August 18, 2013

Mister Miles – 11 Months

Mister Miles - 11 month Photos - Cute Faces My munchin’s mobility has slowed me down even more than the usual. For this reason, I never wrote anything for the 11 month update so I’ll share some pictures and the summaries are probably going to be pretty short. :P


Nothing new to report. Holding steady, probably


Strength & Mobility

He has evolved to some odd version of neanderthal crawling. He has found that his knees just slow him down, so he’ll zip around on all fours with his booty in the air. Still cruising around furniture and working on standing. He’s very cautious, though, so no real attempts at walking.

Hand/Eye Coordination

His pincer grasp is pretty great these days and he has discovered that you can use objects on other objects. He loves hammering and “sword fighting” with toys, he loves to grab an object in each hand and see what he can do by banging them together and such.


He’s eating everything except the few “no-no’s” warned against by the pediatrician. No honey, dairy, etc… and it’s been fun. We’ve settled into some mealtime methods (holding his Plum organics pouch up so he can slurp down his mush) and we’re giving him bits of our food each meal.


Nothing I can call progress, really. I’ve found it very easy to cuddle Miles on the couch while some mindless TV show drones on and he’ll just drift to sleep. I feel like there has to be some unhealthy habits developing somewhere, but I love it because it’s easy, and I get to snuggle my baby.

Social & Vocalization

Pretty much holding true as the curious observer I’ve watched him become. Definitely using his consonants a lot and loves to babble to himself.


I’m afraid I can’t remember any specific! I probably should but it’s been too long.

Other Photos

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