June 28, 2016

Finn | 1 Year

12 month photo of Finn toothy smile as he looks up at Mom with the camera

I am writing this while Finn is already 13.5 months old. I had high hopes of photographing Finn in his birthday t-shirt that I made for him along with the gold star balloons from his party, but I never got around to it and our lives got busy and I got very good at making up excuses. Oh, well. I still wanted to wrap up his first year of life a bit better because I really only plan to write these updates every 6-12 months now that he’s past the one year old mark. So I’m going to write everything about this kid an his antics up until yesterday./ End Excuses and Drawn Out Explanations.

Finn’s first year just¬†flew¬†by! I mean, I suppose they all do, but I thought we just brought him home and introduced him to our little family and yet here he is, owning the room and filling it with his hilariousness. He’s now free to eat WHATEVER he likes and he sure does!!! It is insane the way this kid eats. I have yet to feed him anything he didn’t at least try to eat with gusto. He’s not a huge fan of broccoli or anything super spicy. That’s the only thing limit we’ve found to the things he will stuff into his mouth. He’s often walking around with his chipmunk cheeks stuffed with cheese or grapes or toast (Wait?! But I haven’t made toast since yesterday!?). He steals food from my plate, from the floor, from Miles’ hands, from his baby roll creases. If he’s still ruminating on something but if offered (or notices) some other food, he will stick his chubby little finger in his mouth and scoop out whatever half-chewed mass is in there and proceed to grab a handful of the new food and shove it in there. This means I am frequently picking up little grape peels and mushy cheese bites from the floor and the couch and my hair. It’s a a sticky, mushy, beautiful mess.

Finn has been a walker for many months now and he saunters confidently everywhere he goes. He likes to lean backwards over chairs and laps. When we take family walks he can now walk on his own and try to race ahead to catch up with Daddy and Miles who always happen to be expanses ahead of us. Playtime with Miles is getting crazier and rougher but he seems to like it. As long as it doesn’t end with a blanket over his head or having Miles try to pick him up by the chest and haul him off. The two of them find the cutest games to play together. Miles likes to sneak Finn food and, let’s be honest, Finn loves it, too.

Weight gain has slowed a bit since he’s so active, but he’s growing just the right amount and staying hefty enough to hold his own with big brother. He’s getting more and more playful and loves to make us laugh, copying brother’s jokes and adding his own twists. His noises… SO CUTE! He shouts and squeals. He roars at every creature, especially bears. He makes monkey noises and likes to say ‘Whoa!!!”

I am truly feeling like my baby is becoming a toddler and it’s been a wonderful year, watching him grown confident and seeing the light within him grow bright. I’m so excited to see what the next year brings for him and us.

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