This child is growing up like a flash! In the last month or so he has expanded his vocabulary of babbling sounds, mastered walking, and explored every cabinet available to him. I don’t know if I’m just in a good mood or what, but this might just be my favorite month yet. I’m finding myself super nostalgic for the days of his infancy, simply because the child I spend my days with now is so different than the tiny bundle of a year ago. The…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 13 Months”

Mister Miles | 12 Months

That’s right! We’ve reached the one-year mark! I can NOT believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote about that day I met my little boy.  We celebrated his first birthday early (on the 15th) with friends and family and you can read about that soon and see some photos of all the crazy stuff I spent hours DIY-ing for it. Haha. This month it’s like he knew there was a big day coming up and he was determined to be all grown up by the time…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 12 Months”

My munchin’s mobility has slowed me down even more than the usual. For this reason, I never wrote anything for the 11 month update so I’ll share some pictures and the summaries are probably going to be pretty short. :P Growth Nothing new to report. Holding steady, probably Development Strength & Mobility He has evolved to some odd version of neanderthal crawling. He has found that his knees just slow him down, so he’ll zip around on all fours with his booty in the air….Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 11 Months”

Miles | 10 months - Sporting his new outfit picked out by Bethany and the hand-made coral bowtie I diy for this session - My favorite shot

  I’m actually beginning to write this early! What a miracle! This month has been ripe for development and exploding with personality. Miles is pulling up on everything, attempting to climb over every toy, box, lap or other obstacle in his path. Usually a path that seems to have been chosen specifically for it’s complexity and ability to present him with a challenge. There is no doubt he inherited that trait from his daddy. Miles now shakes his head back and forth. He seems to…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 10 Months”

      This phase of baby-hood is amazing. It has been a ton of fun! His personality is expanding by leaps and bounds and he is curious about everything! He tries new things every day and each day finds him amused or perplexed by something new. Every trick he perfects and skill he grasps has me proud and smiling. For once I’m actually writing this on his 9-month-old day. That means instead of trying to remember where we were at a couple weeks ago (because babies…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 9 Months”

  Here we are at 8 months and I love my big baby boy more and more every day! We have so much fun with him and it’s incredible to see his personality emerging as he grows up and he has become a hunk of curiosity and wonderment. Watching him learn and express himself gives me so much joy! This month can be characterized by lots of playtime and wrestling, afternoon walks enjoying the springtime weather (that finally arrived), trying new foods, making so many…Continue Reading “Mister Miles – 8 Months”

            I’ve decided I should continue the update process with some info about Miles every month as he grows older (now that’s enough talk of that). I couldn’t find a survey thing like for pregnancy so I’ve sort of made my own up and I’ll probably add to it as I think of things. I’m roughly basing some of the development on the milestones listfrom Every time I say “milestones” I giggle because it has the name “Miles” in it….Continue Reading “Mister Miles | 1 Month”