July 9, 2012

Lizzy’s Shower Gift | DIY Crib Quilt

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I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago that I was working on a special gift for Lizzy for her baby shower. I worked with her a bit on the colors and such and gathered up all the perfect materials and got to work sewing and ironing and cuddling comfy fabrics. After finishing the quilt, I realized I had some extra fabric that would be perfect for a pillow. Then I found a lace doily cloth thing at Goodwill and decided I had to create a lace-overlay pillow as well. So here are some photos of the process and several of the finished product. I am so in love with the variety of textures and how it all looks together… folded, stacked and in pretty much displayed in every which way.

All the pieces cut into their pretty squares:
Beginning to lay out the pattern:

More layout pictures:
Ironing the final quilt:

Pinning mid-process and the finished quilt all spread out:
Photos of the finished quilt:


The pillows I made to accompany the quilt:


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