September 5, 2017

Belly Day // Eighteen Weeks

This week we experienced the next big, excited stage of this pregnancy! Steven and I got to see our little bebe during our anatomy ultrasound. It was surreal and beautiful and I loved the whole experience. The next couple days were spent prepping, shooting, and editing a gender reveal video for friends and family. I think I drove myself insane because I tried to get it all done as soon as we could. We didn’t want to keep everyone waiting too long (plus I could barely hold it in!). So here it is, our fun reveal reel. :)

The rest of the week was pretty great, too. It was busy, but full of anticipation and we enjoyed continued fun times with visiting friends. I was once again surrounded by people I loved and some I hadn’t seen in awhile. There were celebrations of love and family around every corner. Things are going to continue to be pretty busy off and on until the end of the year, but I think I’m finally feeling up to it.

Baby’s SizePepper, bell variety

Sleep | Except for staying up until 3 a.m. editing the reveal video, I’ve had a decent amount of sleep this week.

Clothes | I’ve been sort of brainstorming some maternity outfit ideas that I can actually make and sew myself. We’ll see if it actually happens because there are many more useful and necessary tasks I should be focusing on.

Cravings | I’ve been strongly desiring juicy, red meat. Double cheeseburgers, sausage, the works. It sounds kinda gross as a list, but some days I just want it! We’ve also been gifted some garden-grown peppers that are satisfying.

Food Aversions | Pizza remains king of the aversions.

Symptoms | Ears, still. I’m a procrastinator. I’ve basically just felt super out of shape, so my heart is always racing and palpitating, I’m always catching my breath, and my hips and all pelvic pieces are in frequent pain. Oh, and in case you were wondering how enjoyable a chigger welt on a stretch mark is… it’s not.

Doctor’s Appointment | A bit of a wait now, 3+ weeks until the next one (at 22 weeks)

Movement | I think I’ve finally officially felt movement! My Dr. told me at my appointment that I have an anterior placenta this pregnancy and it often makes it harder to feel movement as early. I think I definitely feel it now, but I still struggle to distinguish all the little blips.

Gender | A beautiful, precious, little girl!!!!!

Best moment of the week | Continuing celebrations with friends, finding out our first girl is on her way, filming and photographing lots of artistic things.

What I miss | Being less fat. Lol.

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