November 1, 2017

Belly Day // Twenty-Six Weeks

The last two weeks have been tough on the pregnancy front. Nothing too extreme, just dealing with it all poorly. In what ways, you ask?

  • Baby brain is FULL ON. I’m a hot mess, except not so hot. Late to everything, forgetting all the things.
  • Swelling has picked up. It’s not as as bad as it got with my first pregnancy, but it’s not great, either. The swelling in my hands bothers me the worst. Because I use my hands. To do things.
  • My hips started hurting yesterday. That’s one symptom that hadn’t really been a problem this time around. I think it’s because I’m carrying much differently than the first two, so the strain hasn’t been on my hips as much. But yesterday I worked hard and by nighttime I couldn’t even stand up.
  • Fatness. I have gained more weight this time and faster than before. I’m basically terrified of where this is heading.
  • Braxton hicks. So many of them.

Ok, now here are some good and semi-good things to round out this post that has been heavily whiny.

  • I’ve been very motivated to purge the clutter and organize and such. I cleared out a couple drawers for Remi and put in some of the clothes that are accumulating!
  • I passed my glucose test!!! My blood did show that I was just a little anemic so as soon as I can get myself to go buy it, I will be taking iron supplements. I hope it helps my (physical) energy levels.
  • My busy season is slowing down! There’s still lots of editing and computer work ahead of me, but it means I’ll have more weekends with my family and to myself. I still have some things in the works for the next couple months, but I think it will be more spread out and not as much of a strain on me and the fam.
  • Things in general have been pleasant and enjoyable, with our weekdays starting to look more routine again and friends visiting from out of town and inspiring photo work and the promise of all that the holiday season has ahead.

Baby’s SizeScallion length (so weird)

Sleep | Haven’t had as much trouble going back to sleep in the mornings, but I also haven’t been getting enough sleep. I’ve been busy lately so I’ve been getting to bed late and having to get up early for different commitments. I had a couple mornings where it really hurt to wake up and get out of bed. Actually is hurts to get out of bed anyway because of the hips and swollen feet, but at least I know I can go back sleep during the night. There were a couple mornings where I could sleep in and it was magical.

Cravings | I feel like I haven’t had a lot of clear cravings for awhile. I had some earlier in the pregnancy when my appetite was fickle. Now I just eat food and a lot of it and most of it is unhealthy. lol. Because of my lack of energy I think I’m stuffing my face in hope of upping my oomph. Mostly I’ve enjoyed pumpkin cupcakes I made, coffee (I’ve bought pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks at 3 pm on three separate occasions now. Oops!), All the bad things… caramel corn, kettle corn, candy corn… all the corns, apparently. Oh, I have been craving apples!! That’s pretty healthy. Oh, and POM pomegranate/cherry juice.

Food Aversions | I had my favorite and only loved pizza the other night! It was soooo good. Besides that I’m not unhappy to eat anything really, however I AM happier to eat junk food.

Symptoms | Swelling, lack of energy, hip/back/ligament pain. Cold-related symptoms. Starvation.

Doctor’s Appointment | Waiting a whopping 5 weeks for the next one but then I go every 2 weeks!

Movement | This part is amazing as always. Steven has felt her now from the outside and I love to watch my belly bulging here and there when I’m bored.

Gender | To be arrayed in all the sparkly things.

Best moment of the week | Visiting the pumpkin patch with the family, spending some amazing quality time with my friend, Beth, when she was in town. Putting away some of baby girl’s things yesterday. Purging a small portion of the house and getting laundry folded (finally). Carving pumpkins with the boys.

What I miss |  Not being (as) fat. #brutalhonesty

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