Finn's 4 Month Update - Official Featured Photo

My big little. I call Miles my little big and Finn is my big little. Somehow that makes sense to me. Finn amazes me. Motherhood is almost a brand new experience this time around. Seeing each of my boys develop their own personality and quirks and imagining what passions they will discover as their sponginess expands and they soak up more and more of the world… it makes my heart and my brain hurt. He may only be four months old, but I still swelled with joy…Continue Reading “Finn | 4 Months”

Finn's 3 month old update

The first three months of Finn’s life have shot past me at lightning speed. I was so busy just keeping my two kids alive and making sure I remembered to feed them, I didn’t have time to notice how much Finn had grown! Then we visited my family and had a chance to meet the new cousin, who was just a few days old. It was then that we all took notice of the beefy baby Finn had become! He was less than three months…Continue Reading “Finn | 3 Months”

Finn's 2 Month Update - Featured Image

This month seemed to speed by. It was characterized by growth spurts and the resolution of things that were confusing during that first month. He spit up less, he learned to latch better and seemed to grow more accustomed to the outside world. At his 2-month well visit (which actually occurred around 10 weeks) his growth was crazy! Here are the stats from that visit: Height: 25″ (%92) Weight: 14 lb. 14 oz. (%93) Head Circ:16.75″ (%95) This month also brought Finn’s first laugh, a…Continue Reading “Finn | 2 Months”

Baby Bump Progress Picture - 21 Weeks

I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing! I haven’t even managed to get my 20 week update finished so I can post it and here I am writing about 21 weeks! Not much is new in the preggo department. I’ve been busy making preparations for Christmas and doing what I can to have it all together when the day is upon us. After the disaster that was the previous puke-filled week, this week has been glorious!  The symptoms I’m having are mild and manageable,…Continue Reading “Baby Bump Day | 21 Weeks”

Baby Bump progress picture - Week 20

This is an exciting one! The half way mark,when we get to find out what we’re having and I get to see my little squirmy wriggling around on the screen. That was definitely my favorite part of the sonogram. Well it’s been announced on Facebook, so that basically means the world knows, but I should repeat for the sake of this blog… It’s a boy! I really just didn’t know what to expect when we went in there to find out. There were similarities to…Continue Reading “Baby Bump Day | 20 Weeks”

Miles is two

Today is my little man’s 2nd birthday. Pretty sure he just turned one yesterday, so I’m not sure how that happened… I am constantly amazed by all the great things I’m learning about Miles every day. He has the goofiest humor, an inquisitive mind and the cutest imagination. Lately he has seriously grown up so much, in just a moment. Here are some of the things that make the time with Miles sweet and memorable to me lately. He loves music and loves to sing. When I…Continue Reading “Mister Miles | Two Years Old”

This child is growing up like a flash! In the last month or so he has expanded his vocabulary of babbling sounds, mastered walking, and explored every cabinet available to him. I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood or what, but this might just be my favorite month yet. I’m finding myself super nostalgic for the days of his infancy, simply because the child I spend my days with now is so different than the tiny bundle of a year ago. The…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 13 Months”

Mister Miles | 12 Months

That’s right! We’ve reached the one-year mark! I can NOT believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote about that day I met my little boy.  We celebrated his first birthday early (on the 15th) with friends and family and you can read about that soon and see some photos of all the crazy stuff I spent hours DIY-ing for it. Haha. This month it’s like he knew there was a big day coming up and he was determined to be all grown up by the time…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 12 Months”

My munchin’s mobility has slowed me down even more than the usual. For this reason, I never wrote anything for the 11 month update so I’ll share some pictures and the summaries are probably going to be pretty short. :P Growth Nothing new to report. Holding steady, probably Development Strength & Mobility He has evolved to some odd version of neanderthal crawling. He has found that his knees just slow him down, so he’ll zip around on all fours with his booty in the air….Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 11 Months”

Miles | 10 months - Sporting his new outfit picked out by Bethany and the hand-made coral bowtie I diy for this session - My favorite shot

  I’m actually beginning to write this early! What a miracle! This month has been ripe for development and exploding with personality. Miles is pulling up on everything, attempting to climb over every toy, box, lap or other obstacle in his path. Usually a path that seems to have been chosen specifically for it’s complexity and ability to present him with a challenge. There is no doubt he inherited that trait from his daddy. Miles now shakes his head back and forth. He seems to…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 10 Months”