June 14, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 23 Weeks

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Each time I go to write one of these I am shocked how quickly the week has gone!

This past week was less epically productive, but still had it’s high points. I focused primarily on prepping a garage sale for the weekend, which we did. I’m grateful to have made a little money from it, but it sure is a lot of work! I am once again telling myself that I will never have another garage sale, lol. I was able to sell, give away, or donate most of it to Salvation Army, plus I still have a small table full of things I’m trying to sell on Facebook marketplace. I really hope they sell because I want to be done with it and not have to think about it anymore!

Best of all, my garage is looking more and more available to be used for all the many projects I have up my sleeve and that makes me very very happy! This current week the kids are enjoying VBS in the mornings which gives me about 3 hours of alone time each day to get some errands done and work on things. Today was the first day of that routine and I bought some paint supplies for Remi’s room and went grocery shopping.

Other things I’d like to accomplish this week:

  • Shop for and hopefully buy some new shoes and bras that fit
  • Prep Remi’s room to be painted and perhaps start on the painting
  • Get my eyebrows threaded
  • Tidy up the house
  • Begin making sure we have the supplies we need to work on the flooring
  • Photo editing for clients and some work on The Crimson Cord fall edition
  • Packing for a weekend getaway.

Looking at that list I am re-reminded that I do really need to clean up the house! Working on these projects and having the kids home all day (now that school is out) results in quick and frequent messes. This week it will be important for me to make that a priority as well as some computer work I have been putting off (editing, layout, various updates and favors for my lovely loved ones). This is in addition to more errands and perhaps prepping for paint work in Remi’s room. I actually plan to paint a large portion of the house still (all the bedrooms first and eventually the bathrooms, laundry room, and den). But I am trying to time things in a prudent way, making the floors a priority above some of these other projects.

This weekend we’ll be going to Branson with family for a short vaca. The kids are thrilled and I think it will be nice to have a change of environment for awhile.

I think everything else should be covered by the categories below. :)

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | Eggplant (Also read large mango, but last week was papaya and that seems bigger than a mango, so IDK)

Sleep | This hasn’t been bad. About the same as last week. I’m getting to sleep ok and waking up feeling like I mostly got enough sleep. The only night time happenings are waking up 2-3 times, experiencing soreness, swelling, dry mouth/throat and taking a large sip of water before crawling back into bed and drifting back to sleep. Some night I’m more bothered than others by the occasional appearances of Finn and Remi making their way into our bed.

Clothes | Every day clothes have been easy enough these days now that I have a hoard of short jumpers and biker shorts. Of the 3 swimsuits I purchased from Shein, only one was really that great. I’ve been wearing it to the pool and it is comfy and pretty cute, but it is a more cheeky than I prefer and I find myself having to adjust myself quite a bit. I have some swim bottoms that I bought a couple years ago and love that have more coverage but I didn’t have a top that would work. I went on the hunt and found a cute set from Amazon that had both cute bottoms and a promising top that could work with the bottoms I already have. That arrived yesterday and I really like it! The bottoms are pretty cheeky like the other suit, but I love the top and it will be nice to have 2 suits I can switch between, especially when we’re Branson.

I still am hoping to find a bra or two that actually fits and some shoes to save my feet. Hopefully I’ll find something this week.

In sad news, I’ve noticed some of the maternity clothes I acquired earlier on in my pregnancy are getting tight. One romper I can’t wear at all and a couple other things are noticeably smaller on me.

Oh and I have a crazy idea to sew an elaborate dress for maternity photos. I’m not sure how I’ll do it or if I should since I’ve got house projects at the forefront of my list. But I want to.

Cravings | The last few weeks I finally am in that recognizable place. The place where I want all the food. Unfortunately that also includes sugary treats, which are oh so delectable and easy to grab and snack on. I really want to watch what I’m eating since my weight gain scares me and I have my glucose test coming up so I need to crack down on myself.

On garage sale day Steven bought a bunch of donuts and donut holes and I ate way too many of them. Every day I have a Clio yogurt bar at night as my treat once the kids are abed. I’ve been making my own iced coffees, which saves me money on my previous Starbucks habit. I saw a reel for a banana pudding cake which I made for church yesterday and of which I also ate a generous portion. I ate half of a Butterfinger candy bar to make sure it was still edible (It was, unfortunately). I had a slice of leftover ice cream cake today because we had to make room in the freezer. I saw a customer at Sam’s club as we were leaving the store who had a giant box of drumstick ice cream cones in their cart and I almost turned back and bought some (I didn’t, though. *pats self on back*). I made the most incredible, greasy chicken bacon ranch sandwich for lunch after church on Sunday using the best beef bacon ever and chicken I had cooked in the bacon fat. I had two delicious meals make with Salmon and wish it was cheaper because I want more.


Symptoms | Swollen. My feet and hands feel so tight! And my face is visibly puffy to me (Steven claims he can barely notice but this is me every time I look in a mirror:

I feel very out of shape. My body is clearly struggling to carry all the new weight (baby and otherwise). It’s a battle between my motivation to work on all my projects and things or to listen to my brain when it tell me to sit down for a breather. Hills are the enemy. So it getting up from sitting down. So are stairs.

I still get mild reflux and nausea at night and after some meals. And weird burps.

Doctor’s Appointment | End of next week!

Weight | Blissfully unaware of the numbers, but still catching glances of myself in the mirror and looking away with a grimace.

Movement | He’s kicking me right now and I love it! I keep remembering towards the end of my pregnancy with Remi when I could see her movements from the outside and I hope I get to experience that again with this one.

Gender | The kids come up and kiss the belly often. We joke about Aramis playing video games and pushing the button on the controller with his feet when he kicks. I’m eager to get the new bedroom arrangements in order so I can start going through old clothes and getting excited about boy clothes. I’m eager to really have a space for him and begin to really, truly nest.

Best moment of the week | We got to go to the pool 3-4 times already this week and it is so crazy to have the older ones running off to play, knowing they can swim and just occasionally looking for their bobbing head. And Remi is well on her way to swimming. They all just seem so old! And to imagine starting that baby/toddler phase over is crazy, too! Our pool visits have been a highlight. So was finishing the garage sale and the sense of relief that it was over lol. I also had a lovely Sunday afternoon working on that banana pudding cake while the kids were at the pool with Steven. I could clean the kitchen in peace and listen to my favorite worship music and create yummy food.

What I miss | This is going to be so random and not even pregnancy related… I miss a quilt-like blanket that I made in college. The summer before my Sophomore year I imagined this shabby-chic blanket pieced together from old jeans, lace, and soft pink fabrics. It turned out so fun and artsy looking! But I was reminded of it the other day and felt sad. I don’t know what ever happened to it. Perhaps I grew of the style and just got rid of it, or it ended up lost or damaged, I can’t even remember! But I’m especially sad because I don’t think I have any pictures of it. I think once upon a time I did have a picture or two, but they’re since been lost along the way. So it only lives in my memory.

I saw a reel of a girl just running through a summer field (up a hill, through a house and down another hill) and I was jealous that I couldn’t do that right now. LOL.

I miss being able to drink a 44oz cup of Dr. Pepper and not notice any weird feelings and not gaining weight. I don’t even even want to drink Dr. Pepper right now, I just miss that I could. Same with full size candy bars and whole slices of cake.

What I’m looking forward to | Our trip to Branson with the family. Potential trips with other family and maybe just Steven and myself. Someday, God willing, standing in my house with all these projects completed and being shocked that I’m on the other side of it. Seeing the kids interact with Aramis outside the belly.

Curious? Here are my updates from my first two pregnancies for this week…

Miles: Baby Bump | 23 Weeks
Finn: Baby Bump Day | 23 Weeks
Remi: N/A (WHY did I not document this better?!?)

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