, but that is because we all had a mean stomach bug, starting with Miles on Monday. I barely fell asleep before he woke up and vomited, which began a straight 24 hours without sleep. That means combined with the day before we are talking about 36 hours without sleep. It was torture. Then I caught the bug and slept painfully. Oh well. It was one of those weeks.

Clothes | I don’t think anything exciting is happening here. It’s a cycle of trying a new winter shirt from my cold weather stash, only to find it won’t fit right. I then resort once again to the same few shirts that fit.

Cravings | Food. Oh, specifics? Sugar… Bad bad bad. Eating far too many lucky charms and chocolate covered pretzels. I wouldn’t really call them cravings, it’s just that I’ll find myself ravenous and sweet junk food is just as tempting when you’re pregnant as when you’re not (perhaps even more so) surprise surprise! It’s easier and more delicious to reach for a handful of caramel corn than scrounge for a healthy meal. I do think I’m doing better than I did with Miles, though.

Food Aversions | There really isn’t anything. I mostly just asked anything I can’t stuff in my mouth immediately.

Symptoms | Braxton Hicks, ligament pain, weak hips.

Doctor’s Appointment | We had our sonogram appointment and followup and everything looks great! Next appointment in mid January and I’ll be driving the nasty sugar juice. Blech.

Belly Button | I still have one

Gender | Boy!!!

Best moment of the week | I don’t know if I can pick one moment that stands out from the rest. I’ve had some sweet moments with Miles at home this week and I love all the Christmas lights everywhere and opening our advent boxes every morning.

What I’m looking forward to | Knowing for sure what we’re having and finishing my reveal image but perhaps even more I am excited to see that squirming baby again and see how much he/she has grown in the past 6 weeks.

What I miss | Being 18 and skinny and wearing whatever I want. Oh wait, that’s been every day for the past 10 years.

Baby Bump Day | 19 Weeks

Baby Bump Update Pic - 19 Weeks

These weeks are flying by!!! I’m excited but terrified already. The best thing about the last couple weeks has been the surge of second trimester hormones and the way that things are finally settling. I feel motivated and happy and full of affection for people lately. Perfect timing for Christmas, I guess. Not a whole lot has changed in the last week. It has been the fastest week yet for me, I feel like I barely posted my 18 week update!

I still crave the same things, I feel basically the same as I did a week ago. Things coming up include a sonogram appointment and me working on a gender reveal image to share once we have the news. Last time we had a gender reveal party along with my sisters graduation celebration and released balloons to announce that we were having a boy. It was so much fun and very exciting, but there are a few reasons I didn’t feel like doing one this time. For one thing it was our first, so we went crazy with a lot of things like that, haha. Also, I remember the torture it was to wait the however many weeks it was between our sonogram appointment and the reveal party. We wanted to tell everyone what we were having the second we left the appointment. If we ever have another reveal party it will be as soon as possible after we find out! I just felt like a cute little picture announcement was the way to go this time. :)

I wish I had more to say! I’m getting excited for Christmas and I’m eating a lot more food lately, including chocolate covered peppermint pretzels and other holiday treats that I shouldn’t be having. I’ve been having to brace myself a bit more when I stand up from the floor. My overachieving belly + my underachieving hips can be blamed for that.

Lastly, can I say that taking photographs of or with a two year old is basically impossible.


Baby’s Size Mango. Mmmm that sounds yummy. Now I want one.

How far along | 19 Weeks

Sleep | It finally happened. Miles has been weened! It’s crazy to nurse a child for over 2 years only to find that part of your life is over in a matter of days. Of course I’ll be right back at it in 5 short months! Miles seems like such a big boy now, drifting off to sleep on his own. Anyway, as a result of the weening I’m getting just a tad more sleep lately and it’s been nice.

Clothes | I don’t know what the point of this category is this time because I basically find myself wearing the same thing every day. The hardest part is weekends because I have nothing decent to wear outside of the house. I’ve tried on clothes at Old Navy, Gap and some place I can’t remember and nothing is right. Maybe someday soon I’ll find the big baggy comfy cute sweatshirt of my dreams, but not this past week.

Cravings | Same here! Lemonade, Subway Meatball subs, water. I bought a Tippins French silk pie the other day 1/2 off because it was past the sell date. Yeah… I took a bite and guess what?! It tasted old. So that happened. Anyone want to bring me a chocolate mousse pie from Heaven that would be great.

Food Aversions | The list of things I refuse to eat dwindles each day. I’m trying really hard to be better this pregnancy and not indulge in as many empty calories, but it’s a challenge because once again I am hungry constantly. Not just craving things, not just “eh, I could eat” but I mean ravenously starving! When those moments really hit me I grab the closest thing, be it chips or chocolate covered pretzels, and chow down. Sigh.

Symptoms | I re-read the 19 week update from my last pregnancy and once again my swollen feet were mentioned. I forgot how quickly I was swollen that summer. The good news is that I haven’t been feeling any swelling. The symptoms of note this week are phlegm, hunger, ligament pains, and Braxton hicks.

Doctor’s Appointment | We have officially rescheduled the sonogram and follow up for the 17th so Steven can be in attendance. Yes, I am more impatient than ever, but I am happy he’ll get to be there with me to see our squirmy again.

Belly Button | Just as ugly as always

Gender | Less than a week left of pure torture

Best moment of the week | I don’t know if I can pick one moment that stands out from the rest. I’ve had some sweet moments with Miles at home this week and I love all the Christmas lights everywhere and opening our advent boxes every morning.

What I’m looking forward to | Knowing for sure what we’re having and finishing my reveal image but perhaps even more I am excited to see that squirming baby again and see how much he/she has grown in the past 6 weeks.

What I miss | Being 18 and skinny and wearing whatever I want. Oh wait, that’s been every day for the past 10 years.

Baby Bump Day | 17 Weeks

Baby bump progress photo at 17 weeks.

This is the moment I have been waiting for! The blessed 2nd trimester! As it did with my first pregnancy, it just seems to gradually fade away, slamming me with one final bout of awful pukey-ness as a not-so-pleasant farewell.

I actually began writing my first weekly update at 15 weeks, then I slacked off on taking a bump picture and it turns out that my blog post draft never saved. So, here I am starting over with you at 17 weeks! Even that is a little inaccurate because today marks 18 weeks. Oh well, the photos are from 17 weeks and I don’t believe anything has really changed much. Although I was feeling much more eloquent and clever that day… I apologize for how ordinary this one will be. Oh and yes, I realize my belly is already huge… sigh.

Here is a quick recap of my first trimester, now that I’m beginning to emerge from the fog. At exactly 6 weeks I began to feel daily nausea along with complete exhaustion and fatigue. I lost my appetite and forced down just enough food to keep me alive but there was no joy in it. I can’t help but compare this pregnancy to my first, it’s all I’ve known until now. I can’t tell if I have it any better or worse this time when it comes to my sickness and symptoms. I can tell you that with Miles, the very first symptom I had was a heart-rate that shot into the 100’s and that continued until well into the second trimester before it dropped to a normal rate. This time I didn’t have that, but I have had heart palpitations now and then. With my first I had the luxury of laying down if I desperately needed a nap or if I couldn’t stand without barfing. This time I am a full time mother and part time artist with a business, so I have been defying the odds by barely holding on. I’m truly shocked I made it sometimes. After one day of being sick, the memory of the misery returned. In some ways it feels like losing 3 months of my life. I plodded along. I will say that I vomited a bit less this time and my nausea was sometimes more bearable (likely out of necessity, but I’m still happy about it).

This post really feels so boring and blah blah. Also kind of gross. Enough of that…

Let’s emerge into the current symptoms of the second trimester! Yay! The last week has been pretty great. I got sick 3 times in less than 12 hours, but I think that might have been sort of a grand finale of it all, because most days I have had motivation, an appetite and spurts of energy. The fog has lifted somewhat and I’m beginning to feel more like myself! I’m starting to have cravings and get pleasant hormonal feelings (ones that make me want to cuddle my boys and organize junk).

Before I blab you to death, I’ll just post the categories I used for my first pregnancy and update you that way.


Baby’s Size | Pear. See, I knew there was a better comparison out there than the one I used for my first 17 week update. 

How far along | 17 weeks. Well technically today makes 18, but the update and photo are from 17 weeks.

Sleep | Considering I have had a child sleeping with me for the past 2+ years and I’ve been waking up 3-4 times a night to nurse him back to sleep, things are wonderful. Such different expectations than the first time, haha. The great news is that Miles has finally been sleeping completely through the night without waking for over a month now! So these nights I just wake myself up to go to the bathroom. That’s okay though, I would prefer that any night, thank you.

Clothes | I have basically been wearing the same thing since I was pregnant with Miles almost 3 years ago… but I have never had to wear cold-weather maternity clothes so I’m already to the point that many of my shirts are fitting strangely. I have a few long-sleeve maternity shirts but I’m dreaming of some huge, comfy hoodies and cardigans.

Cravings | This has been covered somewhat, but I am just happy to have cravings! I’ll list some of the most significant cravings starting with the strongest and most consistent, meatball sub from Subway with pepperoni, pepperjack cheese and jalepenos. I’m weird. I’ve also been craving all things red sauce, both pizza and pasta, jalepenos (as stated) and lemonade and salad (those last two were the same with Miles.) Some lesser cravings are wheat thins with cheeseball type dips and grapefruit.

Food Aversions | Still not feelings much love for garlic, strong onion flavor and BBQ (which is weird because that was a huge craving with Miles). Heavy soups and thick casserole type foods sound yuck.

Symptoms | I just re-read my 17 week post from last time and realized my symptoms are quite different! Yes, the baby brain, but I don’t feel swollen or racing heart. I have been feeling braxton hicks already, which is crazy because with Miles I didn’t feel them until well into the 3rd trimester! I’ve also had sore ligaments in my pelvis, really sore and weak hips and lack the energy I wish I had to work on projects lately. The nausea is fading, though, yay!

Doctor’s Appointment | I put off finding a new doctor and making my first appointment until around 14 weeks. Now I have an appointment December 11 and that is also when we’ll have our 20 week sonogram and find out if it’s a boy or girl!

Movement | This is a tricky one! I think it’s because I’m having trouble remember back any farther than what it felt like to have a bigger baby in there, really moving around and jabbing my insides. I can’t seem to remember what the flutters feel like. I’ve had trouble distinguishing between gas bubbles and actual movement until this week. I’ve had a few distinct moments where I’ve been certain it’s a baby in there and not flatulence, lol.

Belly Button | Innie. Barely. I should not be this close to an outie yet, IMHO.

Gender | This is constantly on my mind. I love the idea of having a girl next, but I also have realized how awesome it is to be the mom of a boy. I’d obviously be thrilled either way but I’m dying to know so I can visualize better the little being living within me. We’ll find out December 11 and I have a really cute announcement photo planned, I just have to make that happen.

Best moment of the week | When Miles randomly took notice of my belly and said “Brother, sister?!?!” very excitedly. I also loved the distinct kicks and feeling the fog lift a bit more.

What I’m looking forward to | Finding out the gender, feeling kicks from the outside and hopefully finding some huge hoodies to lounge in.

What I miss | As with my first, I keep craving alcoholic drinks, which I never really drank before being pregnant anyway. I also miss all the other things I can’t have, like hot tubs and roller coasters. Also someone mentioned how I probably cant ice skate if I’m pregnant and that made me sad and made me realize I really wanted to ice skate all of a sudden.

Baby Bump Day | 18 Weeks

Progress Pic 18 weeks

I’ve always liked the sound of 18 weeks. It’s like the calm before the storm, you feel legit preggers and yet you don’t have to be terrified of knocking over everything within five feet of yourself when you decide to re-position your body.

Here’s another miraculous thing, I’m writing this only one day after having turned 18 weeks. Yay! I even took the bump progress pic today. Feeling pretty proud of myself. And may I say… how freaking huge is my belly already?! Ridiculousness.

I have to say, I was really surprised and excited to see how many people actually decided to read last weeks’ update! Thank you for that! I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have made it so whiny or filled it with so many references to vomit.

The other night we watched the Chief’s play the Bronco’s and it was brutal, as anyone who watched the game knows. All of a sudden I felt crazy kicks and protests from the little nugget within! Pretty sure he/she was not very happy about the way things were playing out.

I always feel redundant when I type a bunch of stuff up here, then in the categories below I end up basically repeating a bunch of it. So I will recap my Thanksgiving visit to the family a bit and proceed with the list.

Back during the dark ages of the first trimester, I complained on Facebook about my lack of appetite and expressed my hope that by Thanksgiving I would be able to fully indulge myself in the feast with abandon. This did happen! It was pretty wonderful. Miles and I drove down to my parents a day early and I helped my mom and sisters prep the meal. Thursday I spent the morning finishing up some of the recipes and it was pure Heaven to finally sit down and stuff my face when the time came. I’m still not ready to let go of Thanksgiving, so I have been making cream cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey sandwiches for dayzzz. Also while visiting home, I witnessed my brother make himself a large mason jar full of fresh squeezed lemonade and wondered why I hadn’t thought to do that before. Genius! Needless to say, I have murdered my fair share of lemons in the last few days. Mmmmmm…

Baby’s Size Sweet Potato (I’ve been Googling to find new comparisons. I think it’s appropriate to the Thanksgiving season)

How far along | 18 weeks (and one day. Yeah!)

Sleep | This hasn’t changed much. My quality of sleep depends mostly on how many times Miles wakes up in the middle of the night. I’ve also already started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and less on my stomach and more on my side. Sadness. I loveeee stomach sleeping.

Clothes | I feel pretty silly in most of my tight hoodies and I couldn’t zip up my favorite cold-weather coat the other day. I had a moment where I thought to myself “I don’t remember my coat not fitting last time.” Then I realized last time it was probably sweltering somewhere in the 90’s last time.

Cravings | Re-reading the cravings from last pregnancy, I realized lemonade was in the spotlight again. I also had another glorious meatball sub yesterday.

Food Aversions | And again, garlic was not a friend. Perhaps these pregnancies have more in common than I originally thought.

Symptoms | Compared to last time I find it curious that I was so swollen, but not so much this time! I’m very happy about it. I hated how swollen I was last time. The symptoms this week are primarily weak/sore ligaments and hips and frequent charlie horse pains.

Doctor’s Appointment | Nothing has changed! Still December 11 for now

Belly Button | Innie. This is a lame topic.

Gender | Nothing new here.

Best moment of the week | Sunday night when I felt the first strong, unmistakable kick! ahhh! (Now you wanna know something funny about that last sentence? That was my response last time I was pregnant, and is basically exactly what happened this time!) My best moment, though, was probably Saturday when I returned from my parents to find that Steven had cleaned the entire house, put up Christmas lights and had made his famous chili that I love so much. It was an incredible surprise.

What I’m looking forward to | Discovering the gender, seeing my baby again on the ultrasound, either going through Miles old clothes or buying girly ones. Both sound exciting!

What I miss | Much the same as last week. You can probably add “sleeping on my stomach” soon enough.

Miles and Mommy - Baby Bump week 18

We’re Expecting (another) Future Jedi!

Star Wars Jedi Pregnancy Announcement

 Our Star Wars Pregnancy Announcement

The news it out! We’re expecting baby #2! I’m thrilled with the idea of Miles taking on the role of big brother and of me learning what it means to love two tiny souls so completely.

We found out I was pregnant exactly four weeks ago and announced it yesterday at Miles’ 2nd birthday party. It was the perfect opportunity for this kind of announcement because so many of our loved ones were already present from both sides of our family as well as several close friends. The week before, I had created a t-shirt for Miles that said “BIG BRO” on the back. We put it in a small paper gift bag and made sure it was the last one to be opened. Everyone seemed surprised and excited and their joy was reflected by myself and Steven. It was a moment, having my husband beside me, my son in my lap and surrounding by my loved ones as we all cheered. I managed to get my sister, Bethany, to record the reveal using my phone while knowing nothing herself of what was to come. Now I have this I can share with you and keep forever!

 Link to the video on Facebook. (Only view-able by Facebook friends. Add me if you’re curious)

A quick pregnancy update (rant)

Now that I’m free to speak of preggo things, I have so much to say. And by say, I definitely mean complain about. A few months after Miles was born there was this, an article written as I reminisced about the misery of my first pregnancy. It seems I forgot a few of those pesky symptoms that like to camp out for the first 18 weeks or so. Here’s a quick rundown: SERIOUS fatigue, all-day nausea, aversion to nearly all foods and smells, dizziness, phlegm, headaches, exhaustion, and finally, perhaps most of all… preggo brain.

Oh that preggo brain!!! It just takes your steady, well-oiled system of fuctioning, of life-management and scribbles all over it with a permanent marker. And not just one of those normal, medium tip sharpies. We’re talking the huge, thick sharpies used to label your moving boxes. Not sure anything will make you feel like a complete dunce quite the way having a child growing inside you does. One night I completely forgot to cut up and grill some onions for dinner and didn’t notice until I was almost ready to clear the table afterwards. A couple nights later I left some potatoes boiling in a pot, only to be reminded by the smell of burning starch wafting into the other room. Because that’s what my pregnant nose and stomach needed, clouds of charred death forcing their way through my sinuses. I often find myself standing in the hallway staring at a closed door and wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Breathing? Was I going to get something important out of the office? Or was I just heading to the bathroom to relieve my bladder for the 4th time that hour.

It all seems kind of cliche and expected, writing this all out and being quite aware that I am not the first pregnant woman to ever complain of these things. I’m giving myself a metaphorical slap on the forehead saying “DUH, Brittany! You’ve been here before! It doesn’t take a full operational brain to know that pregnant women pee alot.” I know guys, I am painfully familiar with these symptoms. I guess I just forgot for a couple years just how pregnancy totally takes over your life.

Oh, but it’s so wonderful. I’m being reminded of other things, too. Like how it feels to have a spark that ignites inside you and spreads light and joy and excitement everywhere you go.  How the months ahead begin to fill with thoughts of new life. I imagine the path before me. Looking ahead things are never certain, but if I squint a bit I can just barely see this future day where I have a family of four and somehow my heart has expanded to fit even more love within it. I wake up each morning barely able to manage the life I’ve (mostly) been able to navigate just fine for two years, but in the gap where brain function used to be, there is a new purpose. I do my best to keep up with the purpose I’ve already been given, meanwhile I tell my body “Go ahead. Suck those nutrients and that energy and the brain cells right out of my body and use them to make another tiny miracle.” Because it’s so so so so worth it.

I’ll probably see you guys again sometime around week 18? I’ll also probably be bringing along a donut or two and everything else for which I will re-acquire an appetite.