March 23, 2017

Leah // Senior Portrait Photography

Categories Photography, Seniors

I just want to fist pump. That’s what I want to do when everything falls in place the way it did for Leah’s senior session. There was last-minute scheduling, trying to squeeze our session in before the cold and frost hit us (and the trees). This ended up giving us the perfect weather and light for our session. Our setting was picturesque, Leah was on fire, and I was giddy with inspiration… it was all just, plain perfect! I enjoy all different kinds of photo session types, but there is something about senior photos, celebrating all that you’ve achieved and the future you are about to seize. Plus, it selfishly gives me a chance to use my craft to bring out the personality beaming from within. This time it also gave me the chance to make another flower crown and make a pretty girl wear it. ;)

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