Belly Day // Seventeen Weeks

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Week 17, people! I said that like it was an exciting week… but pregnancy-wise it wasn’t really. Life-wise it was special, though! We had visitors! The awesome Chantel and her also awesome friend, Kez were in the states and came to see us. My heart grew a few sizes when we recorded the progress video for this week. Few things are better than being surrounded by my peeps. <3

Week seventeen wasn’t so bad pregnancy-wise, just uneventful. Everything is basically the same as last week. I keep trying to be motivated, but more often I end up sitting on the couch catching my breath and “planning” the things I’ll do when I feel a bit more … energized. I have a lot of client work this week, so I tried desperately to work on my computer any chance I could. This also gave the boys their chance… to destroy the house. Also, Chantel gave me the nudge I needed to pull out my sewing machine and work on a project. It felt good to have something to show for the week.

Things are getting busier and as September and October approach things are filling up! I have photo sessions and potential adventures and school-y stuff. I’m eager to see what comes of it all, so stay tuned.

Baby’s SizePear.

Sleep | As expected, not too bad. Last night I had a stressful nightmare that I was photographing a wedding and we ran out of light before I could take any photos. So glad to wake up from that one.

Clothes | I’m starting to wonder how interesting and relevant this list/quiz thing is when you’re having your 3rd baby… Because yeah. I’m wearing baggy lounge pants and t-shirt ERR-DAY! Revolutionary.

Cravings | I’ve had a moderate craving for Chipotle for close to 3 weeks and finally indulged last night! Score.

Food Aversions | Still Pizza. Although I stomached some Dominos the other day and it wasn’t awful. Other aversions: Anything in the house we’ve already spent money on.

Symptoms | Still waking up in the morning with at least one completely clogged ear. I’ve slacked on making an appointment to get it taken care of. Otherwise I’ve just felt really tired and out of shape. I’m appalled at myself that I’m already huffing and puffing so much and I’m not even halfway through this.

Doctor’s Appointment | This Thursday we have our sonogram and will find out the sex! I’m excited for that.

Movement | I don’t know. I keep thinking I feel that “popcorn” feeling but I just don’t trust my judgement.

Gender | 4 days until we know!

Best moment of the week | Company of great friends.

What I miss | Having the option to buy new tennis shoes without the impending reality of swollen feet.


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