June 1, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 22 Weeks

What a week!!! There was peak pregnancy productivity and it was lovely!!!

The primary hyper-focus

I started the week with a sudden urge to revamp the front of my house. It’s something I’ve considered for many years, I’ve honestly never done anything to make it my own in the 9+ years we’ve lived here. I don’t know what magical urges had to come together to make me actually do something about it now, but it was a fun and wild ride!

Over the last few years I’ve made mockups of the front of the house using photoshop, we even got bids last year for replacing some siding and painting and replacing the windows. We still plan to do that, but not immediately. So I decided to mock up a “phase one” version and that’s what I’ve been working towards. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a pregnancy update, but you can full expect me to dwell on this project in this post. And it is technically pregnancy related considering I wouldn’t have had this crazy inclination to dive head first into this project if it weren’t for the mysterious hormonal surges of motivation.

Phase one goals included:

  • Paint the front door and shutters black √
  • Replace the storm door
  • Update the light fixtures √
  • Install the ring doorbell I bought last year √
  • Remove the railing from the porch √
  • Wrap the remaining posts with wood
  • Update the railing on the stairs

The bold are the items that still need to be completed. We’ve purchased the new storm door but haven’t installed it yet. I’m working next on wrapping the posts, but before that can happen, I need to find someone with a table saw to help me miter the long edges, I also need to secure the posts to the ceiling of the porch with brackets and re-route the gutter first. Then I need to work out a plan for the stair railing. I either want to use pipe to attach to the posts or have a custom piece made but find a way to secure it correctly into the ground.



Other observations throughout the week

I found myself pushing hard one day and accomplishing a monumental amount of things, then the next day I was pretty tired and worn out and even moody some of the time. So I would take it easier on that second day and wake up for another full day after that. On Saturday I went to a baby shower then to a wedding and spent the rest of the day trying to rest.

Steven and Miles were out of town with Steven’s dad from Friday until Tuesday on a guys’ trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. They left the day after school let out for the summer. This made for quite a variation in our daily routines. We survived just fine, but it felt a bit lonely at times and we were definitely happy to welcome them back when they returned! When I wasn’t outside literally ripping boards off of stripped screws on the porch, I was inside recovering and trying to rest.

On Wednesday (in addition to the porch work) I also fixed a shower head in our bathroom and got our air compressor to work for the first time and blew up all the kids’ bike tires. And on Friday I painted the inside of my windows in the Livingroom black (which I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile, too).

Also, I am so grateful to my friend Cheryl to came by to help finish painting the shutters on my house!!! It feels so good to have them matching the rest of the house and I feel like I can finally leave it for awhile until we can get the other things done.

I have also recently decided (sort of spur of the moment, as everything seems to be these days) that I should have a garage sale to clear out some of the things that are taking space in the garage. We have other projects we need to work on soon and flooring to install and it will be very helpful to have that space open to work in. So that’s what I hope to accomplish this week. Followed by more (indoor) projects next week to be followed soon after by a trip to Branson. Then hopefully on to the floor replacement process! I am really looking forward to everything coming up. I pray my energy and motivation continues to be present when I need it. I have definitely been more tired since I started working on all of this.

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | Papaya (that’s fun to say!)

Sleep | Not too bad. I was dealing with a sore throat from post-nasal drip that was too dry to actually drip (you’re welcome), so I’ve been snoring and waking up with a very dry throat lately. I’m also very swollen when I get up during the night. But the sleep itself has been pretty good! While Steven was away, I totally took over his side of the bed and that was great.

Clothes | I am so pleased to have options when I need to get dressed. I already have a couple maternity items that are too tight because of the weight gain, but I still have plenty to wear. The main things I am still on the hunt for are: Swim top (and maybe new bottoms, too), and most especially… shoes!!! Every pair of shoes I have will give me bruises or make the inside of my foot hurt. I need to get serious about finding those unicorn-level perfect shoes, though, because my feet are very sad. I need something with incredible cushion, that holds onto my feet without the muscles in my feet having to do that work, that are wide enough that my foot doesn’t angle off the edge, and that aren’t too tight on the sides (but again, hold my foot in). I don’t know if such a pair of shoes exist, but I might try to do some shopping next week.

Cravings | I crave everything. If I hear about it or see someone eating it, I want it! I ate a lot of junk this/last week. Some of the most standout cravings have been: Arby’s beef and cheddar sandwiches, cereal, and all manner of fast food. I’ve noticed that when I’m hungry I will explore the kitchen and when I spot something that sounds yummy (as it often does) I will take a few bites of it then move on to the next thing. I’ve had several meals that were just a smorgasbord of things that were in my kitchen and sounded good for a moment. Probably my most exciting thing I’ve been enjoying are these chocolate covered frozen yogurt bars I bought back in February when I still couldn’t stand sugar. I found them in my freezer the other day and have been indulging every since.

Food Aversions | Very few things and not necessarily consistent. I don’t realize something sounds bad until I have the chance to eat it. And it might be different each time I encounter it. Sometimes even the sushi I have been off and on craving will actually be an aversion one moment, then the next day I’m back to loving it.

Symptoms | Swelling. It’s not quite as bad I remember it getting with Miles’ pregnancy (You can see more about that here) but it feels really tight all over and when I sit against things it leaves dents in my legs. I think I’ve been pretty good about drinking water, so I’m not sure there’s anything to do about it.

Also sciatica. I’ve often dealt with pain in my hips, but this is more in my rear and less the side of my hips. The other day I remembered/recognized it as sciatica which I have had in previous pregnancies.

Somewhat related to both of these, when I am laying/lounging and stand up to do something there is a often a solid 10-20 seconds where I’m not sure I’m going to be able to walk. Once I get moving we’re usually fine, but it’s not fun lol.

Doctor’s Appointment | My next appointment is the 16th!

Weight | I haven’t weighed myself since my last appointment and I don’t want to lol. I can see just looking at myself that I’ve continued to gain. And I really have no excuse this week because I’ve eaten a lot of junk. But I’m trying to stop stressing about it. It’s not even that I’ve been stressing about it, just disliking it. I think part of what makes it more difficult, is that just when I’m beginning to come to terms with my new size, I gain more weight and have to adjust all over again. I’m trying to cut back this week on the sweets and fast food but, eh.

Movement | Oh he’s so perfect and wriggly! I just love it. When it’s quiet for a bit then I feel him kick, It’s like he’s come by to say hello and I smile and just hang together for a second. I’m starting to feel hiccups and recognize that they’re different than kicks I think (it’s only bee a couple times so far). All the kicking makes me so excited for when I’ll get to feel those toes IRL.

Gender | We have been using his name, Aramis, freely and generously and I find it endearing. Remi still claims she doesn’t like it, but in a good natured way.

Best moment of the week | Each and every day of profound accomplishment. IT FELT SO SATISFYING! There were also some quiet, peaceful moments when it was just me, Remi, and Finn during the slow days. They were playing and I was tidying the house or sitting for a moment to rest and I was just plain happy.

What I miss | Knowing that if I really wanted to try and lose weight and get fit I could do it. I mean sure, I could start eating better and trying to be healthier right now, but I’m not going to be achieving any fitness goals at the moment. So I am trying to mentally propel that motivation forward to future me so that when it’s more achievable and I will be more determined to do something about it.

What I’m looking forward to | Lots and lots of house projects (replacing floors, painting bedrooms, replacing toilets, tiling bathrooms), as well as a trip to Branson. Also, our strawberries are just now starting to produce! I predict that next week will yield some decent harvest days and I’m very excited!

Curious? Here are my updates from my first two pregnancies for this week…

Miles: Baby Bump | 22 Weeks
Finn: Baby Bump Day | 22 Weeks
Remi: N/A

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