I love the way photographs freeze moments so I can cherish them forever. Within the last few years, I’ve realized that video also holds a special power. It can preserve those memories in a different way, one that saves the experience of those moments so they’re rich and alive. I had already been capturing video along with photos during the more outstanding moments in this life, but it was around the time we took our first big family road trip in 2015 that I decided to start capturing more video…Continue Reading “2016 // A Year of Growing, Loving, and Sparking Adventure”

If you’re from around the KC area, you’ve probably began to notice this mural popping up in your Facebook feeds and friends’ photos lately. The moment I saw it in a photo by a fellow Kansas City photographer, I was like “Whah??? Where is it?!” Then, a week or so later, my sister, Bethany, came to visit. She’s a traveler, an adventurer of cities. She is truly in love with Kansas City, so I thought it would be perfect. When I told her about the…Continue Reading “Bethany // Kansas City I’m So in Love”

A wide shot of the cake table including the banners and garlands above and the gold star balloons on either end

My thoughts about planning “second kid” birthdays Planning birthday parties for your second child can be challenging. I sat trying to think of what theme we should use for Finn’s first and was at a loss. I’d already done robots, dinosaurs, and monsters for Miles’ parties and Finn was too young to really have any preferences. So what did I do? I went to Pinterest. There I found a cute cake that inspired me to do gold stars. It wasn’t much of a theme but I…Continue Reading “Finn’s First Birthday Party”

Welcome to part two of our Maiden Voyage! If you haven’t read Part One yet, you can see that here. Tahoe The drive from Orem to Tahoe went smoothly. We took turns sleeping, stopped for breakfast somewhere in Nevada and it was still morning when we reached Reno. My excitement began to grow as we were driving through Reno. Childhood memories came flooding back, growing clearer and sweeter the closer we came to Tahoe. My parents lived in Tahoe when I was born and though we…Continue Reading “Our Maiden Voyage | Part 2 – Tahoe to Arcata”

Wide landscape view of the first lookout at Arches national park at sunset. Facing west, towering rock formations glowing red.

In the five years that Steven and I have been married, we have traveled once to Colorado with my family, once to Wisconsin to visit friends, once to Oklahoma and a few day trips to various destinations. Growing up, my parents cultivated a healthy appetite for road-trips. All things travel and adventure were encouraged. I had been craving an epic road-trip for a long time. It was gnawing at my soul. Thoughts of mountains, of waves, ocean, trees, the smell of pines, the heat of…Continue Reading “Our Maiden Voyage | Part 1 – Kansas and Utah”

Finns official going home shirt - birth story

  As the day for Finn’s birth drew near, I tried to imagine how everything would unfold. I only had one other pregnancy/birth to reference, but I also knew that every experience is different, just as we are all unique souls. Like the title says, this was Finn’s story, not mine, so it was just a matter of waiting to see what God had in store for us. With my first birth experience, everything happened just the way I thought it was supposed to, beginning with one…Continue Reading “Finn’s Birth Story”

I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago that I was working on a special gift for Lizzy for her baby shower. I worked with her a bit on the colors and such and gathered up all the perfect materials and got to work sewing and ironing and cuddling comfy fabrics. After finishing the quilt, I realized I had some extra fabric that would be perfect for a pillow. Then I found a lace doily cloth thing at Goodwill and decided I had to…Continue Reading “Lizzy’s Shower Gift | DIY Crib Quilt”

One of the best things about this pregnancy has been the fact that my best friend of all time is pregnant, too! I still can’t get over it. We marvel at the miraculousness of it every time we bring it up. Because we had already been planning to have my shower on a particular weekend, so Lizzy could attend, we realized it would also be the perfect time for Lizzy to have her shower, too! So… following the shower I had on Friday evening, Lizzy…Continue Reading “Cute As A Button | Lizzy’s Baby Shower #1”

Since finding out we would both be pregnant with little bebes, Lizzy and I have been looking forward to taking some BFF bump pictures together to remember this amazing time in our lives together for the rest of our lives. Having our shower weekend provided the perfect opportunity for this. While Monica and Lizzy’s family set up for her shower Saturday afternoon, I had the very exciting task of keeping her busy for the day so she could be surprised with the whole thing that night. This…Continue Reading “BFF Bumps”

Today finds me in the afterglow of another amazing weekend. For awhile now, Steven and I had been trying to come up with something great to do for Memorial Day weekend. We had considered coming up with a low-key babymoon or something. Well, the time came and we had yet to make any decisions about where to go. Friday, Steven called me because he found a great deal on a room at the Plaza, KC if we wanted to stay there a night or two…Continue Reading “Adventures at Fort Tarchala”