I love the way photographs freeze moments so I can cherish them forever. Within the last few years, I’ve realized that video also holds a special power. It can preserve those memories in a different way, one that saves the experience of those moments so they’re rich and alive. I had already been capturing video along with photos during…Continue Reading “2016 // A Year of Growing, Loving, and Sparking Adventure”

A wide shot of the cake table including the banners and garlands above and the gold star balloons on either end

My thoughts about planning “second kid” birthdays Planning birthday parties for your second child can be challenging. I sat trying to think of what theme we should use for Finn’s first and was at a loss. I’d already done robots, dinosaurs, and monsters for Miles’ parties and Finn was too young to really have any preferences….Continue Reading “Finn’s First Birthday Party”

July 5, 2012

BFF Bumps

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BFF Bumps

Since finding out we would both be pregnant with little bebes, Lizzy and I have been looking forward to taking some BFF bump pictures together to remember this amazing time in our lives together for the rest of our lives. Having our shower weekend provided the perfect opportunity for this. While Monica and Lizzy’s family set up…Continue Reading “BFF Bumps”