Finn – 10 Months

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Finn's official 10 month photos - featured image - red plaid shirt, tan jacket, and grey hipster slouchy hat


We are officially walking!!!!! Well I have been walking for something like 30 years, but Finn has been a walker for two whole weeks or there about. He is also flashing around 6 teeth, most of which are coming in from the top. He loves to very deliberately isolate his index finger (or occasionally his middle finger) and use it to poke everything around him. Poke his toys, poke food, poke brother, poke light sockets, poke my face, poke my phone screen, swipe my phone screen. Yeah, he’s mechanically minded, this one! And so very determined. Do not envy the person who has to tell him he may not poke something. Fury. Pure fury. He is very opposed to the word “no” or having anything taken from his hands or removed from sight if he is examining it. I thought Miles was determined, but no. Not like this. If you see me in public and witness me take a dangerous item from his hands and swiftly offer it back to him begging him to take it again and stop screaming please do not judge. I can see how we might end up with a very spoiled child on our hands. I’m simply too much of a wimp to see him erupt over a battle for my phone, my spoon, my hair, etc… So if it won’t injure him or cost a fortune to repair, he gets it. I’m such a pushover.

Finn’s inner strength is also made evident when he tries to grab you. He has an intense grip! There have been times that I (and Steven) have yelped loudly when Finn grabs the back of our arms when we’re holding him, or if he claws at your legs when he wants you to pick him up. It’s terrifying.

I’m making it sound like life with Finn is a horror movie, but it really isn’t. The majority of the time Finn is a precious, smiling, squealing, waddling bundle of sweetness. When he stares into my eyes he has such life and intensity in his gaze! He will grab bears and pillows and hug them sweetly. When he is tired or wakes up from a  nap he will crawl over to me and lay his head in my lap or on my belly and snuggle for a moment. I am absolutely in love with my intense ten-month old baby boy. Who is just a tad less baby each day. It’s bittersweet and beautiful.

Untitled_0296 Untitled_0297 Finn's 10 month featured photo - plaid shirt, tan jacket, and grey hipster slouchy hat. Cute half smileUntitled_0299 Untitled_0300

I'm the daughter to a King, wife to a man who makes me laugh, and mother to two boys who add joy and fullness to my life. I am a dreamer, a philosopher, an artist, and lover of things that stir my soul. I spend most of my days at home with my boys, Miles and Finn. We make messes (and occasionally clean them up), we giggle, we run and hide from dinosaurs and monsters and we read lots of books together. In my "free" time I feed my craving for art with various creative pursuits and indulge in tasty treats, coffee, and the occasional, guilt-laden Red Bull to feed my other addictions.

When it comes to my passions, I have many. God, Love, Family, Travel, Music, Design, Coffee... but somewhere near the top of the list you'll find photography. From the moment I turned my camera lens towards a sunset for the first time, I felt an intense desire to somehow steal away the beauty of that moment and keep it forever. Now I walk around thirsty to soak up the beautiful moments around me, add a spark of something from deep inside my soul, then spill it back out to the world.

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