August 31, 2016

Our Family Photos // Fall 2015

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Fall is coming around again, my favorite season… perfect for the indecisive, fickle personality like me. There are warm days, there are cold days, you can wear pants with short sleeves or shorts with hoodies! It’s like a celebration of compromise. It’s wonderful. And that’s not even considering all the great excuses for baking and eating delicious food, the ocean of gorgeous leaves (each one unique and begging to be immortalized via my camera), and indulging in coffee and hoodies and all things cozy is almost a rule. 

Last fall (yes, because I like to wait a year to post my photos that way everyone looks almost totally different and the photos have barely any remaining relevance to our life and appearance) I asked my sister, Bethany, to take photos of our family. During this time of year the colors of the trees and the weather are begging for family photographs and I am not immune to that call. (PS – BOOK A SESSION WITH ME! I IMPLORE YOU!)

So here we are. Since these photographs Steven has lost a bunch of weight, I’ve lost less weight, Finn is still a legit baby, and Miles is just as cute and ornery as ever.

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