April 20, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 16 Weeks

I already feel like time is speeding along! I was and am very grateful for the “good days” I had last week. Unfortunately this week has been a bit harder for me. I think my hormones are just being a little fickle. Starting Monday morning I’ve been quite a bit more tired each day, especially in the afternoon/evening. I’ve lost some of the motivation that had popped up last week. I’m really hoping it comes back soon, because it felt so good to be productive and excited! I’ve managed some tier one tasks like dishes and grocery shopping and keeping up with client commitments. Otherwise I have been napping every afternoon and trusting I will again feel up to some of the “big” tasks soon.

We had a fun weekend! We took the kids to see the new Mario movie and ate lunch together at Jose’ Peppers as a family. I went shopping for some new bras to fit my changing body but it was somewhat disappointing. I’m not sure anything is going to feel super comfortable at this point (and even less so going forward) so I settled for a couple I can live with while my body is where it is. We also celebrated the Resurrection on Sunday and it was such a lovely day!

One of the best things about the past week has been the WEATHER!!!! I am so thrilled to see the bright green grass emerging and trees flowering. A number of times I have sat in the sun and simply basked. I’ve reacquainted myself with our hammock, the kids have been out on the trampoline, Miles learned how to mow the yard for the first time, and I’m daydreaming about fresh strawberries and garden growing. Basically I’ve been subsisting on hope for sunny days ahead.

During these foggy, dim days I experience what I call “glimmers” where I have a moment of bright hope that lights up when I see a pretty view or eat a bite of something that actually satisfies, or something sweet or funny happens around me. I’m holding onto hope that the glimmers become the consistent reality soon. That is my prayer.

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | avocado. For some reason this one really surprised me! I can’t believe he’s this big already!

Sleep | I’ve experienced two pretty great nights of sleep this week! I had no extra pint-sized visitors to my bed those nights and I only had to get up twice each of those nights for bathroom breaks. There were also a couple not so great nights, partly because poor Remi has had an annoying cough she’s been dealing with. Luckily that seems to have improved a bit within the last day or so. I still have lots of dreams, but they’re not as frustrating and annoying as they were before I had fully quit the progesterone. Overall I think things have improved in this category.

Clothes | I got a new jumpsuit in the mail yesterday. It’s probably only going to fit for another month or so but it’s nice to have another option for the time being. I also have a few more items that are supposed to arrive today and I’m really hoping they expand the options available among my wardrobe. Over the last couple years the bottom hemline of my shirts has risen with the trends. I now have hardly any shirts that cover my growing belly, lol. I can foresee that I will need to invest in some more simple t-shirts for the summer since I mostly rely on sweaters and sweatshirts these days.

Cravings | I have had very few cravings lately. Mostly I am still just struggling to find things that sound good to eat. I find most things acceptable once I actually start eating them, but up to that point I don’t feel that excited about any food. I’ve been relying heavily on cinnamon gum to help with weird aftertastes and I’ve been drinking huge mason jars of iced water. I’ve had a mild desire for sandwiches this week and I quite enjoyed watermelon on two separate occasions.

Food Aversions | Everything? Lol. Especially heavy foods and “one-dimensional” foods. I’m more inclined to eat something with variety like a chipotle burrito or salad or something.

Symptoms | Moodiness for sure, like crying for no reason and being frustrated but not knowing why. In the afternoon I start to get very tired and by the evening I am usually pretty nauseated and miserable.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have my 16 week appointment Friday!

Weight | Steadily gaining. Seems to be around 2 pounds/week. Total gained so far is 23 lbs.

Movement | I still haven’t felt anything. I keep thinking that since I’m a “seasoned” mother I should be able to feel those early flutters by now, but so far I can’t distinguish anything. It could be that extra layer of blubber I seem to have accumulated, haha.

Gender | Boy….. still… lol.

Best moment of the week | Our family outing on Saturday as well as waking up one morning and looking out to see the morning light pouring through our neighbor’s Bradford pear tree.

What I miss | Being 20, actually, why stop there?… 30 pounds lighter. Enjoying food. (Funny how those two things both do and don’t go together).

What I’m looking forward to | Days filled with excitement and motivation and happiness and energy. Also really enjoying food again.

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