October 23, 2015

Mister Miles | Three Years Old

Close-up of my oldest, Miles on his third birthday

My Little Boy is Three!

My sweet oldest boy turned the big THREE in September! We celebrated with a big monster party. It was the first party where Miles picked the theme himself. We were browsing Pinterest and he saw a pin of some awesome eyeball monster cookies by Kristyn here and insisted that’s what he wanted his party to be. I tried to show him other monster party decorations and snacks but he kept making me scroll back up to look at the cookies. “That one!!! I want that for my birfday!!! Please?” “Sure! We’ll have monster cookies!” “Oh, DANKKKK you!!!!!”

That’s just one of the adorable phrases I love to year from his mouth. He is genuinely touched by things we do for him and it makes it all so worth it. It’s hard to type the way it sounds, but he says “Thank” with a “D” and a “TH” sound so it’s kind of like “Thdank you!!” It is always said with pure enthusiasm and is usually returned by me with a hug and a “You’re welcome!”

Some other favorite phrases these days include “Oh, YEAH, baby!”, “I almost got [insert something he ‘for’got here]”, ending sentences with “right?!” Example: “Baby brother loves me, righttt?!?” and of course he’s always right.

He has a silly sense of humor and will laugh at anything that involves falling, banging, hiding, teasing and scaring.

When he’s feeling aggressive or is in an awkward social situation he will pretend to be a dinosaur and start rawring and charging people. Lol. Poor kids.

Speaking of poor kids and effect on people in the vicinity, he also likes to strip down naked anywhere, anytime. We’ve been telling him now that’s he’s three he can only be naked at home with mommy, daddy, and Finn.

His favorite toys are his purple stuffed dinosaur that we bought him at the T-REX cafe, my decorative bowl of pine-cones, pillows of all kinds, play-doh, watercolors, and whatever toy Finn is playing with.

He loves to dance, do “school” in the mornings, jump off high things, make pillow piles, hide things, pretend to be stuck, help me cook, make my coffee in the morning, be naked, make Finn laugh, and watch TV. His favorite shows are Octonauts, Phineas and Ferb, Gruff (Tinkerbell/Neverbeast), Baymax (Big Hero 6), and Puss in Boots. Lately he’s been requesting specific episodes of his favorite shows, so that’s fun. His favorite P&F episodes are “Meep,” “cutie patootie,” and “thousands of monsters”. Octonauts faves are “the spiky one” and “the walls falling down one.”

He has a fantastic memory for places. If we’ve been somewhere even just one time he will recognize the place if we drive by it again. While on our roadtrip we stayed at a Hampton Inn. A couple weeks after we had returned we drove past a Hampton Inn and Miles recognized it and said “That’s the hotel! We sleep there last week, right!?!?” My smartie. He points out “HIBATCHIIIIIII!!!” every time we drive by and it is only a few blocks away, so we hear that one often. He can recite our Chick-fil-a order pretty well, too. “NO PICKLES and a Dr. Pepper.” At least he remembers the most pertinent details.

Favorite Quotes

Here are a few of my favorite quotes I’ve saved from the past year:

Miles: “It’s really dark outside”
Me: “Yeah it is”
Miles: “The light is broken”
Me: “What light? 
Miles: “The sun.”

Seeing a newborn in the ob office while pregnant with Finn
Miles: “Take it home wif us?”

I was playing with Steven’s hair on the back of his head because he just got it cut and it was soft and fuzzy.
Me: “This feels so cool, I could do this all night.”
Miles: “Umm. Go away. That’s weird.”

While sleeping… Points and says
Miles: “What’s that snake doing?”
Daddy: “What snake?”
Miles: “That snake on the moon…”

Tells daddy about a shark that lives in the forest and eats carrots. Continues story to say there are sharks in the river and says
Miles: “I want to go to the shark river. Right. Now!

Miles was telling Finn a story. I heard him say
Miles: “Once upon time, free witto pigs, jumped on the water and a monster.”
…then he would repeat that haha

Miles: “It makes me sad.”
Me: “What?”
Miles: “The peoples breaks my heart”

Miles: “Mom, sometimes I freak out”

Miles: “I’m too strong. I’m big. Bigger than all the people’s”

Miles shook Finn’s hand and said
Miles: “nice to meet you, brother”

Miles: “I see a big watermelon last time and it tried to eat me! Tried to bite me! Tried to bite me up again!”

Miles: “He doesn’t do much”
Me: “Brother?”
Miles: “Yeah”
Me: “That’s because he’s a baby”
Miles: “Yep. He’s a baby. I’m a big brother. Mommas the momma… And daddy is… The boss”

Miles: “I’m the best brother whole world. Love my baby ”

While reading his book about vegetables
Miles: “Umm… Beet scares me”

Miles: “Where’s my beautiful dinosaur?! My dinosaur, my pet?!”

Me: “Peowww pow! Pow pow pow!”
Miles: “Mom! You sound like potatoes!”

My favorite pronunciations:

Spaghetti  = spetty-getty
Sandwich = swfitch
Privacy = pragasys
Vacuum =vappuh
Popsicle = possilull
Slippery = slipahly

I love my little threenager and I’m just going to soak up every moment of this year as much as possible, and document all the sweet moments the best that I can. I love you Miles Jayce!

photos of my oldest, Miles on his third birthday

A post with details from his monster party coming soon!


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