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I have reached a milestone. The one where strangers notice you are pregnant. I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon, but I do believe I finally “popped” (really this just means I am beginning to feel more and more like I am actually going to pop. Like a balloon. Get it? Whatever.)

Last week during my shopping day, I had a sweet lady at Starbucks ask when I was due and tell me she was sympathetic for my summer pregnancy. That same afternoon, the cashier at Walmart asked how many months along I was. After calculating my 18 weeks into something close to 4 months she exclaimed “Oh wow! Your BIG!” and proceeded to ask if I was having twins. I politely explained that I did not know whether I was having twins or not. Lol.

I’ve decided to rock it/flaunt it… whatever you want to call it. I’ve embraced my growing belly and bought some maternity clothes that fit comfortably and bring me joy. Tank tops from Gap Body. I want to buy all of their tanks and t-shirts and dresses and pretty much everything. I’m belting up the belly to really show it off and even considering all the ways I can use a growing belly to my advantage. I believe it will grow into a convenient cup rest and I discovered at dinner the other night that I have a new “lap” to watch out for.

The Lap: 

Baby’s Size| Heirloom Tomato
How far along | 19 weeks
Sleep | Pulling myself out of bed several times per night and landing on my swollen feet has not been fun. I now stuff a pillow between my legs and under my hips to make more room for my growing belly!
Clothes | This was an exciting area of development this week! I bought a maternity tank top that pretty much made my week. I might have worn it every day for at least 4 days. Until Sunday, when my sweet husband brought me back to the scene of the crime (Gap Body) and bought me 3 more in other colors!!! Which for me means I now have white, black, grey and… purple!!! See? I wear colors. Sometimes. They fit so well and go with everything and are made of the SOFTEST material. If the t-shirt versions go on sale I might have to stock up on those, as well.
Cravings | I was spoiled with J. Alexander’s mac and cheese 3 times in a week, Sunday my husband made me super yummy chili, and I’ve been really feeling the joy of fruit juices and naked smoothies. YUMMO! Yesterday I tried to explain to Steven how I was craving something sweet, but not too cold, with a thick consistency but not too dry (like cake) and not too thin like pudding. He regarded me as though I was insane as I listed and ruled out: Brownies, Gelato, Cold Stone, Cupcakes, Pudding, Tiramisu, and pie. The closest I got to guessing my craving was cheesecake. My hinting led nowhere. No cheesecake indulgence for me. Lol.
Food Aversions | Depends on the moment, I think. Instead I will tell you that I’ve always had a pretty strong stomach for things like guts and gross things. It drives Steven crazy that I can watch an episode of Bones while we eat dinner. But lately I have been gagging at the thought of bug guts, puss, and slimy anything.
Symptoms | I regressed for a day or two. Maybe my hormones rushed to an imbalance. With naps and deep breathing I made it through the week. The swelling has been AWFUL!!! I complain far to much about it but Steven is sweet and rubs my feet and puts up with my whining (usually)
Doctor’s Appointment | We have an ultrasound on Monday! I am so freaking excited, I can’t even tell you. We didn’t have any early ultrasounds so this will be the very first time to we see Baby!!! I must then keep the gender a secret until the 20th when we will reveal to friends and family.
Movement | Baby’s kicking my butt lately. Literally. Makes it difficult to distinguish between kicks and gas bubbles. Lol!
Belly Button | Innie.
Gender | I can’t talk about it or I will die of the anticipation.
Best moment of the week | This might be dumb but it was probably when I tried on maternity shirts and realized they are truly miraculous.
What I miss | Non-swollen hands and feet! I miss being able to wear flip-flops without feeling the hard ground digging into my painful feet. And being able to sit up without such intentional maneuvering.

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3 thoughts on “Baby Bump | 19 Weeks

  1. LOL I died laughing at this: ” bug guts, puss, and slimy anything.” I love you. So I can’t wait to see you and your sweet tomato bump in 2 weeks. I’m going to hug your GUTS out! :D


  2. I don’t need maternity shirts per say, but I must go to this Gap Body, it sounds delightful :)

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