Oh man, here we go again! I looked back at my last pregnancy just now and realized I started documenting at 17 weeks. I thought I was behind, so that made me feel better about myself. Starting this process near the start of the 2nd trimester is most definitely due to the fact that I’ve finally started to emerge from the fog of the last three months. It has nothing to do with the presence of a belly, considering my body got the memo right…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Sixteen Weeks”

Several weeks ago I posted this video to Facebook, trying to be all tricky and mysterious. For the sake of documentation and consistency, I felt like it needed to be posted on my blog, too! So here you go. :) As this new adventure progresses I plan to document all the weekly updates the way I did with the first two. Check them all out here.

41 weeks pregnancy update postpartum and recovery

I didn’t make it to 40 weeks after all! I decided I wanted to take a photo with Finn that fit with my weekly belly update theme. I tried to make him look like a “belly” the way the cool people on Pinterest do it, but… FAIL! I won’t say too much up here because I have already shared Finn’s “intro” blog entry as well as his birth story, so please check those out if you’re interested. I just thought it would be fun to…Continue Reading “Belly Day | 41 Weeks”

Finns official going home shirt - birth story

  As the day for Finn’s birth drew near, I tried to imagine how everything would unfold. I only had one other pregnancy/birth to reference, but I also knew that every experience is different, just as we are all unique souls. Like the title says, this was Finn’s story, not mine, so it was just a matter of waiting to see what God had in store for us. With my first birth experience, everything happened just the way I thought it was supposed to, beginning with one…Continue Reading “Finn’s Birth Story”

Baby Bump Belly Day - 39 Weeks

You know what’s crazy? Thinking this might actually be my last update before Finn is born!!! Part of me wants to make it to 40 weeks because it’s a nice, complete number for pregnancy. I also love my due date and would be thrilled to have a Star Wars baby. However… part of me would love to be rewarded (immediately) for my anxious anticipation the past couple weeks! It’s funny how easily distracted I was during the first several months from the fact that I was…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 39 Weeks”

Baby Belly Bump Day - 38 Weeks

Last week was another exciting one, filled with baby thoughts and preparations. Mentally, I have fully shifted to thinking (obsessing) about labor and birth again. This is partly because we toured the Shawnee Mission Birth Center last Wednesday and went over all the things we wanted and what to expect and it made it feel hugely real!!! I think I’m really going to like giving birth at the new hospital. Last time I gave birth at Menorah and I had a great experience. The primary…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 38 Weeks”

Nesting has hit! It slammed into me about 3 a.m. Friday morning and has barely let up since! I feel like I’ve hardly accomplished anything in spite of it, though. That’s unfortunate. I am battling some seriously intense hip and pelvic pain, making it almost impossible to walk in the mornings and by the time my joints and ligaments have all loosened up, it’s late enough in the day that I’ve lost the initial motivation I feel when I first wake up. I’ve accomplished a few minor things, like…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 37 Weeks”

I am very pregnant, people. I am flashing my pregnancy card left and right… “Why, yes, I’d love for you to carry my groceries.” and “Wow, I’m sorry I just made you suffer through the biggest brain fart ever, see… I’m pregnant.” I have a fascination with stepping back mentally and looking at the big picture of my life and how it’s moving through time. The month is filling up with little plans and appointments and any remnants of “normal, functioning incubator body” are being…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 36 Weeks”

Baby belly bump day - 35 weeks

Today I had a chiropractor appointment! Yay… this has been something I’ve been wanting for 3 years… way to procrastinate, Brittany! It was pretty great. I expected so much more to happen at the appointment, but the few adjustments he made definitely helped my hips and I can’t wait to see if it stays this way a bit. I’ll probably schedule another one in a couple weeks, then one more before baby is born. That last one could happen so soon! That’s insane to me,…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 35 Weeks”

Oh, how quickly I have gone from mildly miserable to fully miserable! I know I complain a ton on this blog, but it’s sort of my outlet (along with other outlets, like anyone else who is within hearing distance). Sunday I thought it would be a brilliant idea to trim our rose bushes. Half way through I began to feel the ache, but I was determined to push through. That night I was truly regretting it and could barely manage to stand upright in the…Continue Reading “Belly Day – 34 Weeks”