Back and forth, I had debated whether I should keep my personal and professional blogging separate. I realized I would be most happy if everything in my life was in one place. I can’t easily separate them anyway, they are woven into each other too tightly! Photography and design, they are ME, they are simply two of the many passions I have claimed. I’ve always had a problem with being scatterbrained. This, in some twisted way, makes me crave simplicity. In an effort to gather…Continue Reading “The Blog Consolidation Project”

In an effort to enlighten my audience about the many things that make up… me, I’ve decided it’s about time I explained where the name “silverdoves” came from. It all began when I was dipping my toes into the enchanting possibilities of the world wide web. My daddy, who is one of the most brilliant and inspiring men I’ve ever known, suggested I have my own website so I could declare my crazy to the world! This was sometime during my first year studying Graphic…Continue Reading “silverdoves: Behind the Name”

Previous Post Title: NEXT Level – FSCC Football Posters Every year the Fort Scott Community College commissions Captured Images to photograph the football players and create a football poster design for both Offense and Defense. This year the theme is “NEXT Level.” It’s always exciting to see what the theme will be and this year came at the perfect time. I was fully inspired right away and proceeded to create a poster design that would kick some major booty. I’m particularly proud of this year’s design. It…Continue Reading “Fort Scott Community College (FSCC) – Football Poster Design”