This post was drafted over 4 years ago!!! I took the time to write it once upon a time, so I thought I aught to publish it…  Revealing the inner nerd, I will tell you that I occasionally play video games where you earn points and can assign stats to your character to build certain skills. I find that I almost always try to build evenly. Perhaps I am a slave to balance. Anyway, today I had a revelation. This is likely a reflection of how…Continue Reading “Confessions: of a Dirty Hypochondriac”

Just a couple months after the birth of Miles, I threw a shower for my good friend, Beth, who was expecting her second baby girl. It’s been a long time, but I’m still pretty proud of the work we did to put it all together. I’m here to share some of the design details and party planning pieces that came together to make a baby shower for her little baby girl, Nova Rae, possible. Beth and I share a very similar taste in all things…Continue Reading “Modern Peach and Gray Baby Shower”

Labor Much like the birth stories of my first two children, this day started with a pang, just sharp enough to wake me from my sleep. I sat up in bed around 2 a.m. on Sunday, February 4. I grabbed my phone and eagerly opened my contraction timer app and waited. Being 6 days past my due date I was like a crazy person, rejoicing when I felt anything I might classify as a contraction. By 2:40 I was certain the contractions, though still mild,…Continue Reading “Remi’s Birth Story”

As this pregnancy draws closer to it’s inevitable end, I have so many emotions! Primarily I’m regretting my decision to slack on updates. I do really enjoy looking back on the posts from my first two pregnancies and I wish I had taken the time to preserve more of the memories from this one, too. There is nothing to do about it now and I am resigned, but I do regret it. I thought I should at least have one more update since delivery could…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Thirty-Eight Weeks”

When the hubby and I took our babymoon to Colorado in October I let myself skip a couple updates. I became addicted to being a slacker and let holidays and low-iron laziness rule. I only ended up taking a few update photos the rest of the pregnancy and even fewer of the update videos. I sort of regret it now, but there’s nothing to be done about it. I took a photo for 33 weeks but never wrote a post about my pregnancy that week…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Thirty-Three Weeks”

Here is everything you need to know about our 2017 Holiday Mini-Sessions! I am offering Christmas themed mini sessions November 18th, with appointments available all day. All  sessions will take place outside my home in south Leavenworth, with a styled background and sitting area. These sessions feature a modern + rustic theme with fun props and awesome custom products, including special, reduced print prices! $75 Includes: 15 minute outdoor session 5+ Fully edited images online gallery print release And you can add-on awesome products like…Continue Reading “Holiday Mini-Sessions 2017”

The last two weeks have been tough on the pregnancy front. Nothing too extreme, just dealing with it all poorly. In what ways, you ask? Baby brain is FULL ON. I’m a hot mess, except not so hot. Late to everything, forgetting all the things. Swelling has picked up. It’s not as as bad as it got with my first pregnancy, but it’s not great, either. The swelling in my hands bothers me the worst. Because I use my hands. To do things. My hips…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Twenty-Six Weeks”

As our trip drew close I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage these updates while prepping and being on vacation. So I decided to just skip it! At first it bothered me that I would break the consecutive week thing, but then I realized it’s not a big deal and it accurately represents life during this pregnancy. I have 3 weeks to cover this time, so here we go! Our trip was AMAZING! For those who haven’t fully been informed, Steven and I…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Twenty-Four Weeks”

A quick update for a quick week! It sped by, as life fills with things to do and plan. This week I am working furiously to wrap up some life and work things and prep for our roadtrip baby-moon!!! Steven and I are leaving soon for our big trip for just the two of us… well, the three of us ;). I love to overthink and over-do things so I have grand plans for this week. We shall see how it all comes together. We’ve…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Twenty-One Weeks”

Oops… starting to get behind! I took the photos and video and had it all prepared but didn’t have a moment to sit and write out this post yet! But here we go :) Week twenty is always a fun, big one. It’s the halfway mark! They start measuring baby size by head to toe and stuff. Okay, so this week was great for me! My nausea is mostly gone and my mood and motivation is almost consistently high level. I am loving the busy-ness…Continue Reading “Belly Day // Twenty Weeks”