July 14, 2023

Pregnancy Update // 27 Weeks

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I feel so behind! Our life is consumed by all the construction projects. I certainly don’t hate it, but it scares me. Things just take time and I start to panic a bit when I realize we’ve been at it for two weeks but still have so much to do!

The truth is, I love having these project to work on. Yes, I’m exhausted all the time and my body struggles to keep up most of the time. And yes, my house is trashed and the kids are watching a lot of TV. But man do I love dreaming up ideas, solving the “puzzles” surrounding the process, then standing on the other side of all the hard work. It’s very rewarding. Now, if only I had someone to take over the cooking and cleaning. Lol.

Week 27 has primarily been spent continuing work on the flooring. Steven of course had to return to work, so I did my best to continue laying flooring by myself. It’s not super difficult (with the exception of surprise obstacles, etc) but it does take a long time. I would stand staring at the room for a good amount of time, overthinking the positioning and patterning of the boards, then I would have to measure any cuts, run down to the driveway to make the cut, run back up and install the board (pray it actually fits and doesn’t need adjustment) then repeat the process.

After a few days of laying floor, we had to take a break to wait for a charger for a tool. The truth is, my body desperately needed a break, too. My “break” consisted of grocery shopping, finishing the floor in our master closet, and tidying up a bit of the disaster that has surrounded us. Then we ended up at the pool for the evening, which was great.

Speaking of the pool, the weather has been insane lately. It’s been in the 100’s this week with some awful humidity. I was the smart person who decided to sand 80+ 1×2 wood slats three separate times and begin the process of staining them, as well. *facepalm*

We got the necessary charger for the tool which allowed me to lay the last plank in our bedroom on Thursday! That’s exciting. We’ve been working on where to buy the baseboards and I think we have that figured out, too. We plan to go into the city to grab those on Saturday. Then hopefully we can paint and install them soon that way we can move all our bedroom furniture back in and start on Remi’s room next!!! I’m very eager to get this moving along.

We do plan to take a break from all this next week for a 4th of July camping trip. I honestly probably need it or I might become an insane person.

Let’s get on with the baby stuff now :)

Fun/Cheesy Update Survey

Baby’s Size | Terrarium. Or in fruit-speak… cauliflower.

Sleep | I’m soaking up all the sleep I can after long days working. I definitely feel swollen and stiff when I wake up during the night. I love waking up full of energy in the mornings and being excited for my projects and feeling like I can handle some progress-making.

Clothes | A bunch of my clothes have gone missing during this process and I’ve struggled to find clothes to wear each day that didn’t get sweaty and covered in sawdust from the day before.

Cravings | Ice cream. I don’t see that one going away any time soon.

Food Aversions | Just the occasional heavy sounding food. Especially things with lots of sauce.

Symptoms | Sweating. Muscle cramping and spasming. I haven’t been keeping up on my magnesium and that would probably help. I’ve been using my hands a lot lately so the muscles in my hand keep cramping up and the swelling probably doesn’t help. Hip and back pain, but I think it’s still not as bad as I remember experiencing other times.

Doctor’s Appointment | Coming up on the 14th!

Weight | We don’t talk about this

Movement | Many great Mommy/Aramis moments are spent sitting in the little quite moments and breaks and trying to high five through my belly walls. That sounded weird but you know….

Gender | I’ve been so distracted by everything lately sometimes I remember I’m actually going to have a baby. LOL.

Best moment of the week | Basking in the productive days and trying to accept the “rest days” my body enforces on me.

What I miss | Being able to swim. Yeah. Can’t do that right now. So weird.

What I’m looking forward to | The 4th of July trip!!! I’m excited for the kids to spend the time with their cousins and for me to try to take a step back from everything mentally (and physically!)

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