April 2, 2012

Baby Bump | 14 Weeks

Here is my progress photo for 14 weeks. I took this at what was basically the last possible moment for 14 weeks. I have put off beginning to document my bump since I still haven’t felt super awesome and because I’m a procrastinator by nature. I wish I had, since I now have no “Pre-Bloat” photos to compare. I feel like this one might even be a bit inaccurate since I took it later in the day and on the very last day before my “15 week” mark. I now plan to start taking photos on Mondays for each week (that is mid-week for my pregnancy weeks since I mark my week measurements on Thursdays) and hopefully be posting them on Wednesdays. I’m also planning a pregnancy book with fun notes to my baby and some illustrative images. Might start sharing those, too as I design the spreads for each week. :)

14 Week Photo:

Baby’s Size | Lemon
How far along | 14 weeks + a few days because I procrastinated
Sleep | I get up to pee several times in the night and turning from side to side has has it’s painful surprises. Stomach sleeping is gradually becoming more of a side-sleep. I have incredibly vivid dreams every night. One dream each time I go back to bed, which results in 3-5 a night. Some are good, some are bad, but they are all crazy and detailed. I mostly love it. I can’t curl up into a ball if I feel like sleeping in a cuddly way because my belly is starting to grow in weird ways. I am beginning to desire a nice comfy body pillow. I prefer one that is a feather pillow though. I know, not likely. :)
Clothes | My stomach was tender and sensitive from early on in the pregnancy so I’ve lived in PJ’s, sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants and comfy shirts. I can’t wait for dresses in the summer. Nice and breezy.
Cravings | I pretty much crave things that just pop into my head, either by seeing it on TV, reading it in a book or having it in a dream. Yesterday I woke up from a dream that had a potluck full of food. I am hoping this means that more food will start sounding good. Since then I’ve wanted my mom’s BBQ chicken drumsticks. Mmmm! Other cravings: Fruit, bagels, starbucks breakfast sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches! Mmmm!
Food Aversions | BROCCOLI! Ewwww. Sometimes I don’t know until I hear it or see it, then I want to shiver with the gross-ness of it lol.
Symptoms | Some remaining first-trimester symptoms like nausea at night. Also: fast heart-rate and breathless from doing barely anything, some severe baby-brain, sciatica, headaches and this one is the worst …. PHLEGM! It’s thick and horrid, constantly sitting there at the back of my throat, making it difficult to eat things that increase phlegm and makes swallowing unpleasant. This also leads to me gagging and then vomiting again. Sigh. I can’t wait for the increased energy I hear of during this trimester. And some additional relief. I feel pretty good in the mornings, but get progressively worse throughout the day.
Doctor’s Appointment | I just had one last Friday. Bethany came with me and we heard the heartbeat again: 158. I also got to meet my actual Doctor. She’s been on maternity leave so we finally met and talked and I really like her so far. I’ll be going in again when I’m at 18 weeks.
Movement | No movement yet. :) I keep trying to hold really still and stop breathing to see if I can feel any flutters that are unusual, but all I feel and hear is my ridiculously speedy heart. :P
Belly Button | A gross innie.
Gender | Still don’t know. Will know in 6 weeks and reveal in 8 weeks. :)
Best moment of the week | Finding out that my very best friend in the whole world is pregnant, too!!! We are 9 weeks apart. Sharing this together is an amazing blessing and I’m so happy and excited for her and her husband, Mike. :)
What I’m looking forward to | More energy, feeling kicks (I hate the “you’ll know it when you feel it” solutions. I am a curious soul with a wild imagination, so I think way too much about things, waiting to experience it), eventually finding out the gender, and…. more energy. :)
What I miss | Red Bull! I quit a few months before I was even pregnant, but I still miss it. The warm weather and the desire for energy puts it on my mind quite often. You could put coffee here, too, but I still indulge in some decaf iced lattes from starbucks. I feel so high-maintenance when I put in my order “Iced Decaf Vanilla Breve Latte, please” lol. I also keep craving alcoholic drinks, which I never really drank before I was pregnant. lol. I also keep craving deli sandwiches. Lame!

6 thoughts on “Baby Bump | 14 Weeks

  1. OMG I love this so much and you know what? I’ve been craving Red Bull too!! It’s so weird. I never drank it too much before but I’ve really been wanting one lol. I love this and I LOVE YOU!!! <3

    1. I love you, too!! :) MMmmm Red Bull… lol. It will be awhile before I’ll finally get to have some again. Sigh.

  2. I craved beer, especially Guinness, with both my pregnancies, and I’d never really liked beer before then. It made me wonder if there’s some nutrient in beer that my body wanted, since if it was just wanting what I couldn’t have, I’d have wanted a cosmo. You are beautiful in that photo – there’s definitely some pregnancy glow going on!

    1. That’s crazy! I have had my share of cravings for things I had once despised. My body is a different creature right now!

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