In a Field with Flowers – Lizzy’s Maternity Session

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Golden Hour Maternity Photo


When my very best friend came to visit a couple months ago, we made sure to document her second pregnancy with some sun-filled images in “the” field. It was all that used to separate us from each other during our childhood. We might live several states apart now, but we still get to share all the glorious bits of life as we experience them. It still feels like we’re just a field away anytime we need each other to help navigate each new turn of our lives. I’ve been blessed to have shared two pregnancies with my best friend (if a few months apart). Now that she’s just over a month away from her due date with her second, a precious little boy, I am humming with joy and excitement for her! She is a wonderful mom to Natalia and I can’t wait to see her rock the boy-mom thing!

Closeup of Daughter with Mom Mother and Daughter Maternity Photography Mother and Daughter Maternity Photography Mommy and daughterFlowers with Mommy  Denim Jacket and Long Flowy Skirt Sweet Closeup of Mom Hazy and Emotional Black and White Maternity PhotographyCloseup Black Tank Top Light and Airy Bump Pics Standing in a Road Close Up Belly Golden Hour Maternity Photo  Golden Hour Maternity PhotoHeart on the Belly Belly Heart  Holding Baby Tight in my Belly  Untitled_0027Pretty Belly with FlowersA Sweet Mom Moment   Dramatic Sunset Silhouette Maternity Photography

I'm the daughter to a King, wife to a man who makes me laugh, and mother to two boys who add joy and fullness to my life. I am a dreamer, a philosopher, an artist, and lover of things that stir my soul. I spend most of my days at home with my boys, Miles and Finn. We make messes (and occasionally clean them up), we giggle, we run and hide from dinosaurs and monsters and we read lots of books together. In my "free" time I feed my craving for art with various creative pursuits and indulge in tasty treats, coffee, and the occasional, guilt-laden Red Bull to feed my other addictions.

When it comes to my passions, I have many. God, Love, Family, Travel, Music, Design, Coffee... but somewhere near the top of the list you'll find photography. From the moment I turned my camera lens towards a sunset for the first time, I felt an intense desire to somehow steal away the beauty of that moment and keep it forever. Now I walk around thirsty to soak up the beautiful moments around me, add a spark of something from deep inside my soul, then spill it back out to the world.

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