January 5, 2016

Finn | 8 Months

Finn 8 Month Official Photo - Featured

Finn 8 Month Official Photo - Featured

Finn’s amazing qualities just shine brighter as he gets older and I continually fall more in love with him. He has a sweet, contented disposition and a strong, steady determination that keeps him trying and trying no matter what until he masters something. He has mastered crawling and has even mastered standing! He can pull himself up from anything, including the floor and will let go and stand there for a good 30 seconds before letting himself back down to the floor quite deliberately. I expect him to be a pretty early walker.

As Finn demonstrates his determinations in more obvious ways, we are learning his likes and dislikes rather well. Here is a short list…

Likes: Feeding himself baby food, standing up on things, trying to fit the most choke-able things in his mouth, exploring tops of stairs and edges of beds, talking, being included in brother’s playtime, watching the droids on the screensaver for Star Wars Battlefront, acting hyper at midnight, chewing on frozen teething toys, smiling and flirting with people, standing at the dishwasher when I’m loading it and trying to grab the knives and dirty spoons, snacking on Miles’s crumbs and discarded foods, and most recently “kissing” me with his mouth wide open (I think that’s what he’s doing. It’s confusing and adorable.)

Dislikes: Having any toys or food taken away that he’s playing with (even if it’s making him frustrated or it’s dangerous), being laid down to nurse or sleep if he doesn’t think he’s ready, THE CARSEAT! (especially at night), not being allowed to crawl under things and bump his head, finding himself in anyone else’s arms but mommy’s (or daddy’s), and pretty much being told “no” in any way.

Finn has finally cut a tooth! It’s his bottom left and I’m pleased to have visual evidence to confirm my suspicions. I don’t really think I’m naive enough to believe this means we’ll have a reprieve from the teething because he still has fussy moments that seem to only be explained by teething. He’s also had a lingering cold (both boys have) and he coughs a bunch, so he’s been fussy because of that. He’s eating more baby food and insists on grabbing the spoon all the time. He also snagged a powdered donut piece that Miles left within reach and he chomped it pretty good before I made the discovery. He’s a huge fan.

Around the two month mark I could lay Finn in our bed when I sensed that he was tired and he would turn his head to the side and fall almost immediately to sleep. This is no longer the case. If he falls asleep in my arms or the carseat and I attempt to transfer him to a bed, he will wake up 90% of the time and be up for another hour or two. As you can imagine, this is pretty frustrating. At night he will usually only wake up a couple times to nurse in the early morning hours and sleep until we’re ready to wake up, so that’s just fine for me!

I really can’t believe the progress he’s made in the last couple months! He’s so strong and big and smart and funny and adorable.

Finn 8 Month Official Photos

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