May 15, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 19 Weeks

This week held some really lovely moments. Because the previous week was so busy with events, I had intentionally pushed all thoughts of gardening to this week. So Monday, I headed out bright and early with my assistant, Remi, to buy my garden plants. It was a great day of plant shopping, finished off with some lunch together at Subway (one of the closest things to a cravings I’ve felt lately).

Tuesday was spent refreshing my raised beds and planting all my goodies. We also found a slithery friend who hung out with us for the day before being released later that evening. It was a dusty, sweaty, exhausting and satisfying day.

Wednesday was spend grocery shopping and running to a few more places for plants I still needed (or, you know… “Needed.”) Overall it was a really great week of outdoor accomplishments. The weather was warm and sunny most of the week, providing just the right mood for my spring/summer fever. Now I impatiently wait for all my plant babies to grow and start producing luscious fruits for me to enjoy.

Pregnancy-wise it’s been a decent week, too. I haven’t napped as often, seemingly starting the morning with efficient energy for the day. I did still slow down after lunch, but didn’t shut down completely. I’ve been dealing with more swelling and soreness in my joints. Also, on Tuesday, at the start of my gardening day, I tweaked a rib or something in my back and had to visit the chiro. It made my gardening more painful, but I pushed through because I was feeling determined!

Praise God for a productive week and start to the gardening season!

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | Mango

Sleep | Most night have been normal, waking 2-3 times for bathroom breaks. Some nights when the kids make their way into our bed I struggle a bit more. The main thing is that I have been sleeping hot lately! So by my first wake time I am desperate to throw the covers off, which can get complicated when we have more occupants.

Clothes | I had adepressing moment trying on some of my “loose” shorts from last summer only to find they already are too tight for comfort. I have enough items now that I can usually find something to wear, especially on warm days, since I am more equipped for those. Lots of rompers and short-alls and skirts this summer, I think. Speaking of skirts I bought fabric to make a couple skirts that I’m hoping will expand my options even more. I still need some decent, basic shirts.

Cravings | I wish I had cravings. I miss that from previous pregnancies. I have some things I consistently enjoy and that’s about it. I don’t crave them, but I rely on them as safe foods. The only thing I would still consider a craving is my Starbucks iced coffees. I don’t know what it is, but it just hits the spot! I tried making my own toasted vanilla syrup so I could replicate it at home, but it’s just not the same. I might go broke on Starbucks.

Other go-tos: cottage cheese with honey, cinnamon & bananas, pink freeze pops (also a craving during my pregnancy with Miles!), and turkey sandwiches with the fixin’s & spicy chips. Oh! I also had a short bout of craving Tippin’s French Silk pie.

Food Aversions | We’ve had a ton of pizza lately. I wouldn’t call it an aversion, but I’m sick of it and I don’t like how I feel and the aftertaste when I eat it. Mostly I still feel nauseated at night and at that point almost nothing sounds good.

Symptoms | night nausea, sore joints, swelling, reflux,

Doctor’s Appointment | Next week

Weight | I honestly have not weighed myself in quite a while. It’s partly because I’m scared to and partly because we lost the batteries to the scale and I haven’t cared enough to replace them. But I can tell I’ve gained for sure. I’ve been eating more this week, and not great stuff, so it isn’t surprising, just terrifying. Normally I’m around this weight at the very end of my pregnancy, not near the half way point!

Movement | This is always my favorite part. I feel him wriggling around in there all the time! Those little flutters are the very best. I think I may be able to tell the different between kicks and hiccups, too.

Gender | I basically repurpose this category each week as I see fit. I think I’m really close to officially declaring his name, but I need one or two last “are you sure?” conversations with Steven first. I think of him as the name and I can’t imagine any other name fitting. It’s almost like I’m afraid since this will most likely be our last, then I’ll never get to pick another boy name, so I want to make sure I pick well. Plus, it is going to be his name for the rest of his life, so…

Best moment of the week | Getting our garden planted!

What I miss | Being able to find bras that fit, wearing my favorite summer clothes from the last couple years, being able to lean forward without blood feeling like it’s pushing into my brain, enjoying food without thinking about it so hard.

What I’m looking forward to | When our strawberries are ready to harvest and the garden is producing. Summer vacations. Maybe finally getting some house projects worked on.

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