July 14, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 26 Weeks

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Everything is starting to blur together at this point. Subfloors and paint and underlayment and flooring and trim and wood slats and sawdust and just… yeah. It’s been a mix of fun and crazy.

To pick up where I left off during last week’s update…

After ripping out all the carpet, I took the opportunity to paint our bedroom. I’ve been wanting to paint it white like my living room and with the carpet out and before the flooring could go it, it just seemed like the best time. So I took a couple days to do that, with the kids’ help. I have some exciting plans for a wall treatment behind the bed and I, of course, and going to attempt to do that while also doing all the other things. *rolls eyes*

I also screwed in around 400 screws into the subfloor to try to minimize the squeaky floors we’ve been living with since we moved in. Then I tried my hand at leveling a slope in our floor using a thin set type material. That was terrifying and didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. So I did my best and we’ll just cross our fingers it was enough.

We closed out the week with a trip to the pool and a solid plan to start laying actual flooring Saturday!!!

Everything else I can think of, as well as all the baby things will probably be covered below…

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | a bottle of fancy French soda. That’s right. I used the “size comparisons that aren’t fruit” list this week.

Sleep | It’s been not super great. Partly because Finn has been dealing with some weird sinus issues and raw nasal passages that are apparently very uncomfortable for him. So he has been waking up within a few hours of going to bed and ending up right beside me. Remi soon follows and I can’t seem to find space for my growing body once that happens. Plus I get very overheated sandwiched between them. So I’ll move to one of their beds and sometimes they end up following me there too. LOL.

Despite the poor-ish quality of sleep, I’m still waking up motivated and with so much more energy than I go to bed with due to all the work on projects during the day.

Clothes | Our laundry is piling up and the laundry room is full of demo materials like old baseboards full of brad nails. Plus each day I’m dirtying up my clothes to the point of needing actual washing from all the dust and debris and sweat. Plus, since ripping my romper last week, I’m scared to wear any of my other ones because I don’t want them to rip, either. I prefer not to wear shorts because I’m on my knees alot while flooring. And I only have so many pairs of leggings (all dirty at this point). I guess what I’m saying is that I feel like I have no clothes although I actually do and I just really need to do some laundry. Ok.

Cravings | WATER-FREAKING-MELON! I mean YUM. We’ve been going through at least one a week between Miles and myself. When I take a break and open the fridge I’ll see it there all cut up and delicious looking, so I’ll dig in with a fork and moan the whole time. It’s so good! The ones we’ve been picking have been pretty good, but I do hope to go to the farmer’s market soon-ish and hope to find the absolute perfect watermelon at some point while I’m enjoying it so much.

Still loving the ice cream, too. Also my iced coffee. I still grab Starbucks sometimes but I’m honestly loving my homemade at least as much these days! I’ll make hot coffee in the morning with my breakfast bowl (another craving I think it’s fair to say), then when it cools off too much I’ll poor it over ice in an insulated cup and sip it as long as I can. I’ve recently decided I need to start making a larger amount because I always wish there was more once it’s gone.

Food Aversions | Not a whole lot. I still have some nausea/reflux at night and food is less appealing then, but most things are delicious to me. I vaguely remember longing for this phase and I try to remember to be grateful that food tastes good again.

Symptoms | Swelling. SO. MUCH. Very sore ligaments. Hips and back suffering. All the work probably makes the aching worse but it’s worth it.

Doctor’s Appointment | Not until mid-July.

Weight | Blissfully ignoring this until mid-July.

Movement | The best “Knock-knocks” throughout the day. I love to be working on my projects and be snapped back to reality by a little thump. I feel more of the scraping type feeling and it makes it feel so real!

Gender | We like to blame Aramis for lots of things in the very best and most loving of ways. Like he’s the reason momma picked Arby’s when everyone wanted chicken. Or the reason the boys can’t really fit in their small bed together with me at bedtime like they used to. Why I need the A/C full blast, why mommy can’t swim without sinking right now. And we LOVE IT! We smile the whole time we talk about it. <3

Best moment of the week | Projects. I know. Pathetic of me, but true. Also pool time on Friday and some gardening during a break mid-week. Things are really growing!

What I’m looking forward to | More projects. LOL I’m so predictable and obsessed. Sorry. I’m just excited that I’m finally doing these things I’ve dreamt of for years and it feels like they’re within reach. I’m also eager to get them done.

Curious? Here are my updates from my first pregnancies for this week…

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