January 26, 2015

Baby Bump Day | 25 Weeks

Baby Bump Day Progress Picture | 25 Weeks

For the fun of it all, I will quickly recap what turned out to be a busy week, filled with both frustrations and fun.

I had three Dr./Dentist appointments last week, this means I was running around, my brain filled with many medical questions about baby and my body and it just swirled around in there until I wanted to explode! Luckily it all wrapped up with a glorious weekend that was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation. I like lists and headings, so how about this:

Dentist Consultation #1

Several weeks ago I broke a small piece of tooth off one of my back molars. This is in addition to losing about half of another molar more than a year ago. I put off doing anything about either of these issues until now because: No money, no pain and a strong distaste for dentists. Just over a week ago I began to feel pain in the newest broken tooth, so we set up this consultation to see what our options were. Unfortunately they are both pretty bad off and it was recommended that I extract the broken tooth I’ve had for the past year (they don’t think there is enough left to save) and I could either choose a root canal/crown to fix the newly broken tooth, or also choose to have it extracted. They then set me up with a consultation with another doctor regarding the extraction(s).

Prenatal Doctor’s Appointment & Glucose Test

This appointment went pretty well in my opinion! There was a lot of nervousness leading up to this one because when I was pregnant with Miles, the results of my glucose test were borderline, so they had me come in for the 3 hour test. That big, long test was pure torture! I remember being bored out of my mind, passing out in an empty exam room while I waited between blood draws because the blood sugar craziness was causing me to crash. The results of the second test were also borderline. Anyway, I did not want to have to go through this again. I was extra careful not to consume any sugar/carbs the entire morning before my appointment, because I did not want to have to go in for the second test this time. Miles came with me to the appointment and he actually behaved in a most fabulous way and I am extremely grateful that he found it in his crazy toddler heart to be easy-going that day. I was supposed to get my results by phone the next day but didn’t hear anything, even by the weekend. Figuring they might be closed on Monday, I will have to call Tuesday and I’ll let you know!

Also at this appointment I told the nurse practitioner about all the Braxton hicks I’ve been having because she asked and she cautioned me to call if I had too many of them. That freaked me out a bit, I thought it was just an annoying but normal thing to be dealing with (and it totally still could be, I guess) but she successfully has me a little freaked. Due to the awesome second-trimester hormones rushing through me, I have been zipping around, cleaning everything in sight and I can’t seem to stay off my feet, no matter how badly my hips ache at the end of the day. Now I’ve been forcing myself to slow down a bit more, stay off my feet every few hours and drink a lot more water. The Braxton hicks are still pretty frequent but after forcing myself to take it easy all day Friday I noticed they eased up a bit the next day. I’m just going to keep trying to be responsible with myself and this baby and not push myself too hard.

Dentist/Doctor Consultation #2

At this consultation I was given options for having both teeth extracted. I guess it’s recommended to have these kind of procedures done during the second trimester, so now I feel the pressure to make a decision right away. I still haven’t decided exactly what we should do, since any procedure has some small risk involved and leaving it is also a risk. Any insight is welcome if you feel like sharing your opinion on these things.

Well after all those crazy appointments I was happy to spend Friday taking it easy and letting myself get excited for the weekend when my sister Bethany came to visit us. The weekend was spent laughing, shopping, relaxing and just all around enjoying ourselves. Steven had Monday off from work so we chilled at home as a family and took care of Miles, who was sick with something (I’m thinking the flu) and dealing with a sore throat and such. All around I can’t complain with how it all ended this week and I’m anxious to see what comes of the next week!

Baby’s Size| An Acorn Squash

How far along | 25 weeks

Sleep | The quality of my sleep has once again been determined by my 2 year old and not by my pregnancy. The past four nights in a row have been pretty awful, between waking up to help a fussy, stuffy-nosed, sore-throat-toddler and having my own bladder and Braxton Hicks issues.

Clothes | I found the cutest sweater dress/shirt thing while shopping with Bethany and now I just need a good excuse to wear it. I also have a new determination to buy some Toms, not that it’s the smartest thing to buy shoes when you’re preggers.

Cravings | ICE CREAM. So funny since I apparently craved this during week 25 of my first pregnancy. I will always marvel at my capacity for ice cream when I’m pregnant. When I’m not pregnancy I like to enjoy a bite or two of ice cream here and there. You will never ever find me drink more than about 20-30% of a milkshake. When I am pregnant, however, I will down an entire ice cream cone or shake before even noticing what happened.

Food Aversions |  Who are we kidding!? I don’t think this one will become relevant again.

Symptoms | I have been reminiscing lately about my past pregnancy woes and comparing them to this time. I am a person who loves to compare things, it helps me make sense of the world. Anyway, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am so happy to barely be feeling any swelling this pregnancy so far. Just this weekend I noticed some swelling in my hands after walking around most of the day with them dangling at my side, but that’s so much better than I remember from the first time. In addition to the very subtle swelling, this week my Braxton Hicks are stealing the show. I feel them frequently and while they aren’t painful, they are downright uncomfortable and now I am trying to track them and I’m finding it difficult. I’m having trouble distinguishing the milder BH contractions from a simple aching back or constipation or the discomfort of baby jabbing his head down into my butt. Sigh.

Doctor’s Appointment | Having just been to my 24 week appointment, I am now scheduled for mid-February (28 weeks). After that I switch to every two weeks! I seems like time has flown by sometimes.

Movement | I’ve been able to tell the feet movements from the head movements and he’s practicing his full-body stretches lately. Pretty sure he’s doing jumping jacks in there sometimes.

Belly Button | I have a little”blip!” on the top. I rub my hand over my belly just to feel it sometimes because it’s weird.

Gender | Male

Best moment of the week | A great weekend with my husband, baby(ies) and Bethany.

What I miss | Peeing like a regular human.

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