I am in love. It’s no secret that I’m a fuzzy, cheesy, hopeless romantic. I sniffle and weep when I see crinkles at the corner of eyes and imagine it’s all possible because someone loves that person. I swoon when I day-dream of dancing in the rain and twirling in the arms of my prince, my hero. I’ve let my mind be filled with fairy-tales and golden-hued scenes of happily ever after since I first saw Cinderella. I’m one of those girls who doesn’t hide…Continue Reading “Everything Makes Sense When You’re With Me”

In an effort to enlighten my audience about the many things that make up… me, I’ve decided it’s about time I explained where the name “silverdoves” came from. It all began when I was dipping my toes into the enchanting possibilities of the world wide web. My daddy, who is one of the most brilliant and inspiring men I’ve ever known, suggested I have my own website so I could declare my crazy to the world! This was sometime during my first year studying Graphic…Continue Reading “silverdoves: Behind the Name”