August 15, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 28 Weeks

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Well, I’ve definitely fallen behind. While I’m mostly kept up with the written updates for each week, I haven’t kept up on photos until this week.

I have a good reason! Or at least I’m going to use that as an excuse lol. First we celebrated Independence Day as a family by checking out the fireworks in Lansing. It’s been one of our favorite displays for several years now. The weather was just amazing!!! In the 60s. Best 4th of July weather I think I’ve ever experienced and probably never appreciated it more.

The kids and I joined my brother and his family for a camping trip over the Fourth and it was lovely! I felt like I hadn’t prepared much for it, but we were blessed to have what we needed and once I was on the road and then at the camp site, I settled right into relaxation mode and took the opportunity to refresh before diving back into my house projects.

And dive in I did! I have been working furiously on the wood slat wall and finishing our master bedroom every since we returned. The whole process took longer than I expected but it was still a very satisfying process and one I’m glad I really put my heart into. If you follow me on social media you might already have been keeping up with the progress I’ve shared in my story in Insta/FB so I won’t go into too much detail. Mostly I really took the time to “do it right” and I think in the end it paid off. I really love how it turned out!

We moved our furniture back in last night. It’s wonderful to have our room back (and to not have to get up from the floor in the middle of the night when I need the bathroom!). It feels a little sparse, but I fully expect I’ll add some decor and settle in before too long.

Now we’re ready to move on to Remi’s room and start the whole process over again! Except the wood slat wall… I’m not sure I’ll be making one of those again for a long while. Ha! We’ll need to empty Remi’s room and essentially move her into the living room, then begin demo on the carpet, prep the subfloor, paint walls, and put in the new flooring.

Also coming up I have a baby shower and a babymoon! I’m pretty dang excited about both!

While I’ve been pretty focused on all the house projects, I’ve also recently been feeling more and more aware of the tiny human growing inside of me and moving in stronger, more decisive ways and I am getting giddy to meet him. I am not in too much of a rush considering how much chaos we’re living in right now, but looking ahead to the time has me excited.

Let’s move onto the survey, shall we?

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | Large Cabbage (I don’t always reference the same list and sometimes I swear I’ve already used one for a previous week. I think cabbage is new???)

Sleep | The up and down from the floor had been getting tough. When I wake up my hands are often numb and that’s weird. I also had a some nightmares last night. Over all my dreams haven’t been great at all this pregnancy. Usually boring and not scary like this one, but still.

Clothes | My amazing sister, Brianna gave me a bag of maternity clothes to borrow! It came at a perfect time because my options were beginning to feel scarce again. Especially when it came to actual, long pants, which have been helpful/necessary when having to get down on the floor so much during this remodel process. There are also some warmer clothes that might be useful at the very end of this pregnancy and while I’m in that early post partum period.

Cravings | Less cravings and more just some things I’ve really enjoyed lately… Rice Krispy Treats, homegrown blackberries from my friend Megan (literally the best I’ve had in my life!). I also have her to thank for the cucumber I’ve been snacking on the last few days. I’ve been making a larger cup of coffee each day and really enjoying it over ice throughout the morning. Still loving ice cream, a couple time I’ve indulged in my favorite concrete from Culver’s… raspberry with dove chocolate pieces. YUM! Pretzels with Nutella. Taco Supremes from Taco Bell. (We were getting taco bell every night after Miles had a baseball practice or game and he just had his last game this week and I’m sad to see my Taco Bell go bye bye lol) Tomatoes and peppers from my garden. So good.

Food Aversions | I’ve had some nights again where nothing sounds good. BBQ is a no. Even butter chicken is a no, which is ironic because it was my go-to thing back when I was sick all the time. Brains are weird.

Symptoms | Swelling. SO. MUCH. SWELLING! I basically keep saying that. This time I had one of my most swollen days yet. My ankles felt so weird when I tried to bend them! It reminded me of the end of my pregnancy with Miles’. Otherwise I just feel giant and hard to move around and do all the things I need to do.

Doctor’s Appointment | I just had one today! It was pretty quite and routine. They look my blood again to see if my anemia has improved so I’m curious what the results will show. Now I’ll be going every 2 weeks! I’m officially in the third trimester <3

Weight | I only gained about 6 pounds this month! That’s the least I’ve gained yet during a four week span. My total is now 218.

Movement | I can see it from the outside a lot these days and I love it. He keeps pushing things (butt? knees? feet?) up and I like to rub the bump until he shifts again. I felt hiccups the other day! I haven’t felt as many hiccups with him as I remember with the others. I just love to sit and feel him. The other day I really tried to soak it in, knowing that we don’t plan to have any other babies and this is likely the last time I’ll get this experience. I just want to soak it in!

Gender | I’ve been starting to look at baby items I “Need.” I kept quite a few things from past babies, but there are some new things I’m excited to have. I’m trying to find what I can on Facebook and add more things to my registry. There are so many cute little baby shops out there now that didn’t really exist last time! I’m eager to have Remi’s room done and start setting up a spot for Aramis.

Best moment of the week | Finishing the slat wall and installing the LED strip on top and sitting back and realizing I actually did it! It was incredibly satisfying.

What I miss | I’ve said this before in pregnancies, but I miss not being in the way. I can’t turn sideways to squeeze past things anymore and the kids are always coming to a sudden stop in front of me so that I end up bumping them with my belly lol.

What I’m looking forward to | Baby shower in 2 weeks! And babymoon in 3 Ahhhh!

Curious? Here are my updates from my first pregnancies for this week…

Miles: Baby Bump | 28 Weeks
Finn: Baby Bump Day | 28 Weeks
Remi: :)

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