February 4, 2011

Everything Makes Sense When You’re With Me

A portrait of myself with my husband and our smiles

I am in love. It’s no secret that I’m a fuzzy, cheesy, hopeless romantic. I sniffle and weep when I see crinkles at the corner of eyes and imagine it’s all possible because someone loves that person. I swoon when I day-dream of dancing in the rain and twirling in the arms of my prince, my hero. I’ve let my mind be filled with fairy-tales and golden-hued scenes of happily ever after since I first saw Cinderella. I’m one of those girls who doesn’t hide the fact that she’s dreamed of Mr. Right and being swept off my feet at the sight of him. I didn’t know how it would all unfold, but I always just knew that true love existed and it was out there waiting for me to stumble head-long into it.

I’ll spare you a long-winded account of my love life and the broken hearts and the crushes and the sighs and hopes and staring off into the distance with thoughts of my prince charming. I don’t even remember the first time I saw my husband. It sometimes bothers me that I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I first beheld his face, I always dreamed I would see him and just know that instant that he was The One. Even now when I think about it I realize I didn’t need that one moment because when I remember back as far as I can to the first memories I have of him, I realize every moment held a hint of that knowing. It makes me feel fuzzy inside to recall the tiny moments that stick to my brain’s insides and form the montage of our first few years, from the days of not knowing if he liked me to, to the moments when I realized he did, to the day I actually married him. Now I sometimes lay in bed reading late at night and glance over to see his angelic face in the depths of slumber and wonder how I got here, to this amazing place. All the cliche’s in the universe are twirled up in how I feel about him. He’s my prince charming. When think about our love I bubble up inside.

Our love is epic.

I am so freaking lucky. Sigh. God has blessed me in amazing ways by showing me so much love in a man as amazing as my husband is. He is supportive of all the dreams I have, as scattered and obscure as they are. He always knows what I need before I even have a clue, he loves the crazy things about me that have always made me insecure. When I complain about my weird laugh he tells me it’s one of his favorite things about me. He’s just the best ever. My favorite. I can’t look at his face without warming up inside and letting the warm and fuzzy feelings spill out of me in laughs and giggles and hugs.

I just had to express some of the feelings that are swimming in my heart when I think about my sweetie.

I just can’t get enough of this

My husband sporting his fabulous goatee and aviators

1 thought on “Everything Makes Sense When You’re With Me

  1. it’s so special to see the love you guys have for each other and the ability to express it on this special anniversary. We are very fortunate to have a daughter in law who loves Steven for the guy he is…Daddy Marc

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