March 26, 2015

Belly Day | 33 Weeks

Belly Baby Bump Day - 33 Weeks

Belly Baby Bump Day - 33 Weeks

I’m dragging. That is why I took my photo a day late this week, I’m writing this post a few days late and I posted links to my last couple entries at least 2 weeks later than the week to which they corresponded. Ooops!

This week I took  my progress photos on St. Patrick’s Day and tried to go for a slightly festive theme. I have always loved St Patty’s Day since I’m part Irish and love the color green. Plus, it’s just a fun holiday. I made corned beef and we had Rubens for dinner and it was delicioussssss. Of course I craved the beer I can’t have and never really liked. I spent the day at home, so no pinching was involved. Overall it was a good day.

Feelings that make up my thoughts this week: Excitement for baby. Daydreaming. Nesting. Exhaustion. Pain. Panic. Longing (for baby, for a better body, for adventure).

I didn’t really plan this, exactly, but this week be began potty training Miles! I decided to order a training seat for the big potty off Amazon and Miles was so excited to give it a try when it arrived that I decided we should just go for it! We’ve had good days and bad days, but I definitely think it’s time. Now I am slightly terrified thinking about what this means… I underestimated the physical requirements involved, such as lifting my toddler up onto the potty frequently and dealing with awkward maneuvering in a tiny bathroom. I also am now faced with what this means for the months (or more) ahead, potential accidents at any moment, for example. Otherwise I am pretty excited for our potty training adventure! :)

It seems Miles is really trying to grasp his independence lately because the other night he randomly says “Oh! Sleep in my room. Miles bed.” I was fully shocked for a moment before enthusiastically agreeing to let him try to sleep in his room, instead of with us. We tried really hard for a good hour before giving up and going back to our bed. But it doesn’t end there, the next day when it was nap time he asked again! This time he did eventually fall asleep after an hour of delays (and multiple false alarm trips to the potty) and he only slept 40 minutes, but it seems promising! I truly do not mind co-sleeping.  I was really torn up about it when he was younger, feeling guilty because all the books say don’t do it, but once we just decided that was how it was going to be, we’ve enjoyed it. It’s almost sad to think of Miles being ready to leave our bed, but it would be awfully convenient, since I plan to co-sleep with our new baby eventually, too.

Anyway, so many new little developments in the daily dynamics of our family life. Exciting! A foreshadowing of all the things that will be changing this year.

Baby’s Size| Pineapple! This was the same one I used with Miles’ pregnancy, but I love pineapple too much these days not to use it.

How far along | 33 weeks

Sleep | There was a night or two of 4 a.m. insomnia, but it hasn’t yet become a “thing.” One of the toughest things about sleep this pregnancy has been the dreams!!! I feel like I never get a break! With my first pregnancy I remember having weird dreams during the first trimester and sprinkled throughout the pregnancy, but these are every night and they are weird weird weird. It’s hard to feel like I slept, when instead I feel like I just lived a post-apocalyptic blockbuster. Terrifying dreams, whimsical dreams, curious dreams. I never thought I would dislike dreaming so much. All the usual stuff if still true, from my whining the last two weeks. When I wake up to pee I will sit in a daze on the toilet and clench my extra swollen hands into a fist (sort of) and sigh, then I sit there with my eyes closed a moment longer, wondering if it’s really necessary to walk back to the bed. I can just sleep right here on the toilet, right?

Clothes | My pants are getting tighter, my shirts aren’t quite covering my belly (maternity shirts) and while most people don’t notice because it’s my “underbelly” I can feel the breeze down there and it bugs me.

Cravings | It might be a true fact that I just finished inhaling a beef sub from Jimmy Johns. I was starving, Miles was napping and it sounded delicious. It was my first time trying their delivery option. I should be scared of the precedent this might set for myself. Otherwise I can say that my need for bagels is dwindling slowly. It’s not that they aren’t still delicious and I eat them frequently, but I no longer yearn for them every hour of the day. I have also been in love  with raspberries!!! The ones we’ve purchased from the store the last two weeks have been really young and amazing! I like my raspberries so young they are almost peach colored and these have been perfect. Yum. Miles and I can easily down a carton in a sitting and want more.

Food Aversions |  I once again will confirm that I could probably eat anything

Symptoms | I’ve been waiting in terrified anticipation of this week because this is the week I first began to experience puppps during my first pregnancy!!! Itching itching itching. It’s only a thing with boys, but not all boys, so I’ve been wondering if it would be a problem this time. So far I haven’t had any problems! My stretch marks are showing more these days, but they still are pretty pale compared to the way they were then. Just another little Godsend for which I am happy! Otherwise I struggle the most with complete physical exhaustion. Not even sleepiness, just my body being unable to do it’s job. A walk up one 1/2 flight of stairs and my legs and lungs are burning so much I have to lean against the wall and inhale deeply. It sounds dramatic and it is, but it’s true. It scares me to think of all the things I want to do in the coming weeks, and the adventures I might have to miss out on because I can’t walk far enough or long enough. I’m swollen more. Oh, here’s a weird thing! My lips seem plumper! Weird, right? I’ve always had thin, wide lips and I don’t mind, but lately they are plump. I’m guessing it is a result of the extra blood pumping through my body or another swelling symptoms. I don’t remember this happening with my first, but maybe I just didn’t notice. Here’s a photo, I wore lipstick the other day (I hardly EVER wear lipstick) and gave it my best sexy lip. *rolling my eyes at myself.

Doctor’s Appointment | I have an appointment next week, then again at 36 weeks, then every week! Nothing special coming up, although I’m anxious to see how much I’ve gained (again) it seems like a lot.

Movement | I say it every time but he is a jumping bean! I love it! In fact I sort of freak out when he doesn’t move all the time. If he’s still for even a short time (which is rare) I will gently nudge him until he starts moving again. I always feel bad for waking him up for nothing, but it gives me peace of mind.

Belly Button | It’s pokey! But it’s wide so it’s a large pokey thing. Ew.

Gender | He’s a boy but sometimes I find myself thinking “Hmmm the ____ we already have is kind of masculine, even though I planned for it to be gender neutral. I should have thought ahead a bit better.” Then I am like “Oh, right … it doesn’t matter.” Lol.

Best moment of the week | We had a visit from Sammy Jo! That was awesome for me. She is amazing with Miles and he loves to hang out with her. They were having some of the best laughs and moments together. Made me miss my college days, but love how we can still share our lives 8+ years later!!!

What I am looking forward to | Springtime and eventually summer and getting into a new routine with two!

What I miss | Being able to lay on my back and still breathe.

Mommy and Miles - 33 Weeks

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