February 2, 2015

Baby Bump Day | 26 Weeks

26 Weeks Baby Bump Pregnancy Progress Pic

26 Weeks Baby Bump Pregnancy Progress Pic

Joy. That’s what fills my heart and thoughts today as I write this post. The past week God has given me peace about all the decisions I have had to make and answers to the questions that I’ve been stressing about internally. I’m not saying I have actually made these decisions, but I feel peace about it all and I’m just going with the flow. It’s pleasant.

This week I found comfort in a daily routine that was part accomplishment and part relaxation. I did just enough each day to make myself feel like I was productive and useful, but I was (mostly) careful to rest frequently. Friday I pushed myself harder than I should have, but it felt good to have the house picked up, the laundry almost completely done and the bathrooms mostly cleaned. As a special treat that night, Steven and I traveled to “the city” for the most amazing Chinese food ever. Since moving to Leavenworth I have not often had the opportunity to indulge in my favorite Chinese restaurant, Fortune Wok. From beginning to end, my meal was a dream. In fact I still dream of it now. The rest of the weekend we spent running errands, and Miles got to spend time with all his grandparents at least for a couple hours each.

That brings us, once again, to this day. Since Miles has been sick, we haven’t really had great nights for sleep. He wakes up often with a cough or discomfort or a stuffy nose. Last night, however, he did not wake up all night!!! I only woke up once myself for a bathroom run. This morning I awoke feeling incredibly refreshed. The sun was shining brightly and the day turned pleasant and warm so Miles and I went outside to play. Now I’m drinking a chai tea latte and recounting my blessings. So yeah… JOY.

Baby’s SizeScallion. I cant help but think of Veggie Tales when I think of scallions.

How far along | 26 weeks

Sleep | Some really awful nights, a couple good ones and one amazing one last night. I’m still smiling thinking about it. I enjoyed approximately 9 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep. Bliss.

Clothes | I can’t wait to wear the dress I bought last weekend with Bethany. Someone invite me to a party. K, thanx.

Cravings | ICE FREAKING CREAM! I really have to work hard to only eat one Magnum ice cream bar each night after dinner. I tried the dark chocolate with fudge variety and it’s amazing. I’ve also been drinking chai teas and the Chinese food I ate the other night was glorious.

Food Aversions | I haven’t really had any for so long, but I realized the other day… broccoli=meh

Symptoms | While reading over my 26 week update from my previous pregnancy, I realized this was the week I first got any stretch marks. Those are there forever already anyway, but I noticed that I either have new ones (on my thighs) or the ones I had are now beginning to show again. Sadness. I keep meaning to talk (complain) about it since my last Dr. appointment, but I’ve gained so much more weight than I had expected. I guess you could call that a symptom. :P My Braxton Hicks have been manageable. Friday my hips were screaming at me for being on my feet so much. It took all weekend for them to recover. I still have a moment each time I stand up from a chair where I’m not sure my legs will be able to hold me. After I take a few steps I am able to walk around pretty normally.

Doctor’s Appointment | It seems to be coming up so soon. My next one is early to mid February! The awesome news from my last Dr. appointment is that the results of my glucola test were normal!!! This was such a relief to hear.

Movement | He moves constantly! I like to try to imagine what part of him I feel pushing against different sides of my belly. I think he must love to do what I call “jumping jacks.” Miles got to feel him move the other day, but I’m not sure it really made much of an impression.

Belly Button | It’s about 70% outie now.

Gender | Still a little dude

Best moment of the week | Is it shallow to say it was eating Chinese food the other night? Okay, actually for real the best moment was when I asked Miles if he was excited that he was going to get a little brother. He said “Go get brother!?! Go drive, get brother, ok?” I guess he was pretty excited since he wanted to go pick him up that very day. Since that day Miles likes to pull up my shirt and “see bruhver.”

What I’m looking forward to | I just realized this category has been missing for the past 5 weeks!!! It must have been deleted in the copy/paste process and that makes me sad. Anyway. This week I’m looking forward to 28 weeks. I don’t know why, but it seems like the next big milestone.

What I miss | I was reminded of another activity I would love to do but can’t. Horseback riding. Lol.

Bonus Cuteness!

26 Weeks Miles and mommy

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