April 2, 2015

Belly Day – 35 Weeks

Baby belly bump day - 35 weeks

Baby belly bump day - 35 weeks

Today I had a chiropractor appointment! Yay… this has been something I’ve been wanting for 3 years… way to procrastinate, Brittany! It was pretty great. I expected so much more to happen at the appointment, but the few adjustments he made definitely helped my hips and I can’t wait to see if it stays this way a bit. I’ll probably schedule another one in a couple weeks, then one more before baby is born. That last one could happen so soon! That’s insane to me, but awesome.

My baby brain and baby fever have multiplied. I can barely manage to string sentences together that actually make any sense. I close my eyes and see tiny baby toes and smell furry baby heads and imagine itty bitty baby bodies wrapped in blankets, cuddled in my arms. Yup. I’m completely burning up with baby fever. I keep thinking “good thing I’m actually pregnant and weeks away from birthing a baby or I wouldn’t be able to handle this longing for an infant.” To keep me going for the next 5 weeks I am focusing on the sewing projects I’ve been mentioning. I might have to give up on the boppy cover for now, it sounds like the most complicated one and I haven’t found the perfect fabric. I think I’ll have to paint my own fabric to get what I want. I know that is ridiculous, but I’m crazy like that. I also made some burp cloths and a pacifier clip for a friend who’s expecting a little boy and I have some fabric ready to make myself a few more, as well. Additionally, I want to either buy or customize a cute little coming home outfit for baby brother, finish washing car seat things and clear out the diaper bag and give it a good wash, bring up the pack and play from the basement and back our hospital bags!

Seriously. Sometimes it still seems way to far away, but at other times I can’t believe we’re almost there! Two more weeks until I’m full term!!! I’ll leave it there. Remember I said I can barely manage to form sentences? You’re lucky I’ve made it to this paragraph at all.

Baby’s Size| Honeydew Melon.

How far along | 35 weeks

Sleep | Pretty normal. A few nights ago I had the best sleep yet! The bed was so comfy, I only woke up twice to pee and turn over and I woke up barely remembering any of my weird dreams! Last night my dreams just kept going and going. Post-apocalyptic chaos… not very restful for the subconscious. Miles has been sleeping so well. I can’t believe it was just mere months ago that I was still nursing him back to sleep once or twice a night! And that I will be doing that again soon and for a long time after that. But that’s ok. :)

Clothes | I do so much laundry. I’ve found that only about 1/2 my underwear actually fits (you’re welcome for that much needed information) and only two pairs of PJ pants fit. I rotate between tanks and tees and only a couple of the tees are long enough to wear without being annoying. When I’m home all day with no plans to see anybody, I am sure I look pretty frightening.

Cravings | Starbucks wins this week with their iced decaf caramel flan latte with breve. Just typing that made me want to drive 20 minutes to pick one up from my favorite location. Unfortunately I quickly used up my gift card balance that had been hanging around since the holidays. Now I have been negotiating Starbucks treats from Steven. Let’s just say I’ve endured a lot more video gaming lately in order to support my habit. The last couple days I’ve also been craving burgers. Five Guys hooked me up on Sunday (YUMMMMM) and yesterday I made some for dinner. Today I am forced to deal.

Food Aversions |  The other day I didn’t want chicken tortilla soup. Right now I don’t want spaghetti. I think that counts.

Symptoms | Oh man. This week during my first pregnancy I was experiencing some horrible PUPPPs and I am so very grateful to not have to suffer through that. It was so terrible, people, trust me. I’d say the majority of my discomfort these days comes from having really strong Braxton Hicks that actually kind of hurt compared to what I’ve previously experienced. Lots of cervix pain (I think… I really don’t know, but that’s all I can imagine. It’s sharp and shocking and hurts like … a lot) In case you were wondering all my “…” during this post is a result of my baby brain. Those represent actual pauses in my brain function. So … other symptoms… Even MORE swelling. Really bad in my hands, which have also been dry, making it very unpleasant. Baby brain (mentioned that one). Lots of cramping muscles. That’s enough for now.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have an appointment this coming Monday, during which we’ll have a sonogram that I’m excited about. With Miles I only had one single sonogram the entire pregnancy, so this is a new and exciting change for me. At my next appointment I’ll probably schedule the remainder of my appointments. We also scheduled a tour of the hospital and I’m excited for that. Steven will be taking a half day from work and we’ll go check it out!

Movement | He’s crazy. I wonder if this is what he’ll be like on the outside, extra squirmy and such. Miles was in such a predictable position early on in the pregnancy, he barely changed positions and I felt like he was pretty stretched out. With baby brother I feel like he’s really curled up because I feel feet everywhere and I think I can feel legs curled up, then sticking out, then criss crossed and all manner of other feelings that don’t make sense to me.

Belly Button | Large

Gender | Baby Brother. That’s what we call him to Miles and until we settle for sure on a name (a.k.a. Finn lol) then I have decided to refer to him as baby brother. I like that better than “Baby #2” or “this one” or “other baby.”

Best moment of the week | Spending the weekend at my parents, picking daffodils, watching Miles just be himself and adorable. His vocabulary is expanding noticeably every day and I love hearing new expressions from him. These days he likes to say “Oh! Almost forgot *insert anything here*”

What I’m looking forward to | Baby brother nestled in my arms. Tucking him into his car seat to come home. Handing him to Miles for the first time and seeing his reaction when he finally gets to go to the “Baby brother store” and come back with something.

What I miss | Being able to wear a seat-belt normally. These days I have the lap part on the top side of my belly and the shoulder part digs deeply into my neck. I can’t seem to find a more comfortable way to wear it. I keep wondering how it felt to wear a seat belt when I was a skinny thing in college lol.

Mommy and Miles - 35 weeks

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