November 30, 2014

Baby Bump Day | 18 Weeks

Progress Pic 18 weeks

Progress Pic 18 weeks

I’ve always liked the sound of 18 weeks. It’s like the calm before the storm, you feel legit preggers and yet you don’t have to be terrified of knocking over everything within five feet of yourself when you decide to re-position your body.

Here’s another miraculous thing, I’m writing this only one day after having turned 18 weeks. Yay! I even took the bump progress pic today. Feeling pretty proud of myself. And may I say… how freaking huge is my belly already?! Ridiculousness.

I have to say, I was really surprised and excited to see how many people actually decided to read last weeks’ update! Thank you for that! I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have made it so whiny or filled it with so many references to vomit.

The other night we watched the Chief’s play the Bronco’s and it was brutal, as anyone who watched the game knows. All of a sudden I felt crazy kicks and protests from the little nugget within! Pretty sure he/she was not very happy about the way things were playing out.

I always feel redundant when I type a bunch of stuff up here, then in the categories below I end up basically repeating a bunch of it. So I will recap my Thanksgiving visit to the family a bit and proceed with the list.

Back during the dark ages of the first trimester, I complained on Facebook about my lack of appetite and expressed my hope that by Thanksgiving I would be able to fully indulge myself in the feast with abandon. This did happen! It was pretty wonderful. Miles and I drove down to my parents a day early and I helped my mom and sisters prep the meal. Thursday I spent the morning finishing up some of the recipes and it was pure Heaven to finally sit down and stuff my face when the time came. I’m still not ready to let go of Thanksgiving, so I have been making cream cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey sandwiches for dayzzz. Also while visiting home, I witnessed my brother make himself a large mason jar full of fresh squeezed lemonade and wondered why I hadn’t thought to do that before. Genius! Needless to say, I have murdered my fair share of lemons in the last few days. Mmmmmm…

Baby’s Size Sweet Potato (I’ve been Googling to find new comparisons. I think it’s appropriate to the Thanksgiving season)

How far along | 18 weeks (and one day. Yeah!)

Sleep | This hasn’t changed much. My quality of sleep depends mostly on how many times Miles wakes up in the middle of the night. I’ve also already started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and less on my stomach and more on my side. Sadness. I loveeee stomach sleeping.

Clothes | I feel pretty silly in most of my tight hoodies and I couldn’t zip up my favorite cold-weather coat the other day. I had a moment where I thought to myself “I don’t remember my coat not fitting last time.” Then I realized last time it was probably sweltering somewhere in the 90’s last time.

Cravings | Re-reading the cravings from last pregnancy, I realized lemonade was in the spotlight again. I also had another glorious meatball sub yesterday.

Food Aversions | And again, garlic was not a friend. Perhaps these pregnancies have more in common than I originally thought.

Symptoms | Compared to last time I find it curious that I was so swollen, but not so much this time! I’m very happy about it. I hated how swollen I was last time. The symptoms this week are primarily weak/sore ligaments and hips and frequent charlie horse pains.

Doctor’s Appointment | Nothing has changed! Still December 11 for now

Belly Button | Innie. This is a lame topic.

Gender | Nothing new here.

Best moment of the week | Sunday night when I felt the first strong, unmistakable kick! ahhh! (Now you wanna know something funny about that last sentence? That was my response last time I was pregnant, and is basically exactly what happened this time!) My best moment, though, was probably Saturday when I returned from my parents to find that Steven had cleaned the entire house, put up Christmas lights and had made his famous chili that I love so much. It was an incredible surprise.

What I’m looking forward to | Discovering the gender, seeing my baby again on the ultrasound, either going through Miles old clothes or buying girly ones. Both sound exciting!

What I miss | Much the same as last week. You can probably add “sleeping on my stomach” soon enough.

Miles and Mommy - Baby Bump week 18

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  1. You look great! I love reading all about this stuff. I didn’t have the ability to “blog” my pregnancy with you…but I too was always very large….but I gained a ton of pounds and weight everywhere…so you are doing much better. I love you!

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