Monster Party in Colorful Neon

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Cute orange monster cake and colorful, neon monster eyeball cookies

Cute orange monster cake and colorful, neon monster eyeball cookies

The Monster Party

Here are some photos of the party we planned for MilesĀ third birthday. We had a fuzzy monster cake with eyeballs that was inspired by this one I saw on Pinterest. We had some eyeball snacks like these cookies and some dipped rice krispy treats. I attemptedĀ to make some monster balloon column/towers and made some favor bags that I decorated like monsters. I really did try to keep it more on the simple side this year. It might not seem like it, but I’m learning!

Cute and colorful monster party decorations and food ideas. Orange monster cake with eyeball skewers, eyeball cookies, colorful dipped rice krispy treats with eyeball candy, googly eyes on drinks and monster balloon towers/columns

The Prep-work

Progress pictures of the cake, favor bags and decor.The process of decorating the monster cake for Miles birthday party Cell Phone Photos of the Monster Party Decor - Monster cake, eyeball cookies, drinks and colorful straws

fun monster party favors, decorated monster favor bags, googly eyes and teeth on shoes

I want to give my inspirations the credit they deserve for all the creative ideas, so check out the originals whose pins I linked to in the paragraph above.

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