January 12, 2015

Baby Bump Day | 23 Weeks

Baby Bump Progress photo - 23 Weeks

Baby Bump Progress photo - 23 Weeks

Since last week’s update I feel like my pregnancy has really taken hold of my body. It’s like a I skipped 2 months in 2 days! All of a sudden I feel the weight of my growing belly in everything I do. Grabbing onto my new-found motivation with enthusiasm, I cleared out and organized our clothes closet and cleaned our room and Miles room and at the end of it all I realized it was too much for one day. My hips were screaming at me that evening and every day since I have had to consciously take it a bit easier to avoid unpleasant evenings.

The great thing is that pregnancy has also taken hold of my mind! I am baby, baby, baby! This week has found me dreaming of ways to set up the boys room for two and trying to remember all the things that come along with having a newborn. During the first part of this pregnancy I couldn’t quite accept that I was allowed to go crazy with planning and hoping. I felt like it was just the beginning of a rather lengthy journey and the freshest pregnancy memories in my head were those of a 3rd trimester. Now that I’m creeping up on that final trimester, I am getting giddy and anxious and excited. I love this second trimester. Any moment of the day I will feel the good hormones pumping through my body and simple bask in the wonderful feeling of it all. Knowing this part is will only last so long just encourages me to try to soak it up all the more.

In other news, all week I’ve thought about the “Cravings” category in the list below and how the last couple weeks I’ve had trouble recalling any specific cravings. Well, this week I found myself adding craving after craving to that list in my head. All of a sudden my taste for Subway meatball subs has been replaced with Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki with all the veggies. I’ll try to remember all the tasty things I indulged in this week and list them for you later.

Baby’s SizeEggplant (That’s so big!)

Sleep | A little painful these days now that my hips hate me again. I wake up pretty stiff and sore. That’s the worst I can say about it, though!

Clothes | This has been a good week for clothes! I’ve taken advantage of the end of year sales on clearance items and ended up with some new (gray!) pregnancy jeans and several big t-shirts. Score!

Cravings | Ok let’s see… frosted pink and white animal cookies, Subway sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwiches, tuna and wheat thins, grapefruit and grapefruit juice, bagels loaded with butter, hot chocolate.. that’s enough for this week.

Food Aversions | Seriously nothing. Nothing I didn’t already hate. In fact I’m eating things I was never a fan of, like mushrooms and jalapenos.

Symptoms | Stiff back and hips and some pain in my ligaments. Braxton hicks. Pee.

Doctor’s Appointment | Coming up! I’m seriously terrified about my glucose test. Still requesting prayers.

Movement | SO much of it!!! It’s something special for me, getting to feel all his dance moves when I’m going about my day.

Belly Button | Pretty much just flat.

Gender | Penis.

Best moment of the week | I’ve had some great laughs with my hilarious husband and Miles has been really cute and grown up lately.

What I miss | Let’s add another fun adventure to the list of things I can’t participate in: skiing. I saw a billboard for Snow Creek and now that we live so close I immediately thought “we should go skiing!!!” then I realized that not only is that not safe in my condition, but I probably would be way too off balance. Lol!

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