October 16, 2017

Belly Day // Twenty-Four Weeks

As our trip drew close I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage these updates while prepping and being on vacation. So I decided to just skip it! At first it bothered me that I would break the consecutive week thing, but then I realized it’s not a big deal and it accurately represents life during this pregnancy.

I have 3 weeks to cover this time, so here we go!

Our trip was AMAZING! For those who haven’t fully been informed, Steven and I took a trip to Colorado. We were gone 8 days and camped out of the van all but 2 nights. There were challenges, but it was an awesome adventure and I’ll always remember it that way! I won’t share a ton of vacation photos, maybe someday I’ll blog it separately. Instead I’ll just quickly tell you some of the highlights.

The main struggle while in the mountains was trying to breathe at the high altitudes, especially when we hiked! I’m pretty proud of myself for pushing through, though. We did a 3.5 mile hike one day and a 2 mile hike another day (plus several smaller hiking adventures). It was so great to just spend time with Steven and be goofy together and enjoy the quiet and the beauty as a couple. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to our parents for watching the boys and making it possible.

It’s been great being home, too. The boys were SO excited to see us when we got back and were like perfect angels for the couple days following, lol. Since then I have been trying to get back into routines and embrace the home life. I’ve felt so much desire to minimalism and organize but my baby brain can’t seem to make it happen!

Speaking of baby brain… I had two photo sessions over the last weekend and I had several blank brain moments, including dropping my camera in a shallow creek!!! Thank God nothing was permanently damaged and we were able to finish the shoot. I won’t go into all the many other instances of brain stuff because there are just too many. I still have a few more sessions coming up this month in addition to the ones I’m editing, as well as my sister’s wedding this weekend so we’ll be staying busy!

In the gallery at the bottom of this post I also decided to include a side-by-side comparison from the 24 weeks updates from my previous pregnancies. Gah. I don’t feel super attractive but I can definitely see that I’m carrying differently!

Baby’s SizeEar of corn

Sleep | Still fighting the a.m. wakefulness. Last weekend was the worst yet! I woke up at 2:45 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until 7!

Cravings | I can’t say anything specific. On our trip I ended up eating way too much candy and drinking more soda than usual and I haven’t been able to kick the habit since. I also bought some amazing caramel corn in Estes that I’ve been sparingly indulging in and it’s almost all gone which makes me sad :(. Miles talked me into getting Oreos last week and that was amazing. See??? Sugar. UGH. Steven swears I’m craving salt because so often I’ll take a bite of something at a restaurant and comment that they didn’t season it enough or say “did you notice they didn’t put as much salt and usual on here?” and he’ll look at me like I’m crazy.

Food Aversions | I was starving one night in Estes Park and we had pizza from a highly rated local place and was so disappointed!!! I guess the pizza aversion isn’t gone. I have loved eating it only from Papa Kenos in Lawrence and I can tolerate calzones from Abe’s place here in town.

Symptoms | It’s about the same as last week. I feel like my lips and nose are a little puffy. The worst thing has been this strange pelvic pain. It’s not quite like the round ligament pain I’m used to experiencing on my sides, it’s right on my pubic bone. It feels like someone whacked me there with a baseball bat. You’re welcome. Anyway… I swear I read something about this condition last month and thought to myself “Wow, I’ve had some pretty bad symptoms before, but thank heaven I’ve never had to suffer that” and now here I am. Lol. It’s not totally debilitating yet, but when I sit at the end of the day then try to stand up again it’s pretty awful.

Doctor’s Appointment | Coming up next week and I’ll have my glucose test. :P I might have lost the drink they gave me, too and it’s a annoying that I’ll have to go get a new one.

Movement | She is moving and dancing in there all the time! Always my favorite thing about pregnancy. Today I sat and watched my belly jump for a good 20 minutes. I feel her most on the top right and bottom left of my belly.

Gender | Girly

Best moment of the week | Of the past 3 weeks the best moments were the night before we left on our trip and Steven and I laid in the van with the back open and talked about how excited we were for the adventure ahead. Pretty much the whole babymoon trip. Coming home and having the kids love on us like crazy. Yesterday was a wonderful, lazy Sunday and I enjoyed every second.

What I miss |  Being able to turn to the side when someone needs to scoot by me :D! haha

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