June 20, 2012

Baby Bump | 26 Weeks

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Wasn’t I JUST writing about 25 weeks?! Time is speeding along! Ahhhhh! It will be here before I know it, I’m sure. It’s so crazy! I’m both freaked out and at the same time, of course, I’m super excited.

Here are some exciting events on the horizon: My mom and Steven’s mom will be helping me paint the baby room on Thursday! I just have to go to Sherwin Williams and pick up another shade of grey to sample and a paint brush because I want to test a couple patches first. Color is so finicky, especially when you’re dealing with paint. I don’t appreciate the uncertainty of it all. I am so excited to get this next step finished, though! We still have a bunch of boxes and bags to move to storage before the room is totally empty, but it feels good to be making progress.

In a week and a half I have my first baby shower and I get to celebrate with Lizzy at her shower, plus that’s when she’ll finally know the gender and I can’t wait!

This update is a little on the short side but I guess that is because in my brain it’s all about what’s coming up! The big one being that I’ll be HAVING A BABY!!!

The Bump

Baby’s Size| An English hothouse cucumber (well, aren’t we getting specific now?)

How far along | 26 weeks

Sleep | Has pretty much stayed the same. Some nights I only get up twice and it’s amazing, other nights I’m up 10 times and have trouble getting back to sleep.

Clothes | I was blessed to receive some new black lounge pants made of the most comfortable fabric in the universe!!! They are loose and long and comfy. My husband is awesome. I was also blessed with 2 long dresses made of equally amazing material, all from Soma. I can’t wait to wear them. Although I’m brain storming how to come up with a lower belly belt so it doesn’t just hand down like a huge cloud of a dress over my belly.

Cravings | Mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone has been a huge one. I’ve also been having a consistent attraction to and indulgence in Subway’s roasted chicken breast sandwiches. I’ve been eating a whole footlong and I load it up with tasty things. Mmmm!

Food Aversions |  Can’t think of any!

Symptoms | I think it’s been said enough how much my feet and hands are swollen. The doctor said awhile ago that my weight is likely a little higher because I’m retaining so much water and not to worry. I’ve been drinking more water and doing my best to alternate moving around, sitting and laying with my feet up but I think I’m just stuck here. The ONLY shoes I own that fit now are my flip flops. I’ve heard my feet could be permanently changed after this, but I am crossing my fingers, dreaming of having my old feet back soon after baby comes. Oh! And I have my first stretch marks on my belly :( I was hoping I would avoid this, but oh well. I’m all in now. haha.

Doctor’s Appointment | Today!

Movement | I love the consistency of movement now. I feel it so often and it’s become so comfortable and lovely. It is scary though because when he doesn’t move for awhile I freak out, but so far all has turned out just fine. I feel lots of movement when I wake up and I love it because it makes  me more excited and happy to get up and on with my day. And while I’m laying on the couch bored at night while Steven plays video games, he is kicking like crazy and it provides me with some entertainment. :)

Belly Button | There is a definite outward shape emerging.

Gender | Still a little dude

Best moment of the week | I guess my week was pretty uneventful. I suppose it was pretty great to finally finish our registry off with all the essentials and I have started a tub full of baby’s things to prepare for when the baby room is finally ready.

What I miss | I miss all my old clothes that don’t fit any more.

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  1. BFF!!! I love your bump. I really do. I think I say this every time you post haha. I can’t wait to get to the “no food aversions” stage. Love you and your little…English hothouse cucumber hahahahaha

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