August 8, 2012

Baby Bump | 33 Weeks

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This week I have struggled to be quite as productive as I was last week, but things are still slowly being accomplished. I’m afraid some new developments on the baby front are not that pleasant. I’m think he might have changed positions in my tummy now, after several weeks of consistency. Because I am getting some movements that are downright painful. I’ve heard that isn’t uncommon and I counted myself lucky until now, but I am now aware of why it sucks so badly. I could barely make it through church on Sunday because he kept ramming some body part or other into my various organs. One of the most painful things is that I’ve had a tender spot on my left side, near the lower part of my belly. My primary suspicion is that my round ligament is simply stretch or bruised or something. Another theory is that my colon is taking a beating. Whatever the issue, it is not fun when he kicks that particular area. So far the movements have given me gas, nausea and various more disgusting things. As usual, I am totally ok with it because it means he is alive and happy and active and healthy. I would just prefer he returned to less painful types of acrobatics.

I am so very behind when it comes to baby preparations. I know my only solution is to suck it up and get things done, but I am discovering that my body just can’t seem to handle the level of activity I want so desperately to keep throughout the week. The last couple days my hips have been back to collapsing under me.  I remember I only have about 7 weeks left and it both relieves and terrifies me. I will share some lists, just for fun.

Here are some things I have accomplished since my last update:

  • Designed and mailed off 4 wedding albums to clients.
  • Finished sewing the crib skirt
  • Cut and sewed a crib blanket/comforter using a thrifted sheet and some comfy snuggle fabric for the back.
  • Cleaned almost the whole apartment, including catching up on laundry
  • Had a big grocery shopping day and made several full meals from scratch (normally I am lucky if I can manage one in a week haha)

Here are things that need to be done before baby gets here:

  • Design 4 more wedding albums and 2 custom books
  • Edit and post a wedding
  • Edit and post a maternity session
  • Begin the design for two separate blog sites
  • Pack the hospital bag and write a birth plan just for reference
  • Choose a pediatrician
  • Wrap up some remaining education for birth (Dvds, books and possible classes)
  • Attach the crib skirt to the mattress frame
  • Sew a second pillow and perhaps another blanket
  • Design, print and frame the wall art for the baby room
  • Purchase a few remaining necessary items for baby
  • Hang clothes and put away everything so the nursery is actually finished
  • Take remaining photos for the maternity book I’ve been working on this whole time (I am really behind here and several images will need me with a pregnant belly, so that should be done soon)

I think that might actually be it. Some of those things will take awhile, but it’s not quite as scary to see it listed there. I can read all the bullet points without scrolling, so that’s nice. Lol. I love when I get a surge of nesting hormones like I did this morning. I just have to turn them into motivation to accomplish work tasks before I let myself do things like hang up baby clothes and sew various awesome things. I think everything else about this week should end up covered in the usual survey below.

The Bump

Baby’s Size| Weight of a Pineapple. Yay! We’re back to normal fruits!

How far along | 33 weeks

Sleep | It has been hit and miss this week. Some nights I average about 4 trips to the bathroom and wake feeling rested. Other nights I do the pregnant version of tossing and turning (since turning requires a full ceremony) and I’ll get up 8 times including trips for snacks when I feel sick at 4 a.m. Ugh. I wonder how many months it will be before I sleep through the night at least once.

Clothes | Today I wore a dress!!! Other than that I have nothing to report.

Cravings | I have never really loved raisinettes but Steven bought a bag for the movies last week or so and I have been snacking on them after every meal. Not exactly a craving but every time I eat I really want a handful for some reason.

Food Aversions |  Still only eat eggs because I have to. I also had Chipotle twice and it was ok, but ever since then I have dashed Steven’s dreams every time he suggests it.

Symptoms | I am back to horrible hip pain. It’s been one of the worst things so far. Also, my belly hurts so badly. My stretch marks itch incessantly and it is very miserable. Scratching only increases the discomfort. Other than that I am just getting bigger and heavier and harder to maneuver.

Doctor’s Appointment | I had my appointment today and we went over a diabetes diet even though I don’t technically have GD. It’s so specific and I think I’m going to really like the structure it gives me. I only gained the recommended pound per week since my last appointment!!! That’s good news. After today I will go to appointments every week!!!

Movement | Except for the painful acrobatics I still am enjoying feeling baby boy growing big and strong in there.

Belly Button | It’s outward but I’m still awaiting a full button pokey kind of outie.

Gender | Big, Strong Boy

Best moment of the week | When we noticed there was a new season of “White Collar” on Netflix. Cuddling with Steven and feeling my belly together over the weekend.

What I miss | A combination of all the things I have said before. I was listening to my husband talk about Olympic races or sprinting or something and I imagined sprinting and wanted to die and then realized how much I miss having the option. Not that I really ever sprinted that much before, but hey. Haha.

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  1. I’m sorry things are so painful right now! :( When you wondered how long it will be before you can sleep through the night, that scared me lol because it will probably be a while haha. I can’t believe it’s 7 weeks away until your little man’s bday!! I am SO thrilled and excited for you guys!


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