May 9, 2012

Baby Bump | 20 Weeks

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This is the week I have been waiting for! I remember sometime around 14 weeks when I began to feel like I had a goal to strive towards. 20 weeks. This week is so big and not just because this meant we could have our sonogram. I’ve reached the half-way point! It’s freaking me out a bit. I admit it. I’m no closer (in practical terms) to being prepared for baby than I have been since day 1. I had a miniature panic attack when I realized that it’s been 8 weeks since I started documenting all of this and in 8 more weeks I will begin my third trimester! I am barely settling into my second one! I’m battled mixed feelings, wanting this baby in my arms IMMEDIATELY and yet not feeling at all prepared  for it.

Just so you know (and for the sake of over-communicating), my actual flip-day for my weeks is Thursday. So when I post these updates on Wednesday, it’s more of a re-cap of the specified week, then the next day it flips. I take the photos on Mondays, (right smack in the middle of the week I’m documenting). I also tend to write these posts and updates on that day (Monday). So… this means as I write this, it is Monday. Whew, glad we got that cleared up.

This means today is the day we had our sonogram/ultrasound! I’ll recount some of the standout moments. To begin, I will say that it’s just torture to require pregnant women to drink 16 ounces of fluid in such a short amount of time, then force them to sit still in a waiting room for half an hour while their tiny bladder slowly fills to the point of terror. Our appointment was scheduled for 9:30. Sometime around 9:14 I began to feel the urge and, realizing I was still a ways off from relief, I tried to distract myself. Around 9:21 I was about ready to screw it all and take my blessed relief in the nearby bathroom. I shot daggers from my eyes at every nurse who I watched walk into the bathroom, flush and calmly exit.

A lady walked by and asked us what we were waiting for and I said “sonogram” at the same moment my husband said “ultrasound” and I realized for the first time that there were two names for it. I hadn’t even stopped to consider how often I’ve heard both words. I had to Google it to prove to my husband (ok, and also to myself) that they are the same thing. Only moments after that, we were ushered in and I was praying this meant I could pee soon.

I’d been warned that this would be a pretty incredible experience, and it was. I have to say the most intense part of the whole experience for me was seeing my baby’s face and knowing instantly that it couldn’t be anyone else’s baby in the world. I also couldn’t peel my eyes away from the monitor. Not a tear nor a giggle escaped while I watched. Ok, maybe one giggle, lol. Afterwards I ran to the bathroom and found rapture while I emptied my bladder and let it all sink in. When I exited the bathroom, my husband was looking over the photos and … ok. He was crying. I told him I knew he would be the one to cry. :) Anyone who was in attendance at our wedding knows it’s how he expresses joy. I told him we will be experiencing all the greatest moments of our lives with him in tears and myself giggling uncontrollably. I love him for it. I might have shed a few tears at that moment, too…

I’ve mentioned several times that we plan to reveal the gender on May 20 at my sister’s graduation party. It is KILLING me to keep it a secret. I had no idea it would be as difficult as it is and it hasn’t even been 6 hours. Another 2 weeks sounds impossible now. But I have already told the world how it’s all going down on May 20, so now I’m determined to stick to the plan. That day can’t come soon enough!!! :)

The Bump: 

Baby’s SizeLength of a Banana. I take most of my information for this from, which says my baby is about 10.5 oz. but I can tell you that the sonographer told us my baby is just under a pound! 15 oz. +
How far along | 20 weeks
Sleep | I have never used such caution every time I turn around in bed or step out onto the floor. I take my steps carefully because I’ve found I am clumsy during my late night bathroom trips (literally… trips) and have a few new bruises to show for it. I might be having to switch sides of the bed soon so that I am sleeping closer to the door. Haha.
Clothes | I’ve basically worn my new tank tops every day since I got them. I love them so much. Our pool just opened and I intend to swim most of the summer, so I’m planning a quest for the perfect 1-piece maternity suit as well as some comfy dresses (still).
Cravings | Nothing too nutty this week. I am sure to keep a constant stash of candy varieties within reach. Go-to types have been Smarties, Fireballs, and chocolate. My imagination is also bombarded these days with images of the perfect slushes and snow cones and freeze-pops. I have some solutions in the works. I’ll update you along the way.
Food Aversions |  I actually can’t even think of anything! Sometimes things don’t always sound AS good as others, but nothing I just would rather die than eat.
Symptoms | Back and belly pain. Plain and simple. But simple doesn’t mean it isn’t awful. I’m supposed to have a massage soon and I’ve been thinking about it several times a day for the last week. Every time I stand up I feel like my uterus is going to fall through. Oh AND! I’ve had HORRID sciatica. I thought I had it before, so I did some Googling and came to the conclusion that what I had been feeling was actually something else, but now I’m pretty sure it’s also sciatica. I will occasionally get a shooting pain in my left hip that results me me squealing in pain and dropping all my weight to my right. HATE it.
Doctor’s Appointment | Had our ultrasound today and in 2 weeks I’ll be meeting with my doctor again.
Movement |All over the place! We saw little baby squirming around like crazy today! So adorable. Seems to change position all the time. My bladder has been shocked into panic mode several times.
Belly Button | Innie. But I can see and feel it stretching! It’s a shallow innie right now.
Gender | HA! No hints.
Best moment of the week | I guess it’s pretty obvious that today’s sonogram was the best moment of the week. I still am in shock and can’t seem to accomplish anything today, even though I’m extremely busy.
What I miss | Being able to run. I can barely stand up and walk or lift myself from the floor. I have been walking a bit more lately, but it’s depressing to feel like I couldn’t just break out into a run if I wanted to.

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  1. OMG! A few things. 1) a banana is HUGE lol. Your baby is growing and growing! 2) I didn’t know sonogram and ultrasound were the same things either. 3) I cried when I read about Steven crying about the gender! 4) I still say boy ;) 5) I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Im so excited for you! You have to check out Pintrest for baby room ideas. I agree Liz, she has boy written all over her :-)

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