October 20, 2015

Finn | 4 Months

Finn's 4 Month Update - Official Featured Photo

Finn's 4 Month Update - Official Featured Photo

My big little. I call Miles my little big and Finn is my big little. Somehow that makes sense to me.

Finn amazes me. Motherhood is almost a brand new experience this time around. Seeing each of my boys develop their own personality and quirks and imagining what passions they will discover as their sponginess expands and they soak up more and more of the world… it makes my heart and my brain hurt. He may only be four months old, but I still swelled with joy to help him dip his toes into the ocean surf for the first time. I broke out in a zillion smiles when I got to show Finn the “big trees” because I can already tell he’s a nature boy . This month was full of firsts in a totally new way. Our “Maiden voyage” held many firsts for a little man so young!

Four months old and Finn has really come into his own in so many ways. He is starting to grasp his toys and he continues to preach to anyone who will listen. He has added a squacking screech to his existing “Ohhh!” of deep wonderment. As his vocabulary grows, so does his library of expressions. I’ve seen more “mischievous” and “curious” peek out of his peepers lately.

He loves to sit in a lap and observe a room. Even better if you can help him “stand!” He loves to watch Miles run around and be crazy and have laughing fits about all the silly things little boys find funny.

He has two cry settings, “totally chill” and “royally peeved.” The second can happen unexpectedly at any moment, but is often triggered by the following: Car seats (even after abiding in one pleasantly for a good 20 minutes), realizing the person holding him is not his mother, being laid down when he wants to play, sometimes just out of the blue baby terrors.

Here are his stats from his 4-month well-baby
Height: Weight: Head Circ:

I didn’t get the chance to take any “official” four-month photos, but here are my snapshots featuring Finn from the month of August, up until our return from our trip.

Finn's 4 Month Photos

Finn's 4 Month Photos Instagram Finn's 4 Month Photos - Cell phone

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