March 31, 2016

Finn | 11 Months

Finn's 11 Month featured Image

Finn's 11 Month featured Image

This has been a very grown-up month for my Finn!

One of my favorite things he’s been doing is pointing at everything! It’s so cute. He points at things he finds interesting, things he wants, things he’s scared of, and things he’s curious about. When we read books (which he’s really been enjoying lately) he will point at the main subject on each page and look up at me. *MELTING HEART!

Finn is excelling in all matters of communication. He has more noises, of which I’m slowly learning the meanings. He shakes his head and nods the most adorable and deliberate nods. He has one type of communication that I could do with a little less of: those of the obnoxious growling variety. It’s part screech, part growl, part grunt, part scream… I really don’t even know what to call it. All I know is that it raises my anxiety and lowers my patience. He has been showing us more of that temper lately, but I really can’t blame him. He’s been sick a couple times this month and has a renewed appetite, so if I deny him any kind of food, he will protest violently.

Poor kid. He suffered through the flu earlier in the month, then just finished having a stomach virus that lasted a full 8 days. On day 8 I noticed Finn had vomited in his car seat while we were out running errands. He proceeded to vomit an additional 4 times within an hour. We were pretty worried because for the week prior he had only vomited once a day or every other day. Because of this and the severity of the heaves and because Finn was acting extra lethargic, we took him into the emergency room at Children’s Mercy South. We had a great experience with the Dr. and the staff that attended to us and Finn has not vomited since. They didn’t find anything concerning about his health besides that his heart-rate was a little high and they concluded that it was probably because he was a little dehydrated. Apparently the bug just decided to stick around a long time and go out with a bang that day. A regimen of Pedialyte and cuddles seemed to help and we’ve been pretty good since. At the hospital they weighed him in at 21 lbs which is a pound less than he was two months ago at his 9-month well visit so I’m praying for some gains soon. I can tell he’s lost weight and I’m anxious for him to pack on some pounds!

Miles and Finn are crazy together. I can’t seem to keep Miles from playing a little rough with him but Finn doesn’t always seem to mind (and if he does, he won’t hesitate to let him know with a loud screech). They laugh at each other constantly. Finn loveto throw balls and bang on things and put things in cups and boxes (and pull things out of boxes and drawers). He’s getting really great at climbing stairs and diligently practicing getting down them.

I always say this, but there is just a bright spark in his eyes that is all Finn and I totally adore it!!!

I can’t believe the next update I write Finn will be a YEAR OLD!!! WOW…

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