May 16, 2012

Baby Bump | 21 Weeks

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This past week has been wonderful on my hormones. I was super busy, but for once I almost had enough energy to handle it! I guess I did have enough energy because here I am on the other side. Although there were a few nights when I felt radiating pain through my hips and back and wished I hadn’t indulged my new verve so fully.

I felt the motivation for so many things! If only it had resulted in me having accomplished more of the things I felt motivated to do. I did some creative cooking and drink-making as well as some cleaning and shopping and my usual design workload, so that is definitely a step up. For this week I have high hopes that I can finally transplant some plants I’ve had waiting on our porch for weeks. I might even start picking up the guest-room in preparation for Operation: Baby-Room Makeover. I’ve also felt in the mood to sew, so perhaps some hand-made maternity clothes should be on that list. We shall see.

The Bump:

Baby’s SizeLength of a carrot, but I have a sneaky suspicion baby is bigger than that.
How far along | 21 weeks
Sleep | Still crazy clumsy when I get up in the middle of the night and last night was a bad night (fresh on my mind) but let’s just say I will be avoiding all fluids after 9 p.m. from now on.
Clothes | I got some maternity shorts! They are so comfortable I can’t even stand it. I wonder why all shorts aren’t made the same way. I also tried on the perfect maternity swimsuit yesterday and I’m currently debating if it’s worth the cost. I’m leaning towards “yes.”
Cravings | I’ve been eating grapefruits and drinking Simply Grapefruit juice all week. I love it! Just the right combination of tangy and sweet. I also finally made a snowcone I was contemplating. It was ok but I’m not sure I loved the flavor. I’m going to take what I learned, however, and come up with some winning combinations for my next experiment.
Food Aversions |  A few this week, but they must not have been life-altering because I can’t remember any of them. I did throw up again yesterday after breakfast, though. Ugh. I thought that was over with? LAME.
Symptoms | I feel pretty huge and when I stand up I am ultra-careful. Been pretty clumsy and have little nicks and scrapes to show for it. More swelling, but I’m becoming more accustomed to it. Except for that, I’ve felt pretty great! My back hurts quite a bit if I’m extra active during the day or sit funny or in the same position for too long, but I love being more active. So I deal with it. haha. 
Doctor’s Appointment | One week until my next official appointment. I have a feeling my appointments will be a bit more intense from here on out. We’ll see.
Movement | Every little kick has me smiling now. Steven’s just going crazy waiting until he can really feel them from the outside.
Belly Button | Shallow, stretched innie. haha.
Gender | In less than a week I can discuss it freely! I can’t wait!
Best moment of the week | I’m not sure I can pinpoint one moment. Having my “first” Mother’s Day yesterday was pretty special. The whole week has probably been the best week for me. My mood has been high, along with my energy and I find so many things funny that I laugh often and it makes me happy.
What I miss | I have really really really wanted Red Bull lately. I know that’s nothing new, but we’re back to that for the time being. haha.

1 thought on “Baby Bump | 21 Weeks

  1. AHHH you’re 21 weeks…that’s so crazy. Over half way there until you can hold your bundle of yummy smelling squish-ness! I love that you are getting bursts of energy. I can’t wait until I have that lol. I feel like you did a few months ago…in a fog sort of. I seriously can’t wait to see you and your carrot (lol) in 2 days. LOVE YOU!!!!

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