December 12, 2014

Baby Bump Day | 19 Weeks

Baby Bump Update Pic - 19 Weeks

Baby Bump Update Pic - 19 Weeks

These weeks are flying by!!! I’m excited but terrified already. The best thing about the last couple weeks has been the surge of second trimester hormones and the way that things are finally settling. I feel motivated and happy and full of affection for people lately. Perfect timing for Christmas, I guess. Not a whole lot has changed in the last week. It has been the fastest week yet for me, I feel like I barely posted my 18 week update!

I still crave the same things, I feel basically the same as I did a week ago. Things coming up include a sonogram appointment and me working on a gender reveal image to share once we have the news. Last time we had a gender reveal party along with my sisters graduation celebration and released balloons to announce that we were having a boy. It was so much fun and very exciting, but there are a few reasons I didn’t feel like doing one this time. For one thing it was our first, so we went crazy with a lot of things like that, haha. Also, I remember the torture it was to wait the however many weeks it was between our sonogram appointment and the reveal party. We wanted to tell everyone what we were having the second we left the appointment. If we ever have another reveal party it will be as soon as possible after we find out! I just felt like a cute little picture announcement was the way to go this time. :)

I wish I had more to say! I’m getting excited for Christmas and I’m eating a lot more food lately, including chocolate covered peppermint pretzels and other holiday treats that I shouldn’t be having. I’ve been having to brace myself a bit more when I stand up from the floor. My overachieving belly + my underachieving hips can be blamed for that.

Lastly, can I say that taking photographs of or with a two year old is basically impossible.


Baby’s Size Mango. Mmmm that sounds yummy. Now I want one.

How far along | 19 Weeks

Sleep | It finally happened. Miles has been weened! It’s crazy to nurse a child for over 2 years only to find that part of your life is over in a matter of days. Of course I’ll be right back at it in 5 short months! Miles seems like such a big boy now, drifting off to sleep on his own. Anyway, as a result of the weening I’m getting just a tad more sleep lately and it’s been nice.

Clothes | I don’t know what the point of this category is this time because I basically find myself wearing the same thing every day. The hardest part is weekends because I have nothing decent to wear outside of the house. I’ve tried on clothes at Old Navy, Gap and some place I can’t remember and nothing is right. Maybe someday soon I’ll find the big baggy comfy cute sweatshirt of my dreams, but not this past week.

Cravings | Same here! Lemonade, Subway Meatball subs, water. I bought a Tippins French silk pie the other day 1/2 off because it was past the sell date. Yeah… I took a bite and guess what?! It tasted old. So that happened. Anyone want to bring me a chocolate mousse pie from Heaven that would be great.

Food Aversions | The list of things I refuse to eat dwindles each day. I’m trying really hard to be better this pregnancy and not indulge in as many empty calories, but it’s a challenge because once again I am hungry constantly. Not just craving things, not just “eh, I could eat” but I mean ravenously starving! When those moments really hit me I grab the closest thing, be it chips or chocolate covered pretzels, and chow down. Sigh.

Symptoms | I re-read the 19 week update from my last pregnancy and once again my swollen feet were mentioned. I forgot how quickly I was swollen that summer. The good news is that I haven’t been feeling any swelling. The symptoms of note this week are phlegm, hunger, ligament pains, and Braxton hicks.

Doctor’s Appointment | We have officially rescheduled the sonogram and follow up for the 17th so Steven can be in attendance. Yes, I am more impatient than ever, but I am happy he’ll get to be there with me to see our squirmy again.

Belly Button | Just as ugly as always

Gender | Less than a week left of pure torture

Best moment of the week | I don’t know if I can pick one moment that stands out from the rest. I’ve had some sweet moments with Miles at home this week and I love all the Christmas lights everywhere and opening our advent boxes every morning.

What I’m looking forward to | Knowing for sure what we’re having and finishing my reveal image but perhaps even more I am excited to see that squirming baby again and see how much he/she has grown in the past 6 weeks.

What I miss | Being 18 and skinny and wearing whatever I want. Oh wait, that’s been every day for the past 10 years.

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